Sunday Book Club: Play Ball

October 9, 2016 Sunday Book Club 31

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Good Sunday morning to y’all! Fall is finally in the air here in Kentucky, so I am quite happy. I know that some people get Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder during the fall and winter but I’m just the opposite. I come alive when the weather gets cooler!

Today on the Book Club, let’s talk about sports in fiction. I’ve reviewed a couple of basebally books this week – The Thirteenth Chance by Amy Matayo and Homestands by Sally Bradley. Now, baseball’s not really my fave sport … it actually ranks just above golf… but I really did love both of these books.

Football is more my thing. A couple of my faves are Her One and Only by Becky Wade and Last Chance Hero by Cathleen Armstrong. And then there’s two of my fave series that involve football – Varina Denman’s Mended Hearts trilogy and Janet W. Ferguson’s Southern Hearts series.

I can’t think of any basketbally or tennisy books off the top of my head. (Don’t you love my technical terms? Clearly, I’m an avid sports fan. Except not.)

Ok, now it’s your turn. What are some of your favorite books involving sports?


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  1. Melissa

    I love ice hockey, but, not sure of any books about ice hockey. 🙂 Go Washington Capitals! 🙂

  2. Sarah

    I liked Sit, Stay, Love and The Thirteenth chance for baseball.
    My Stubborn Heart and It Had to be You for hockey.
    And there are too many football ones that I like to name.
    Where are all the soccer books?

  3. Elizabeth

    I loved “The Chance” by Karen Kingsbury and it has a basketball player as the hero.

  4. Rachel Dixon

    I am getting ready to start Janet Ferguson’s series super excited! Can’t Help Falling has a rower in it. That is about as “sporty” as I have read I think. Although Dance Over Me has a dancer…does that count? Hehe

    • Carrie

      oooo rowing. I hadn’t thought about that one. Sure! Dancing counts LOL

  5. MH

    My family is a family of swimmers….unfortunately I don’t know any books that feature swimming…maybe Denise Hunter’s Married Til Monday.
    Though I don’t really follow football, the Bailey Flannigan series from Karen Kingsbury was very football-y series that I enjoyed.

    • Carrie

      hmmm…swimming… it seems like I read one not too long ago that featured swimming but now I can’t remember it….

  6. Carolyn Astfalk

    I did a #5Faves post about this a few weeks back. My five were: The Thirteenth Chance, My Stubborn Heart, Her One and Only, A Fair Catch (Cindy Roland Anderson) and Homerun (Travis Thrasher). And – oops!, I just remembered you saw that, so sorry for re-hashing. Some people recommended Between Sunday by Karen Kingsbury and a Susan May Warren book – can’t recall the title off of the top of my head.

  7. carylkane


    I loved Becky’s Her One and Only! I have The Mended Hearts trilogy in my TBR. I must read them soon. 😉

  8. Carolyn Miller

    My Stubborn Heart is one of my fave books of all time (yes this Aussie loves ice hockey), and I’ve just read ‘Can’t help Falling’ by Kara Isaac about Olympic rower – such a good book!!

  9. Courtney Clark

    I’m totally not a sports person, either, though I have enjoyed some books with that as a prominent part. The Thirteenth Chance and It Had to Be You by Susan May Warren are my favorites right now. Also, From The Start by Melissa Tagg features a former football star. 🙂 I love anything from her!

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