Sunday Book Club: Surprise Me

September 25, 2016 Sunday Book Club 21

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Good Sunday morning to you, my friends! Is it FALL yet where you are? Because it is NOT here… and I am decidedly NOT happy about this. Sigh. Oh well… at least reading is any-season 🙂

Earlier this past week, I reviewed Stalking Jack the Ripper, a book that’s a bit of a detour from my usual reading fare. I really enjoyed it though – and it was a “clean read” which I appreciated.

That led to me thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know) about books on my shelf that might surprise you if you were to come over and browse my collection. Besides Stalking, I also have a large collection of children’s’ books (even though I have no children) and a handful of 17th century Spanish plays… written in 17th century Spanish. Because, really, if you’re going to own 17th century Spanish plays, you might as well own them in 17th century Spanish. 😉

Something that might surprise you not to find? The Harry Potter books. As much as I love them, I do not yet own the set. Sadness. I do however have the illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone book and should be getting my preorder for the illustrated Chamber of Secrets any day now!

Ok, now it’s your turn. What books on YOUR shelf – or absent from it – might surprise those who know your reading habits?


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  1. Rachel Dixon

    Well I am not sure it would come as a surprise. I have both Twilight and The Hunger Games series on my shelf (missing Catching Fire). I also have quite a lot of non fiction books about WWII and a bit of Beatles and Audrey Hepburn.

  2. Rebecca Maney

    It might surprise you to know that I DON’T have a lot of books on my shelf. What I do have, fits onto a five shelf antique lawyer’s bookcase and a shelf in my linen closet ( I know, a crazy place for overflow). Those books are quite a combo of my very favorites and many children’s books. (my children are grown, but we have four grandchildren and I mentor at a local school with a reading group)

    Happily, I can donate nearly all of my inspirational fiction titles to my church library where we have built an inspirational section that would rival most public libraries, or I don’t know what I would do with all my books. They stay close by and I can “check them out” anytime I want to.

  3. Beckie B.

    I have a wide variety of Jane Austen “knock-offs” — reimaginings, sequels, modern retellings. I also have a lot of unread cozy mysteries that I will get to “one day”.

  4. Andrea Stephens

    I think what would surprise most is my lack of bookshelves. I never replaced the one’s I lost in broken water pipe flood. I have a couple of small bookcases, most of my books go in Rubbermaid type containers now. I think people would be surprised at how many DVD’s and BluRay discs I own. As much as I love reading, I love movies too. I have nearly every Disney and Pixar movie, all the Bond films, a ton of classics, cartoons, mysteries tv shows. The shelves my movies were on did not get wet and most were on the tv shelf upstairs. I’ve never paid full price for a movie, I always got them on sale. I do have over a thousand books on my kindle. Some titles would be surprising because I found them in the inspirational category but once I started reading them, I found they were not the kind of inspiration I was looking for! I removed most of them, but some I “removed from device” but forgot the title so I didn’t get them “removed from content”.
    Carrie, why do you have 17th century Spanish plays? There has to be a story there.

    • Carrie

      “not the kind of inspiration I was looking for” LOL LOL – i love it!

      Well, Andrea, lol – I have 17th century Spanish plays because I minored in Spanish in college and got the brilliant idea to take Spanish Drama as one of my classes. It actually turned out to be a fun class but it was rather intimidating at first haha!!

      • Andrea Stephens

        That’s a good reason to have Spanish plays!
        I wish I had taken Spanish in high school instead of German. I could use it so much where I live.

          • Andrea Stephens

            Mine was Steinmetz (step-father adopted me changed from Smith) So taking German was a requirement. It did come in handy when I did some babysitting but I don’t remember much now.

  5. Carolyn Astfalk

    I think people would be surprised to find no romance novels – Christian or otherwise on my shelves. None. I’ve read hundreds of them over the past 5 years or so, but they’ve either been ebooks or borrowed from the library.

  6. Becky Smith

    I have a huge collection of Victorian novels, and a small collection of apologetics and other Christian literature that interests me. I like to study in addition to reading for fun. A big part of my Victorian novel collection have gorgeous pictures of the “Gibson Girls” on the cover. The books are absolutely lovely!! Many of them I have found are now free for the kindle, and because I’m bothered by the dust & mold, I find it is easier to read them electronically. However, I have read most of these books multiple times. Some I make sure I read once a year.

  7. Iola

    My bookshelf doesn’t have many new books, and has almost none of the books I’ve reviewed. This is because I get the review copies as electronic books, and paperbacks are expensive here in New Zealand, so I rarely buy a paper version of something I’ve read as an ebook.

    I will do the reverse: if I own the paperback and the ebook comes up as free, I’ll buy the ebook so I can donate the paperback and free up one more space on my overflowing shelves (yes, still overflowing even though I hardly buy any paperbacks!).

    • Carrie

      Many of my review copies are ebooks as well – which works marvelously. Until I want an author to sign it lol

  8. Amy @ Pages of Starlight

    I think my mystery books would surprise most people that know me for reading mostly fantasy and sci-fi. However, I think they’d be surprised at my lack of some of the most popular fantasy books – Martin, Brooks, Goodkind ect. Also, I think my stock of reference books – as I never talk about them – might surprise some people. Though the fact that they’re mostly about Egypt or dinosaurs probably wouldn’t.

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