Bookish Quote: All Shapes & Sizes

July 21, 2016 quotes 28

all shapes and sizes

I found this quote from Erika Johansen on Pinterest – “Books can show us that admirable and interesting women come in all shapes and sizes.”

Who are some of your favorite fictional heroines from a variety of body types and not the same old super-skinny & gorgeous?


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  1. Carolyn Astfalk

    I can think of quite a few in which the heroine THINKS she’s homely or average, but none in which she’s anything but thin. Maybe too skinny, but never more than a few pounds over perfection.

    I know there’s a whole sub-genre out there with non-skinny heroines, but I haven’t read any.

    Once I finish a couple projects, I hope to start in earnest on a book that deals with all that.

  2. DeAnna Dodson

    I agree with Carolyn. The “oh, I’m so ugly” heroines are really not even average looking, much less below average.

    I’d be interested in hearing about novels with more realistic heroines, too.

    But don’t you dare not give us gorgeous men! 😉

    • Carrie

      awww thanks 😀 Drew is getting ready to show up on my “books set in England” post later today. As in, whenever I finish it lol

  3. DeAnna Dodson



    He says to tell you it’s most gratifying to be recognized by so astute a blogger. (Of course, I had to explain to him what a blogger is, and I couldn’t possibly describe how the internet works, but he seems okay with it.)

  4. Melissa Parcel

    Invisible Ellen by Shari Shattuck. Loved that book and its sequel. But I especially loved Invisible Ellen.

    • Carrie

      oh yes! I remember you mentioning that one to me before. will have to check it out

    • Carrie

      oh yes! I remember you mentioning that one to me before. will have to check it out

    • Carrie

      oh yes! I remember you mentioning that one to me before. will have to check it out

  5. Amanda J.

    Hey Carrie…fun topic- as usual. I immediately thought of Miss Invisible by Laura Jensen Walker and There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B Jones, both books were EXCELLENT might I say. And…I wonder, could Making Marion by Beth Moran fit in this category? I just remember liking the book.

    • Carrie

      oh yes!! I remember someone mentioning Miss Invisible before!! I need to read There You’ll Find Me & Making Marion … more for the TBR list 😉

  6. Amanda J.

    Jenny B Jones does such an incredible job portraying high schoolers, in my opinion. I bet her classroom is super fun. Which age range do you teach because I sense a fun learning environment with you too.

    • Carrie

      I actually teach adults now, though my degree is in elementary education and I taught 3rd grade. But my adult beginning English learners tell me my class is fun – we do laugh a lot. Though, sometimes I think they’re laughing AT me more than anything 😉

  7. Amanda J.

    Love it! I taught high school before becoming a SAHM, and I KNOW my students often laughed at me and occasionally with me. Those were good times. Looking forward to First Line Fridays tomorrow!

  8. Abby Brown

    Hermione Granger and Jane Eyre. Although Emma Watson is gorgeous, I never imagined Hermione as being very pretty when reading the books. Did you like Queen of the Tearling? Everyone raves about it, but I personally wasn’t a huge fan. Relating back to DeAnna Dodson’s first post: Kelsea is described as being “plain,” but she’ll be played by Emma Watson in the movie (if it’s still happening).

    • Carrie

      that’s an excellent point about Hermione! Book Hermione is a lot more awkward-looking and gawky. Jane Eyre – yes! Another great example. I have not yet read Queen of the Tearling but I’m slotted to review the whole series in December.

      • Abby Brown

        Ooh I’ll be interested to see what you think! Maybe the last book will tie everything together and I’ll like the overall series more 🙂

  9. Brittaney

    I loved the heroine in A Chance for Sunny Skies by Erin Scott. She began the story struggling not only with her weight, but her identity but she was so charming and quirky!

    • Carrie

      i have not heard of this one – will add it to my list! thanks!!

  10. Andrea Stephens

    I don’t think I’ve read any good books where the heroine is plump. I’ve read plenty where an old aunt or housekeeper has “enjoyed her pie too much” (can’t remember the title of the book that line came from, or the next one) “the woman’s curves filled out her dress in all the wrong places”
    I know there are books with larger women in them, I read one once and immediately deleted it from my Kindle library. It was disgusting.
    I wish someone would write nice stories depicting those of us that are “differently bodied” than the average woman.

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