Sunday Book Club: The United States of Books

July 24, 2016 Sunday Book Club 33

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Earlier this week, I did a post on books set in other countries and then one specifically on books set in England. But in our Sunday Book Club today, I want to think about our favorite settings in the United States.

Since I live in Kentucky, I’m naturally drawn to any books set here. Of course the first author who comes to mind is Laura Frantz and her exquisite Kentucke frontier books, followed very closely by Ann H. Gabhart and her historic Shaker series as well as her contemporary cozy mysteries. Shelley Shepard Gray’s The Secrets of Crittenden County series is another fave, as is Lynn Austin’s Wonderland Creek.

I also love books set around the Smoky Mountains and Appalachia. Books by Sandra Robbins and Pepper Basham are must-reads for each of these respective settings, and Lisa Harris’ new suspense series set in the Smoky Mountains is excellent as well.

Ok, now it’s your turn.  What is your favorite setting to read about in the United States? What books set there top the list for you?


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  1. Debbie Clatterbuck

    In the United States, I like stories centered around the western states in the earlier days of the pioneer treks across the US. I love the history and the stories you get based on stories from actual diaries and research books from that time period.

    • Carrie

      oh yes – i love those too! Such a fascinating time in history for our country!

  2. Rachel Dixon

    I LOVE the Gilded Age! Specifically Jen Turano’s. Jody Hedlund’s lighthouse series is another favorite if mine. Being from WA State, I don’t come across too many books set here. But love the references in Dawn Crandall’s books!

    • Carrie

      That’s interesting… i can’t think of any set there off the top of my head either. I wonder why … hmm.

      • Rachel Dixon

        Tracie Peterson’s Brides of Seattle is. And of course Twilight bahahahahaha. But California is a much more popular west coast setting. Which is a shame. It’s beautiful here!

    • Sarah Monzon

      You have to read Sondra Kraak! Her books are set near Wenatchee! And they are soooo good!!!

    • Carrie

      isn’t one of Deeanne Gist’s books set in Seattle too? Yes! A Bride in the bargain!

  3. Melissa Parcel

    There are lots of books/series set in Oregon, so I count that close enough to WA 🙂
    Irene Hannon’s Hope Harbor series is the latest. But there are also quite a few by Melody Carlson (Love Finds You in Sisters, Oregon is one, but she also has an Oregon Trail series, and Angels in the Snow), Randy Alcorn has a couple, Karen Kingsbury has at least one, most of Jane Kirkpatrick’s books are set in Oregon. Robin Jones Gunn’s Glenbrooke series is a fictional town in Oregon.

    Lauraine Snelling has the one centered on the eruption of Mt St Helens that is set in my home town and surroundings in WA (although there are a couple of errors that kind of grated on me) called The Way of Women. I’m sure there are more, these are just the ones that immediately came to mind.

    • Carrie

      i love the Hope Harbor series!!! excellent list, Melissa! Thanks!

  4. Marylin Furumasu

    I’m from Oregon and I also love books by Bonnie Blythe. Many of hers are set in fictitious towns in southern Oregon. Yet, Hillary Manton Lodge just wrote a sweet series based in Portland Oregon (and a few other places too) – Reservations For Two. Cute series! Then just recently I read the first book in a new series by Kimberly Rose Johnson it’s based Sunriver Oregon. That book was great because she wrote so well I knew exactly where she was with her characters in the story.
    So to answer your question where in USA I’m fond of things close to home, but I LOVE reading about other places because it’s like I’m traveling there!?

    • Carrie

      this is another great list from Oregon – thank you Marylin!! I am filing these away for future reads & posts!! 🙂

  5. Lisa Harness

    Arkansas & Montana
    AR –Ace Collins “Lige Evans” series & Lori Copeland’s “Evening Shade” series.
    I can’t remember the ones set in MT

    • Carrie

      i still need to read something by Ace Collins – maybe I’ll start with that series! 🙂

  6. jill hoke

    I have really been enjoying New England settings lately. Dawn Crandall’s series, the Darling books, and The Things We Knew are all set in Maine/ Massachusetts locales.

    • Carrie

      yes! those are some of my faves as well! Colleen Coble’s latest series has been in Maine, too!

  7. carylkane

    I LOVE Dawn Crandall’s books! Kellie Coates Gilberts’ series Texas Gold Collection is on my TBR.

    I also enjoy reading Colleen Coble.

    HAPPY SON-day!

  8. Winnie Thomas

    Sarah M. Eden has a two-part book called Longing for Home and Longing for Home–Hope Springs set in Wyoming around 1870s or 80s. She also has a new one coming out at the end of September called The Sheriffs of Savage Wells. I will read anything by Sarah M. Eden, and I’ve never been disappointed. She also has quite a few books set in England in the Regency era.

  9. Pam K.

    I think it’s fun to read books set in my home state of Kansas so I can understand you being partial to books set in your state of Kentucky. I think southern books are really fun to read too. I really enjoyed Joanne Bischof’s Cadence of Grace series, set in the Smoky Mountains. The setting really isn’t the main draw for me, I just love a good story with relatable characters, no matter where the book is set.

  10. Pam Crist

    “Wonderland Creek” is one of my favorite books to get lost in. I absolutely love it. This books got me started on Lynn Austin.

  11. Andrea Stephens

    My favorite setting is historical fiction. In Texas, there are several books by Mary Connealy, Karen Witemeyer, and Caryl McAdoo. I love the Unexpected Brides collection by Melissa Jagears set in Kansas. In Georgia, I found a newly published author Karen Campbell Prough’s “The Girl Called Ella Dessa” and the sequel “Within the Candles Glow” they are rugged, life is hard and tragic stories but worth the read.
    While not historical, I have to mention Iowa and The Walker Family books by Melissa Tagg. I mean who wouldn’t want to live in Maple Valley? Or at least visit?

    • Carrie

      Oh yes – for sure – all of those!!! I need to look Prough’s books up!!

  12. Beckie B.

    The Deep South gets my vote. Favorite Georgia girl authors are Elizabeth Musser and Patricia Sprinkle. From my husband’s home state of Mississippi I like Patricia Bradley and Elizabeth White.

    • Carrie

      I haven’t read Patricia Sprinkle or Elizabeth White. But I have read and love Patricia Bradley & Elizabeth Musser! 🙂

  13. Amanda J.

    I’ve adored visiting Deep Haven Minnesota with Susan May Warren, both the Christensen family series and others like My Foolish Heart.

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