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Salvation * Discipleship * Transformation
God saw you and determined to make you into His image and likeness long before you were born. His vision for you and your life is so amazing, it’s beyond your imagining. What if you could be that person now? Well, you can be. God sent His Son to make you a new creation and to transform you into His own image. The Bible shows you how and Jesus will personally take you there. If you want more of God and His vision and plan for you, this book is for you. That’s a big promise! We gave the first 1,000 copies of this book away and simply asked people that if it changed their life, to pay it forward and give copies of this book to others. Now it’s your turn. Read. Change. Share.

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GENRE: Christian, Non-Fiction
PUBLISHER: Impartation Idea/Rick Osborne
RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2016
PAGES: 191

“‘Go and make disciples.’ It seems simple, but are we doing what Jesus intended? Rick masterfully reminds us of the call, shows us biblically what was meant, and encourages us to action. Let Rick remind you of how Jesus disciples and helps us make disciples, by His Spirit, power, and grace ‘at work within’ us.” ~Rob Scott, Lead Pastor, Kinnaird Park Community Church

“As I read through the material for this book, I was struck with the nagging question, ‘Why did I not know this before?’ Rick hits both the heart and the head as he presents a mixture of basic and profound material every Believer needs to know and implement in their life. Had I read this book at the beginning of my walk with God, I would have avoided pitfalls and bounded ahead rather than meandering along as I did. Thanks, Rick. Once again I have learned and grown from what you have shared.” ~Dr. Tom Blackaby, Lead Pastor, Author, Speaker

my thoughts

At Work Within by Rick Osborne is full of Scripture and great truth on the subject of being transformed into the image of Jesus.   I appreciated all of the Bible verses used throughout as well as Rick’s frequent reminders that Jesus can – and does – teach me just as much as He teaches Rick. I “know” that, but a reminder never hurts. Profound truth is contained in these pages, written in a conversational and engaging tone that puts the reader at ease and makes some seminary-lecture-ready topics feel like a discussion over coffee.

at work within quoteSome of my favorite chapters included “Righteousness and Grace”, “From Faith to Faith”, and “All Things New”, and I highlighted several quotes to jot down for further reflection. Like this one from the chapter on “Righteousness and Grace” – “…grace is what tethers you to everything you need for living and growing in Christ in every circumstance and in every moment.” And this one from the chapter called “From Faith to Faith” – “Faith grabs hold of your hope and gets you up and moving towards it, and when obstacles block the way, it keeps you moving.”  (The chapters are actually steps in the process of transformation.)

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The only real hesitation I had while reading At Work Within is that, although the writing style is very engaging and easy to follow, the subject matter and vocabulary is not always accessible to everyone. For me – pastor’s granddaughter, Christian school student from elementary through high school, Christian college graduate, participant in BSF and various other Bible studies each year – I had little problem ingesting the material. However, working as I do with unbelievers and new believers (particularly those whose first language is not English), I think that some of the terms used and some of the concepts will be a little difficult for people just starting on their journey with Jesus.  In general, if someone uses the term “hypostatic union” in a book, I mark it off my list of books I can use with our students 🙂 For myself, sure. And I think it would be an excellent resource for Sunday School classes or small groups that are looking to go deeper in their study of the Word. For our international students just beginning – or still investigating – a relationship with Jesus, this book would just simply be over their heads in many places.

Bottom Line: It is clear that Rick Osborne loves Jesus and is excited about sharing His Word with other people.  This enthusiasm is contagious as you read At Work Within. Bible verses saturate every page, keeping the focus on the Word and on Jesus as the Teacher – and sparking the desire to further dig into the subject in your own personal study. Great takeaway quotes are woven throughout and included at the end of each chapter for easy “retweetability”.  The author does open each chapter/step by relating a dream he had that he believes fits with the concept he is talking about in that particular section.  While I certainly don’t discount that Jesus speaks through dreams (I work with Muslims – I’ve heard some amazing dreams!), I’m still not sure I fully understand these as far as the interpretations.  But this didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book or my ability to find concepts to apply to my life. I think At Work Within would facilitate some great discussion between “mature” Christians and/or those craving something more in their relationship with Jesus.  As such, I can easily recommend it for this level of small group studies, personal reflection, and Sunday School classes.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)

My Rating: 4 stars / Lots of great truth here!

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about the author

rick osborne

Best-selling author and speaker Rick Osborne focuses on transformation through discipleship in the church and at home. The books Rick has written and co-authored have sold millions of copies and been translated into many different languages. These include Focus on the Family’s Guide to the Spiritual Development of Children, the Experiencing God at Home devotional, and the Five Love Languages for Kids.

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