Sunday Book Club: Favorite Occupations in Fiction

September 4, 2016 Sunday Book Club 34

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Happy Sunday y’all!! On Tuesday, I talked about some of my favorite books that feature teachers, a subject close to my heart as I am a teacher by degree.  I’m always drawn to books that have a teacher as a main character – I guess because I can relate to so many of their experiences.

I also have a thing for cowboys… in fiction. In real life, I might swoon at the sight of one but I know I am not cut out for the cowboy scene. Mainly because I don’t like dirt or sweat or riding horses, and I’m terrified of cattle. These are all pretty much death knells for any future career aspirations I might have as a cowgirl haha!

Now a book with a teacher AND a cowboy? #bestillmynerdgirlheart

steinbach-56642_1920  cowboy

Ok. Now it’s your turn! What occupations do you gravitate toward in fiction? What are some of your fave books that feature them?


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  1. Rachel Dixon

    Oh wow. I have never really thought about thus before. I would have to say……….. From looking at my books and discussing with my hubs…the ones that have no “occupation”. Nobles, Royalty, etc. Ya…hahahahaha!!! Where they are born into their role. Whether to rule or to manage family estate. I also enjoy the farm aspects in books though, because I get it…since I was raised in the country on a farm.

    • Carrie

      I enjoy those types of books too – the nobles, the royalty, etc. And interestingly enough, despite my phobia of all things “farm” lol, I enjoy books set on a farm too haha!

  2. Marylin Furumasu

    I’d say books about people working with special needs children, but I actually am very eclectic. I like all kinds of books. The only ones I would really not read are horror, and trashy books. I’m not really fond Amish stories or too frontier-ish, but I have read some and might again if it looks good.

    • Carrie

      I’m picky about Amish and frontier stories too but I have found some great ones lately!

  3. Rebecca Maney

    I have always loved mystery and suspense, so any profession that involves critical thinking and investigating is a natural draw for me.

    • Carrie

      yes – me too! I found Carrie Stuart Parks’ forensic artist main character to be very fascinating!

  4. Connie Scruggs

    I’m with Rachel Dixon, I like the ones who are independently wealthy 🙂
    I also like to read about the wealthy posing as servants. (A Noble Masquerade was really great. Right now I’m reading Lady in the Mist, another good one).
    And soldiers, especially Revolutionary and Civil Wars and WWI & II.

  5. Yvette

    I love historical fiction set in the American West and I find that my interest is captured when one of the protagonists is a farmer/rancher/homesteader or cowboy/cowgirl, a small town sheriff, a bounty hunter or a Pinkerton agent (so I adored books 2 & 3 of Margaret Brownley’s Undercover Ladies – where the heroine is the agent). But these professions in real life? Not so much.

    • Carrie

      i LOVE Margaret Brownley’s Pinkerton series! So fun! But yes… wouldn’t want to be any of those things in real life lol. Except maybe a Pinkerton agent. 🙂

  6. Melissa

    I’m always a fan of bookstore owners, like in Susie Warren’s Deep Haven series. Or chefs like in Hillary Lodge’s Two Blue Doors series.

  7. Andrea Stephens

    Now, you’ve made me have to think. I like cowboys and teachers. I loved riding horses as a young woman. I, like you, am not cut out for cowboy lifestyle. I don’t really read a lot of suspense/thriller/murder stories. Those are hubbies favorite things to watch on tv so I get my fill there. Thanks to you I’ve been reading a lot more contemporary stuff. Wait, I recall reading a regency type book where it actually got into why there was a “season” it was when the lawmakers were in session and decisions were being made. That provided a different aspect to all the balls and dinners. I can’t remember which book it was. I think I like all different kinds of occupations in my books. I do like some gritty frontier stories, sometimes to remind me to be thankful that I live in modern times. I can’t imagine staying warm by a fire of buffalo chips.

      • Andrea Stephens

        Oh, yes, I forgot about the collecting of the chips. Can you imagine cooking over them? I know how smoke provides some flavor to what you are cooking but Eww, just eww!

  8. carylkane

    Mystery/suspense is my first love. I enjoy reading about those involved in those crime fighting occupations. There is just something about a hero in a position of authority.

    I also agree with Rachel Dixon’s view of royalty. Since we are the King’s Kids, I am drawn to those stories.

    Hope your ankle is better. ((((HUGS))))

  9. Michelle Connell

    I didn’t get a chance to mention a series with a teacher earlier this week, but I like Mignon Ballard’s series with Miss Dimple which take place prior to and during WWII. This is a cozy mystery series and Miss Dimple is a beloved teacher in the Georgia town she lives in.

    So, I like teachers, bakers, detectives, royalty, FBI/CIA/Secret Service, MI5/6, writers/editors, soldiers, lawyers, police officers, gardeners, tea shop owners, business or antique shop owners.

    I don’t read Amish anymore and don’t care for western flavored books much. I like more suspense and thriller type stories now.

  10. Beth Erin

    I enjoy reading about rugged occupations like lumberjacks, cowboys, ranchers, farmers, carpenters, body guards, frontiersmen, Russians (someone should write a book with the Chmerkovskiy brothers, they were actually born in the Ukraine), Alaskans, Mounties, and pretty much any law enforcement or military. I’m going to have to stop or I’ll need my fan!

    • Carrie

      oooo that’s a marvelous idea for the Chmerkovskiy brothers! Fan-worthy for sure!

  11. Beth Erin

    Maks and Meryl were my favorites the only season of DWTS I ever watched. When he said he wanted to make Russian babies with her… wow! His is THE Russian voice in my head for any books I read.

  12. Courtney Clark

    This is a really great topic! I like a variety of occupations, I suppose. I really enjoy contemporary stories centered around food somehow! Whether a chef, baking, restaurant, etc. Favorites include Hillary Manton Lodge’s Two Blue Doors series, Five Days in Skye (ahem, James), Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay, When I Fall in Love by Susan May Warren.

    I also love westerns of all types! It sounds like I could endure the ranch life better than you, though I don’t have experience in that way. (I have ridden a horse, though. Haha!)

    • Carrie

      #myJames … I really do like guy chefs in books, now that I think about it. And I’ve ridden a horse but it was under duress lol

  13. Winnie Thomas

    Well Carrie, I have my very own live cowboy teacher! My husband is a retired teacher, and he is also a cowboy–well, he has his own horse and he loves to ride. He even helps his brother take his cattle up the canyon to the summer range in the spring and helps him round them up in the fall! I don’t think he’s ever gathered or used buffalo chips, though. He does have several cowboy hats and boots and even a pair of chaps and spurs (that he hardly ever wears). That said, I’m with you about horses and cattle. I’d rather stay inside and read about them! 😀

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