Sunday Book Club: Dystopian Fiction

July 10, 2016 Sunday Book Club 20


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Today on the Sunday Book Club, I want to talk about Dystopian Fiction. Vannetta Chapman stopped by my blog earlier this week to discuss Dystopian Christian fiction, specifically, so I thought I would carry over the discussion to the book club post. (By the way, she’s giving away a copy of her latest book Deep Shadows so if you haven’t already entered, make sure you check it out!)

I have read zero dystopian novels – Christian or otherwise – but it’s a genre I’d like to explore. I’m relying on y’all today for some recommendations!

Where should I start? What are your favorite dystopian novels that I absolutely must add to my TBR continent?

win deep shadows


20 Responses to “Sunday Book Club: Dystopian Fiction”

  1. Laurie Lucking

    My favorite Christian dystopian is the Enslaved series by Katie Clark. Seriously, I have recommended those books to SO many people! Also, you might like The Selection series by Kiera Cass (ABA), since it has some dystopian elements but isn’t nearly as dark as a lot of the genre, plus it has a lot of romance 🙂

    • Carrie

      The Selection series is definitely on my TBR list already! I have not heard of the Enslaved series, but I’m adding it now 🙂

      • Melony Teague

        You must read “The Gifting” series by K. E. GANSHERT ( YES,That is Katie)

        I liked the selection ton series,but only the first 3.
        There are more, but can’t look them up right now. ( stings and ice packs hunter that) lol

        I have more recommendations , but will add later.

        • Carrie

          I have The Gifting series – just need to get to it! Thank you for fighting through the pain to recommend some for me 😉

  2. Trixi

    Carrie, you should put Terri Blackstock on your list! She has a four book dystopian series out that’s just wonderful; “Last Light”, “Night Light”, “True Light”, and “Dawn’s Light”. They are older books but wow, I can almost imagine this right out of the news from her writing! I’d actually recommend any of her books, they are that good 🙂

    • Carrie

      that’s RIGHT! I forgot that she’d written a series of dystopian books. I love Terri Blackstock

  3. Trixi

    By the way, she’s Christian fiction! But I think you already know that’s all I read 😉

    • Carrie

      i do 😉 Plus I love Terri Blackstock’s other books – I just haven’t been interested in dystopian fiction until lately so I didn’t read that series of hers when it first came out 🙂

  4. Melony Teague

    The group d breaker in dystopia lit is Lois Lowry ‘ S 4 books.
    The first book is The Giver. You have to read all 4 books to get the full picture though.

    • Carrie

      oh that’s right – The Giver. I guess I have read ONE dystopian novel lol. But i haven’t read the other books in that series – adding…

  5. Becky Smith

    These are great suggestions. I have some of these titles, but haven’t read them yet and didn’t realize they were dystopian. Now to read them!

  6. Melissa

    Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman is a wonderful story. I learned so much and really took time to think about the “what if’s” in life. 🙂

  7. Pam Lunsford

    I am sorry but I don’t know what dystopian books are. I may have read some already and didn’t realize what genre I was reading. Help

    • Carrie

      Go check out that post from Vannetta Chapman that I linked to, Pam. It might help a little 🙂

  8. jill hoke

    I would recommend The Anomaly series by Krista Mcgee. So good. And it’s completed, so no waiting on the sequels.

  9. Sierra Faith

    Check out Jupiter Winds by CJ Darlington! She’s an amazing Christian author and most of her stories are based on sister/sister relationships! The sequel is coming out later this year (October?) definitely worth the read!