KissingBooks 101 GIVEAWAY WINNER

February 15, 2016 giveaway, winners 2

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The Rafflecopter has spoken!

Out of almost 1700 entries (???? still stunned.), the WINNER of the great KissingBooks giveaway of ’16 (lol) is….

(pretty sure we need a drumroll here)



(cue the confetti and celebratory music)

Congratulations, Rachel 🙂

THANK YOU all so very much for reading the post, commenting on the post, entering the giveaway.  What a fun week!

If you aren’t Rachel Dixon, don’t despair.  Head over to the KissingBooks lesson for another dose of swooning, and check out the other giveaways I listed under some of the books, as well as the info on how to buy them for your very own.

I’m planning another lesson in the KissingBooks 101 series in a few months, so shoot me your suggestions for books I absolutely must include.


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  1. Annie JC

    Congratulations Rachel! I am absolutely jumping up with joy for you! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on them too! =) Happy reading!

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