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reader appreciation giveaway

I am super excited about the next 10 days, y’all!

Starting today and running until May 29th, ReadingIsMySuperPower is hosting TEN top authors for their Reader Appreciation Giveaway!!

Each day, you’ll hear from a different author with a special message for YOU, their readers. Each day, you’ll have opportunities to enter the superawesome giveaway! (10 books, $100 GC!!! Can I enter too?!?)

But TODAY, we’re going to hear from ALL TEN authors! YAY!

I asked them each this question (separately, so they couldn’t compare notes LOL) :

fangirl question

I know for a fact that – even in this age of more access to authors via social media – readers are not above fanflailing when meeting their favorite authors face to face. Though you are all authors yourselves, I’m sure you’re readers as well. So I want to know – which author/authors turn YOU into a fangirl? 

Here’s what they said:

melissa tagg

Okay, there are lots of authors I adore. Authors whose books turn me into a gooey, happy mess of fangirliness. But lately, probably the author that more than any other makes me go crazy fangirl is Lori Benton. I just went on a binge of rereading all four of her books and oh. my. word. They are so gorgeous. Actually, the word I keep using to describe them is soul-stirring. I just…I can’t…ahh! I’m also a massively huge Elizabeth Camden fan. And a Susan May Warren fan. Oh, and Julianne Donaldson and Julianna Deering <–near name twinsies.

Connect with Melissa Tagg: website | Facebook | Twitter

kara isaac title

The very first time that I saw Rachel Hauck at a writers’ conference I ran over my feet with my suitcase and completely lost the ability to speak coherently! Thankfully she walked right past without noticing me making a complete idiot of myself 😉

These days it is a VERY long list but I will say that I always struggle to keep hold of my fangirl gushing whenever I’m in the company of either Becky Wade or Katie Ganshert!

Connect with Kara online: website | Facebook | Twitter

tamera leigh title

I’m the quiet type, so though I may “fangirl” on the inside, not much of that flailing shows up on the outside. But this introvert might not be able to entirely control herself were she to meet two of her favorite authors: Bernard Cornwell and Sharon Kay Penman, both of whom write the most extraordinary stories set during the middle ages. When this writer grows up, guess who she wants to be?

Connect with Tamara online: website | Facebook | Twitter

pepper basham

Oh my goodness! How long can the list be?

I’m an embarrasing mess around Laura Frantz EVERY time I see her. I just want her creativity and elegance in writing to pour onto me!

I love Denise Hunter too. I get really giddy when I have a chance to read one of her new books. They’re sooooo romantic. Julie Lessman, Siri Mitchell, Janice Thompson, Mary Connealy, Dawn Crandall…the list could go on! I am thrilled to read their writing and glean from their beautiful ability to tell stories!

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sarah monzon title

Pretty much everyone participating in this giveaway…and at least two dozen more authors on top of that. I may have even called a few of my author crushes and asked them not to get virtual restraining orders due to my social media stalking *blush*.

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janet ferguson title

Total fangirl! The highlight of my writing conference last year? Taking a picture with Francine Rivers. Close second was meeting Charles Martin at a book signing the year before. Both were just as nice as expected. Pics attached for proof!

  Charles and Janet

Connect with Janet online: website | Facebook | Twitter

jennifer rodewald title

Well, here’s the thing…I’m not really the fangirl type. Not because I don’t love certain authors/actors/musicians or whatever, but because I’m afraid
a) I’ll be a bother,
b) I’ll come across as creepy,
c) why the heck would they notice me or care what I think about their work anyway?

(My husband says I’m ridiculous, because I don’t think that way about other people contacting me—in fact it totally makes my day. He says I’m overly concerned with what others think. Man, did I pick a bad occupation!)

However…if I were the fangirl type, I’d be messaging Susan Meissner, Katie Ganshert, and Tammy L. Gray all the time. (I have actually worked up the courage to tell them I enjoyed a book. Once each. That’s all I could manage. Baby steps.) I love their unique voices, the ability to look at the hard things in life and find hope, and the way their stories stay with me. They are my writing heroes. 🙂

Connect with Jennifer online: website | Facebook | Twitter

nicole deese

So I am a DIEHARD fan girl of Tahereh Mafi and her Shatter Me series. A few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting her in person at a small library event near my home. When it was my turn to go up to her signing table and introduce myself, I started sobbing. And not the nice, swipe-a-few tears kind of crying. I mean, the UGLY, belly-shaking, try-to-speak-but-only-guttural-noises-come-out kind of crying. I was so overcome by the full-circle moment of being there, in front of her, that my emotions were simply off the charts. You see, it was her writing that encouraged me to write my debut novel, All for Anna. Her emotional prose and poignant voice in fiction gave me the courage to live my dream. So coming face-to-face with such a beautiful source of inspiration was overwhelming to say the least. And then Tahereh, who was gracious and kind and everything lovely, got out of her chair and came around the table to where I stood. She threw her arms around me and just hugged me for several minutes and I tried to explain my tears. (I get all choked up about it even now.) Oh, and she cried too!

That was truly one of the most beautifully significant moments of my life, as a reader, and as a writer. I pray I will be as gracious an author to my readers as she was to me.

Connect with Nicole online: website | Facebook | Twitter

rachel mcmillan

This is so hard there are so many.  But I will say my dream is to meet Lynn Austin someday.  When I wrote a comment on her facebook page and she wrote back I nearly fell off my chair.   I had the opportunity to send her some interview questions for the (now defunct) website Novel Crossing and when the content editor sent them to me, I giggled with glee.  I just think she is the most amazing writer.

I have so many, though.   Authors have been my rockstars since I was a little kid.   I wrote a letter to Martha Grimes (an all time FAVOURITE author) and she wrote a hand-written letter back and I couldn’t sleep that night I was so excited.

Connect with Rachel online: website | Facebook | Twitter

becky wade

Francine Rivers!  She attended the American Christian Fiction Writers conference last fall.  The night of the gala awards ceremony, she happened to be sitting at a table near mine and directly within my line of sight.  She received a lifetime achievement award that evening for basically being mind-blowingly awesome.  Yet, her acceptance speech was so kind and humble and faith-filled.

I handled my fanflailing of Francine very maturely and suavely.  I spent the dinner sneaking round-eyed peeks at her while thinking, ‘There’s Francine Rivers!’ and ‘She wrote Redeeming Love!’ and ‘Eeek!  It’s Francine!”  Did I say so much as a peep to her?  No, I did not.

Connect with Becky online: website | Facebook | Twitter

Did anyone else besides me just adore these answers?!? So glad I’m not the only one who ends up speechless in front of my fave authors or runs over my own feet with my luggage 😉 

giveaway RIMSP

These FABULOUS fangirling authors have all gotten together to fangirl over someone else – YOU, the readers! They’ve pooled their resources and have put together a FABULOUS Reader Appreciation Giveaway (the giveaway is fab and so are the readers!)

One randomly-selected reader will win one copy of each of the following:

  • Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg
  • Close to You by Kara Isaac
  • Lady Undaunted by Tamara Leigh
  • A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham
  • Finders Keepers by Sarah Monzon
  • Leaving Oxford by Janet W. Ferguson
  • The Carpenter’s Daughter by Jennifer Rodewald
  • A Season To Love by Nicole Deese
  • The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan
  • Her One and Only by Becky Wade

PLUS, a $100 Amazon Gift Card!!!

US mailing addresses only please. Giveaway will end at 11:59PM on May 29th. Winner will be selected via Rafflecopter and will have ONE WEEK to respond. If I haven’t heard from you in a week, another winner will be chosen.

reader appreciation giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Come back tomorrow for more chances to win and a special message from Melissa Tagg!


578 Responses to “Reader Appreciation Giveaway!!”

  1. Debra

    This is such a treat! Makes me wish I was going to Nashville for the convention and book-signing. Nice job, ladies!

  2. Debra

    Oops. Forgot to say I’m Team Pepper, because I absolutely adore Laura Frantz as much as her top-notch fiction!

  3. Ellen Gray

    I think I am probably most like Jennifer Rodewald. If I actually had a chance to meet one of my favorite authors in person, I am sure I wouldn’t have the nerve to go talk with them. I would probably just be acting crazy in my own mind arguing with myself as to whether I could actually speak to them and then talking myself out of it.

    • Janet Ferguson

      Ellen, I argue with myself in my own mind too! Sometimes the shy side wins, sometimes the impulsive side. Hence the pictures, ha!

    • Sarah

      Yes! Actually I’m meeting Jennifer Rodewald in person in Aug! Eeeeek! I actually asked her if we were going to hug or wave or handshake because…well….yes, I am that awkward.

  4. Pepper

    Oh, Becky Wade and Janet Ferguson hit on another of my fin girl authors. Francine Rivers! Oh my goodness, when I got to meet her last fall I was totally starstruck.

    And I love love love Becky Wade’s books!! And Becky Wade, as a matter fact. She’s just as lovely as her books are

    • Carrie

      I would be completely starstruck over Francine Rivers too. Well…probably Becky Wade too for that matter haha!

    • Janet Ferguson

      Except apparently Becky Wade is too polite to crouch beside Francie at a meal and take a pic like I did. I waited until she finished eating.:) Both Becky and Francine were lovely at conference!

    • Sarah

      So I seriously almost bid on the auction for a coffee date with Becky Wade and Dani Pettrey just to get to hang out with them! I mean…ahhhh!!! But then I realized I would have to SAY something, probably something intelligent, and I chickened out.

      • Carrie

        P.S. – you do realize they will both be at the CFRR in Aug? You can have lunch with them 🙂

  5. Annie JC

    Wow! What fun! Love this question! I think I’m most like Pepper. I get all giddy and smiley when i meet them and I might get like Kara when they hug me at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat this summer! Speechless, klutzy and total tongue tied. (I dropped my phone when Dani Pettrey hugged me)!


    Tamera Leigh best describes me as a “fan girl”, but I am with Melissa Tagg on loving Lori Benton’s books, and I could read Becky Wade, Pepper Basham, Susan May Warren, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Melissa Wade, Roseanna White, Irene Hannon, . . . . . to name a few, all day long.

  7. Rebecca F

    Probably Tamara Leigh. Being an introvert too, I play it pretty cool, but like Tamara, who knows what would actually happen if I met some of my favorite authors.

  8. Sylvia Miller

    Becky Wade. I would be standing in the corner saying quietly to myself, “Ahhh….there’s Robin Jones Gunn. I finally get to see her in real life. God is so…Oh…is that who I think it is? What? Laura Frantz is right over there? Oh, help. I love her books. Sigh. I would definitely be taking sneak peaks!

  9. Patricia Hoffmeister

    Jennifer Rodewald describes me as a “fan girl” or why I’m not the fan girl type. Guess I’ll have to get over that ridiculous feeling.

  10. Deanna S

    Tamara Leigh 🙂 I’m a little on the quiet side but I think I could do a little happy dance if I would meet any of these ladies!

  11. Bree Herron

    Tamara Leigh sounds like me, I have only had a Fan Girl moment on the inside or event online. Wyoming doesn’t a lot of authors to visit in person. Thank you for having this event so I can fan girl online!!! You authors rock!!!

      • Bree Herron

        It is and worth it when the toddler and I can’t travel ?

    • Janet Ferguson

      Hi Bree! So glad you’re here! Wow, Wyoming! That’s one of the states I haven’t gotten to visit yet. I want to go some day!

      • Bree Herron

        It’s a beautiful state and holds many different views. The scenery changes just as much as the weather!

      • Bree Herron

        You authors rock, it’s like the question which comes first the chicken or the egg? In this case, which comes first the author or the reader? We are a strong cycle!

  12. Kathryn Voss

    I would be like Becky Wade all the way. In awe, but too shy to say anything.

  13. Diane Estrella

    I am most like Becky Wade. Staring from afar… 🙂

  14. Debbie Clatterbuck

    I would totally flip out if I came within eyesight of my most favorite author, Lauraine Snelling. I would freeze up if I got within reach of her, but hope I would settle down long enough to get an autograph and/or picture with her.

  15. Nicole Jones

    I would probably resemble Rachel McMillan closest! I’ve had some authors connect with me via this wonderful social media world and I literally fall out of my seat every time! They are so kind!!

    • Carrie

      I’ve had the same experience, Nicole! And I do still fall out of my seat and squeal like a little girl. lol. I need to work on curbing that impulse before August and Nashville 😉

        • Pepper

          I rarely need a recent fall out of my chair, because I’m so good at it naturally, but meeting awesome authors definitely inspires me to fall out of my chair 🙂

          • Bree Herron

            I very much agree I did that in your event party! It was awesome to get to chat with you! It

  16. Pepper

    Evidently I’m a “fin girl” based on my earlier comment 🙂 who knew? I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid

  17. Jordan Sims

    I would definitely fangirl like (and over!) Becky Wade. Admiring from afar, gushing to anyone who would listen and chickening out from actually saying a word.

  18. Heather Olsen

    I totally identified with Jennifer Rodewald. In fact I think I have had that same conversation with my husband. =)

  19. Lori

    Francine Rivers hands down is a legend. But I too would probably jut sneak peaks and not approach her.

    • Janet Ferguson

      She is the writer who got me to read Christian fiction. She’s made such an impact! If you hang out with me, I’ll help you get a pic, ha! Oh, and she’s even nicer than I imagined, if possible, and so humble!

      • Carrie

        so…. we’re all gonna be mobbing Janet at the next Francine Rivers attended event 😀

  20. Beth Erin

    I think I am with Tamara on this one although I am probably not incapable of running over my own foot!

  21. Baley Field

    Wow! This is really cool! You don’t think about the authors that you fangirl over (not that I ever fangirl over anything;)) fangirling over other authors. Mind=Blown?

  22. Sarah Baker

    I’m definitely like Jennifer Rodewald. I want to like jump up and down screaming, “your book is SO amazing!” but I’m afraid I’ll be annoying or creepy, so I generally just either let it be, or post something more sedate like “I loved your newest book!” on one of their posts. Although I have messaged a couple of my favorite authors on Facebook to tell them how much I enjoyed their book and they have all been so incredibly nice about my fangirling.
    Authors are my superheroes. 🙂

    • Pepper D. Basham

      Oh Sarah, mine too!! I look at this list up here and I’m like “wowzah!” And then I think of actually HUGGING Laura Frantz or Densie Hunter or FRANCINE RIVERS…and then I’m all stuttery with episodes of hot flashes and spontaneous fits of giggles

    • Janet Ferguson

      That’s so awesome that you message authors when you like their books! This is a tough business sometimes, and your encouragement makes a difference! Nice readers are our superheroes!

    • Jennifer Rodewald

      Sarah…sedate! That’s the perfect word! 🙂 My mom says I’m like a duck, totally cool on the surface, paddling like made underneath. Pretty much true of me in everything.

  23. Kailynn Carneal

    This is such an awesome giveaway!! I think Becky Wade’s fangirl experience describes me the best… Very calm and collected, but FREAKING OUT on the inside!!! 😉

  24. Melissa Romine

    It would depend on the experience. If I were at a book signing, I would probably be all over the gushing. If it were a chance thing, I’d probably be trying to sneak a peek like Becky, afraid that I would be a nuisance! Love getting to “know” these authors through social media. It’s so fun to see that they are regular ladies with a fascinating job! And I get to read their books!!!

  25. Susan P

    I would have to say Jennifer and Tamera are who I would be most like. I’m afraid to even say boo to any of my fancrushes for fear of bothering them. I assume they get it all the time so I don’t ever want to be “one of those” who does. I know it’s silly, but that is the introvert in me!

  26. Karen

    My tastes are similar to both Kara and Pepper! I love Becky Wade, Denise Hunter, Mary Connealy, and some of Siri Mitchell’s books. Rachel Hauck is also on my TBR pile!

  27. Rachel Dodson

    I think if I’m fangirling a certain person than I’d be Becky wade because of Francine rivers but I’d also be fan girl with Melissa Tagg if I ever got to meet her. As far as how I’d react idk I’m not the crazy fan girl type.

    • Carrie

      ohhh but being a crazy fangirl type is so much FUN 😉 lol

    • Janet Ferguson

      Rachel, So glad to meet another Francie fan! I didn’t know I’d jump up and ask for a pic. It was a debate in my head about when to do it once I decided to, though! She was so kind!

  28. Brittaney B

    Um, I would probably fangirl like Nicole Deese. I tend to get emotional when I get excited, so I can see myself just bursting into tears. And then I would just go hide in a bathroom somewhere!

  29. Lindsey Brown

    I love just about all these authors and would love to read all these books! Would be so fun to win!

  30. Jeanette Parker

    Since Laura Frantz and Lori Benton are my favorites, I’d have to agree with Melissa Tagg and Pepper Basham. However, when I write a comment on an author’s facebook or email them and get a response, I don’t care who it is, I’m super excited and tell everyone I talk to that such and such author responded to me! Isn’t it a great world where great authors are the celebrities! 🙂

    • Janet Ferguson

      I got so excited once when Terri Blackstock emailed me back! She lives in my area, and I’d asked if she knew any Christian writers groups I could meet with. She wrote back and suggested ACFW. I was doing the happy dance at my computer. That’s how I ended up meeting many of these amazing ladies! It is neat that people still love to read in our technology age!!

      • Carrie

        ahhhhhhhhhhhhh YOU EMAILED TERRI BLACKSTOCK???? AND SHE EMAILED YOU BACK?!?! and YOU HAVE PICTURE WITH FRANCINE RIVERS?!?! I need your autograph for sure, Janet!

      • Pepper D. Basham

        Janet, we need to compare photos. I’m pretty sure in the photo I have of Francine Rivers …she has a halo. There’s this distinct glow in the general direction of her head.
        It could be my near-faint aura, but I think it might be a halo!

  31. Cathy Moore

    I love reading works from authors I’ve never read before. One book read and I’m usually hooked. I then spend the next few weeks reading everything they’ve ever written.

    • Sarah

      This is so me. And exactly what I did with Nicole Deese. I read her A Season to Love and LOVED it so I went back and read every single one of her books and now I’m waiting impatiently for the next.

  32. Marylin Furumasu

    I love this!
    Thanks Carrie for putting these wonderful authors together and letting us get to know them more.
    I too feel like a stalker. I love following them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instragram. One day I’d love the opportunity to meet any of these wonderful ladies.

  33. ReviewsByErin

    I’ve met Cindy Woodsmall and Karen Kingsbury and was pretty fangirly excited about that! I would also adore meeting Melissa Tagg. I think she and I would be friends in real life. 😀

  34. Rachel Dixon

    Ummm….probably bawling my eyes out! When I started reviewing, I had no idea that I would get connected with authors as much as I have! Anytime I get to talk to ANY of them, or they reply to a fb post etc…I have to remind myself to breathe! I love this world of authors and readers.. So much encouragement! <3

  35. Mikal

    Oh my goodness, these answers crack me up! More because I can’t imagine the authors *I* fanflail over have authors *they* fanflail over!! 😀 I die. <3 😉

  36. Stephanie Shelley

    I would say Becky Wade. I discovered herbooks last year. I have loved all her books. I believe I would giggle if I ever met her. She is one author that I am wanting to buy her books and add them to my ‘do not touch momma’s special books’. I received money for mother’s day and went to go buy her lasted book, but alas all the book stores around here only sell online. So I am still searching for that awesome store that carries them.

    • Carrie

      Stephanie, there are currently THREE chances to win a copy of Her One and Only on my blog right now lol. This giveaway, and two more on my interview with Becky from yesterday.

    • Janet Ferguson

      Hi Stephanie! Isn’t Becky great! I still have momma’s special books, and my kids are 19 and 23. I miss having lots of bookstores around! I hope you win something!

    • Becky Wade

      You were going to spend your Mother’s Day money on Her One and Only?!!!!! That means so much to me. Thank you! Send me an email at to let me know your address and if you live in the USA, I’ll mail you a signed copy. My treat. ?

  37. Katy C.

    I would either be like Becky Wade and just watch in awe without saying anything, or I would babble to them incoherently. Pretty sure I’d not have an in-between.

    • Janet Ferguson

      Katy, I babble a good bit, too! I’m sure Francine thought I was babbling on about how much I loved Hadassa in the Mark of the Lion series. (I hope I spelled Hadassa right. I’m a terrible speller, ha!)

    • Pepper

      I babble!! Oh good grief, as a speech language pathologist by day it’s pretty embarrassing to babble like I’ve never spoken a real word in my whole life. I totally get that.

  38. Cheryl Baranski

    I think I would react more like Becky Wade. Just watching from a distance while in amazement.

  39. Debi Smith

    Love Melissa Tagg. In fact, the library here just got LNB at my request.

  40. Amy

    What a fantastic blog post! Since I fan girl most of these awesome authors farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr too much, its really cool to read about their author idols. That we share many of the same faves and inspire me to pick up an author or two I hadn’t heard of!

  41. Brittaney B

    Um, I would fangirl like Nicole Deese. I get emotional when I’m excited so I could see myself bursting into tears.

  42. Becky Dempsey

    I am like Jennifer Rodewell. I feel like I wouldn’t matter so I wouldn’t say anything

  43. Renee C.

    Ha ha! These are great. I’d fangirl so hard if I met Laura Frantz IRL. I’d probably pull a Becky Wade though and not be able to speak. I’m like super shy offline, so even though we’ve chatted on the interwebs, if I saw her I’d be tongue-tied! ☺️

    • Carrie

      Laura Frantz is so gracious IRL and sweet and gives the best hugs! She would put you right at ease!

      • Bonnie Roof

        Amen, Carrie and that she would!! Laura has such an elegance, just as her writing does – yet, is one of the most gracious, sweet, humble and “down-to-earth” people I’ve ever met!!

    • Pepper D. Basham

      I’m totally with you!! When Laura agreed to endorse my debut novel (and that pretty little endorsement is right on the COVER of my book FOREVER) I almost started crying. I mean that ugly kind of crying too! I was super thankful and overwhelmed at her generosity and kindness. But she’s truly a wonderful lady – as beautiful and elegant as her writing.

  44. Donna

    Kara Isaac I would totally run over my feet and probably trip if I met one of my favorite authors!

  45. Stephanne

    This is so fun! Can’t wait to spend th next 10 days with some of my favorite authors!!

  46. Julie Jobe

    I don’t know for sure what my reaction would be. It would probably depend on the author. There are some authors I have interacted with over the internet and they’ve been so nice, so friendly, so down to earth that if I were to meet them in person, there would probably be some blushing and gushing, but I would feel pretty confident in going up and officially meeting them. There are some others though that I would probably stand and watch wide-eyed with my mouth hanging open and not be able to move, probably feeling more than a little terrified and intimidated to actually meet them.

  47. Leslie

    Tamara Leigh is my fave would love to meet her! What a great author, love her riveting stories! And she’s such a sweet person!

  48. Rebacca Dewey

    I think I would have to say I am most like Jennifer Rodewald. I have my favorite authors but I try not cyber stalk! Lol!

  49. Alison Bradley

    Rachel McMillian and I are twins! I felt the same way about Lynn Austin commenting BACK on something I wrote to her. 🙂

  50. Valerie Stoj

    I’d probably react most like Jennifer Rodewald – I wouldn’t want to be a bother, but my extroverted nature would take over, and I’d feel compelled to introduce myself anyway! This is an amazing giveaway and project – thanks to all involved. The next 10 days will be SO much fun!

    • Carrie

      YAY!!! I’m having fun putting it together – so glad y’all are having fun too 😀

  51. Winnie Thomas

    Hi Carrie and and all of you awesome authors! I’d probably be like Becky Wade the most. I’m more of an introvert, so I’d probably be a little hesitant to talk to them. And if I did, I’m not sure I’d be coherent. I’d probably be a blabbering mess! What a great group of authors in this giveaway! I’m so glad they are willing to share their talents with all of us! And thanks for interacting with us on social media. It’s so much fun to get to know you and to hear the stories behind the stories. It would totally make my year to win this contest! Now I have to go put some more books on my TBR list!

      • Winnie Thomas

        Hi Pepper! Yep, all coherent thoughts would immediately exit my brain, and gibberish would come out my mouth. At least I can edit things on Facebook! In person, not so well! Thanks for not unfriending me! 😀

        • Pepper D. Basham

          Thanks for not unfriending me either 🙂 Those who are on my street team get to see me at my usual crazy. Those on my brainstorming team get to see my neurotic side. They’re still my friends so I guess they enjoy the comic relief.

          • Winnie Thomas

            I love your usual crazy! You and your family are so fun and always good for a laugh or smile! If you ever need any more brainstormers, my neurotic side would be glad to meet your neurotic side! 😀 I love the banter between you and Carrie. I think we all need lots of laughter to get through life!

          • Carrie

            LOL LOL my neurotic side is happy to know you both 🙂

    • Janet Ferguson

      Hi Winnie! I write characters who babble because I’m so good at it personally! I love interacting with people who have a heart for God and great, redeeming stories! More on my TBR list, too!

      • Winnie Thomas

        Well, I could be the poster child for your books then! I’m pretty good at it, if I must say so myself!

  52. Connie Scruggs

    I am so awkward, so I could totally see me having an experience like Kara Isaac if I saw a beloved author, such as Kate Breslin, Jeannette Oke or Beverly Lewis, for example.
    I could also picture me acting like Becky Wade did when she was in the same room with Francine Rivers.
    Case in point, when we went to Black Dawg Salvage, home to the show Salvage Dawgs, I stood starstruck when Mike Whiteside came out of his office into the retail area. Oh,my goodness! I’m a total nut case,lol.

  53. Sarah

    Fangirl in on social media I feel pretty safe doing. In real life though?? Ah! Just the thought of meeting my favorite authors gives me anxiety hives!

  54. Carrie Turansky

    Like Becky Wade, I’ve always admired Francine Rivers. At first it was her books . . . then I met her when she was the keynote speaker at ACFW. We rode together to a dinner event and had 30 minutes in the far back seat of a van to chat. She was very gracious and kind. I enjoyed learning more about her family and interests besides writing. That was a special memory.

    • Pepper D. Basham

      Carrie T, I totally fangirled over getting to have my picture made with you last September at ACFW. And then EVERY time you comment on my pics on FB, I have this stupid grin on my face because I’m so honored.
      The same thing happens with Becky, or Beth Vogt, or Mary Connealy, or Julie Lessman, or any of those other amazing ladies leaves a comment.
      Totally amazed!

  55. Pam

    Definitely Becky Wade. I’m sure I’d be so awestruck and excited I wouldn’t be able to think of anything intelligent to say.

  56. Loraine N.

    I completely identify with Jennifer. I am completely a fangirl of DiAnn Mills. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak at a few small conferences and I even talked to her once while I was buying all the books on her table! But I find myself getting all shy in the midst of her greatness 🙂 She is such a sweet person though. WOW what a great giveaway Carrie! Thanks for all you do.

    BTW, I think I would probably be shy meeting you too.

    • Carrie

      LOL! LOL! Oh Loraine, no need at all to be shy around me! I’m just a big goofball who loves to read 🙂

    • Bonnie Roof

      Yes, Carrie is another humble sweetheart who would immediately put you at ease, Loraine!!

  57. Teish

    I’d be like Tamarah Leigh I think. I’m too much of an introvert to say much. I’d just end up staring silently. But that’s not at all creepy, right?

  58. Andrea Stephens

    AWESOME giveaway! Great question too!
    I would have to say I’m most like Tamara Leigh. If I were to meet one of my favorite authors, I might not be able to speak. I like talking to them on Facebook though. Although…I did speak to Barbara Johnson at a Women Of Faith convention.I met her husband while he was looking for a restroom. They changed all the men’s rooms to Ladies rooms for the event and he couldn’t find a place to go. I took him over to the out of the way handicapped restroom where I had just come from and told him I would guard the door for him. He laughed and accepted my offer. I was in line to buy a calendar from Barbara, he came by and gave me a hug, she asked me why. I told her the story, she laughed, gave me a hug, signed the calendar and her latest book and gave them to me. I tried to pay, she said “no, no, no, you’ve given me a laugh and a story to tell for years to come.” While I am an introvert, I do try to be helpful to strangers. I sat next to actor Brian Dennehy at an airport once, I was FREAKING out on the inside, he said hello, I squeaked out a hello, then he asked me where the closest men’s room was and could I watch his bag. I told him where and said yes. All I could think was “I have a knack for meeting famous people that need to pee!”
    P.S. I think I might have messed up on the Freebie entry, I hit the enter button by mistake.

    • Carrie

      LOL LOL LOL LOL!! That’s hysterical! (And nope – you did the entry right on that!)

      • Andrea Stephens

        I usually know where most things are in stores, especially the restrooms.
        Glad you had a laugh 🙂

      • Andrea Stephens

        You are so very welcome! We all need to laugh more.

    • Winnie Thomas

      That’s hilarious! I was at my daughter’s high school volleyball game and went into the restroom. As I came out of the stall, I noticed that there were urinals on the wall! Thank heavens no guys came in while I was in there! I really high-tailed it out of there! So embarassing! Where were you when I needed you, Andrea? 😀

      • Andrea Stephens

        That’s funny! I saw a woman high-tailing out of the men’s room at Walmart today. I’m not generally found at high school volleyball games or I would have helped you.

  59. Stephanie C.

    I would probably be somewhere in between Kara Isaac and Tamera Leigh. I’m an introvert, so I would probably be pretty quiet. Yet nervous enough to find a way to embarrass myself. ?? Thank you so much for hosting such a great giveaway with these amazing authors.

    Stephanie C.

  60. Jackie Layton

    I’m a closet fan girl. Kinda. I worry about somebody thinking I’m creepy, when I’m really excited.

    Thanks for this great contest! You’ve got so many great authors and such great books. I can’t wait to read these books even if I don’t win.

    • Carrie

      Aren’t these authors great?!? I was so honored when they asked me to host the giveaway!

  61. Linda

    That was so much fun! I can’t wait to research more of these authors. Nicole Deese had me crying. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  62. samantha tyler

    Mine would be a combo reaction of Tamera and Melissa. Like Tamera I am the quiet type and like Melissa authors I like I will often reread them. If it is a first read it’s usually involves reading as fast as I can because I can’t wait to see how it ends!

  63. Steph J

    I would probably be like Jennifer. I would be to nervous to know what to say to my favorite author.

  64. Megan Besing

    Okay. I think Jennifer Rodewald’s a.b.c’s…..are totally me. I couldn’t have said it better. So I think that means we have to be bff’s or something. Or not. since I’d be worried about those she stated in her a.b.c’s. But if an author is standing right in front…I sometimes manage to smile and speak like a normal person. 🙂

  65. Debbie Mitchell

    Definitely like Tamera…quiet on the outside, yet screaming on the inside. LOL
    This is a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win.

  66. Becky M.

    I would love to meet Becky Wade!! Thank you so much for doing this! I love learning about the authors!

  67. Ashley Roberts

    I’m so excited about this giveaway. Several of the books are on my reading “short list”!

    • Winnie Thomas

      Ashley, I can’t believe you have a reading “short list”! My reading list is so long I could wrap it around the block a couple of times and still have some left over! So many books, so little time! It would help if I didn’t have to sleep every night. Maybe I could make a dent in my list!

  68. Amanda J.

    Carrie, what a crazy fantastic blog conversation you have going. A blast! And the giveaway…I’ve got as many fingers and toes crossed as possible. I’m totally going to look up Jennifer’s book now because a published author being so human- cool! I most related to her story. And, Pepper- how fun to read that you’re so down to earth with your talent. A Twist of Faith was sooooooo good. Now I’m going back to Thorn Bearer. And for fear of making any of the other AMAZING writers sad, I’ll stop because there is some incredible talent here, and I don’t want to hog blog space giving shout-outs. Thanks again for these interviews and giveaway.

    • Janet Ferguson

      Amanda, Jennifer and I have critiqued together for a couple of years now, but not yet met since we are on opposite parts of the country. I can tell she is awesome from our emails and hope to get to meet my internet friend at our conference this year! Good luck on the prize!

    • Pepper D. Basham

      Amanda!! Thank you for those kind words about my books. And down to earth? I’m not quite sure how to be anything else. 🙂 I’m a fan-girl for sure! And so thankful to be able to write stories 🙂

  69. Amanda Geaney

    I have to agree with Jennifer in that I’m not the fangirl type. The fear of coming across as creepy or quirky makes me nervous about attending the CFRR. As an introvert, I prefer the safety of social media stalking. 🙂

  70. Laurie King

    I Love Any books by Dani Pettrey and Dee Henderson. Some of the Authors on here I’ve not read their books yet, but they sound just as good as these ladies’ books. So, I’d have to say I’d relate most to Dee Henderson’s stories, because I’m always out to “Finding the Truth” about things; Especially with My Teenagers!! Lol

  71. Megan Wilson

    Hahaha – oh, this made me laugh SO hard. If I had to pick out of their answers, I would probably be most like Becky Wade and never talk to them. However, I may or may not sneak my phone from my pocket and snap a photo of them (after putting it on mute of course!) and freak out to my best friend via text. Lol!

  72. Nancy M

    Probably more like Pepper Basham with a mix of Tamara Leigh. I will go total fangirl when I see Pepper and a few others. I won’t have to go total fangirl when I meet Laura Frantz. Just be totally excited to see her again. My introverted self will probably be absent that day and fangirl Nancy will be in attendance! LOL!

  73. Jan Hall

    I have such a high appreciation for all authors. I am so shy that I would have a hard time talking to any of them. I subscribe to so many different authors it is unreal. Plus I like a bunch on Facebook too. It takes me forever to read through all of the posts but I am afraid I might miss something.

  74. Patty

    Jennifer Rodewald would totally be me!

    Lots of great authors mentioned in their comments, Lori Benton might make me go all fangirl. ?

  75. Shannon Zelli

    I would be like Jennifer. I am too shy/introverted to show my fangirling on the outside. I would definitely fangirl a little over Julie Klassen, Jody Hedlund and Elizabeth Camden though 🙂

  76. Robin in NC

    I’m like Tamara, I’d probably just let my fave pass by while quietly fangirling on the inside!

  77. Melanie

    I’ve never met any authors, but if I did, I’d probably be like Jennifer Rodewald.

  78. emilee douglas

    I would probably be like Becky. Sneaking looks and watching from afar. I don’t know though!

  79. Jennifer Emprimo

    My favorite authors are Melissa Tagg, Janice Thompson, Becky Wade, Robin Jones Gunn just to name a few. I have way too many to list.

  80. Winnie Thomas

    Can everybody that has been posting join me at my cabin in southern Idaho for a big party? Wouldn’t that be a huge blast? So many awesome personalities!!!

      • Winnie Thomas

        I’m in northern Utah, close to the Idaho border so our cabin is only an hour away. It’s pretty easy for us to get to, and it’s in the mountains which is a huge plus!

  81. carylkane

    Carrie, thank you for this fun “fangirl” post. I am seeing “stars”!!!! I relate to Tamara. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Lynne Gentry. I want to bless the author while not making a fool of myself.

  82. Danielle Hull

    I’m with Sarah and the social media stalking! It’s available to us, so why not?!