First Line Fridays – #1

April 1, 2016 First Line Fridays, Sandra Orchard 22

first line fridays

I’m starting something new … hopefully something fun 🙂

Every week (if I remember), I’ll do a First Line Fridays post and we can all share the first lines of whatever book we’re reading or hanging out with.

Today, mine is from Sandra Orchard’s latest mystery – A Fool and His Monet

a fool and his monet

And the first line is…

“I should have listened to my mother.”


What is your First Line on this April Fools Friday?


22 Responses to “First Line Fridays – #1”

  1. Carolyn Astfalk

    I’m reading End of the Road, a mystery by Amy M. Bennett. First line is: “He pulled of the highway onto the clearly marked, paved side road and shut the engine off, letting the Harley coast past the well-lit sign to Black Horse Campground.”

  2. Sierra Faith

    “Silence rested on her shoulders like a crushing weight.” – Songkeeper by Gillian Bronte Adams. It’s so interested seeing the first sentence of books 😀

  3. DeAnna Dodson

    “Tell me again why I let you talk me into this?”

    Dressed for Death, a Drew Farthering Mystery

    (I swear it was the closest book!) 😀

  4. DeAnna Dodson

    Okay, the next closest one:

    It is never a happy day when an eight-year-old girl’s cheesecake lands in the dirt, and she certainly doesn’t take kindly to the laughing little boy who put it there.

    A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter

    • Carrie

      Oooo that’s another one I really really need to read!!!

      • DeAnna Dodson

        If I EVER get caught up, I am SO going to read a bunch of Regencies! I’ve heard great things about this one. 😀

        • Carrie

          If *I* ever get caught up… Well, that just seems too far fetched lol

  5. Meagan Schober

    We are reading Tangle by Brock Eastman (The Fourth Adventure in The Quest For Truth Series)as a family in the evenings. The first line of the book is in a Prologue “The winter wind swept flurries around the man as he trudged through the knee-high snow.”

    • Carrie

      I love family reading! And that first line creates such an atmosphere right off!

  6. Trixi

    I just finished Terri Reed’s “Protect and Serve” last night…so I’ll give you the first line from that; “Georgiiiinnnaaa!” Gina Perry froze mid-stride in the center of her bedroom.

    Chilling huh??

    • Carrie

      ooooo yes! I’m gonna have to go add that to my TBR! hmm… this first lines Friday thing may backfire on me 😉

      • Trixi

        Just think of it like this Carrie….we’re adding to your want-to-read list

        You’re welcome 😉

  7. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    How many times have we thought that over the years? lol

    I’m currently reading A Buss from Lafayette. The first line:

    (Tuesday, June 21, 1825)

    I, Clara Summer Hargraves, of Gould Hill, in the Township of Hopkinton, in the State of New Hampshire, in the United States of America, in the Western Hemisphere, in the World, and in the Universe, do hereby take up my quill (well, pencil, as I am writing this by the pond so I can cool my feet in the water on this hot day)to keep a truthful – mostly faithful – account of my life from today forward.

    • Carrie

      Oh that sounds like a delightful book! I will have to check it out 🙂

  8. Beth Erin

    I’m currently reading By Your Side by Candace Calvert.
    “Officer, HELP!”

    Fun idea, Carrie! You’re so creative!

    • Carrie

      Oh that starts it off right in the action!! Love it!