First Line Friday (Week 30): Buying Love

October 28, 2016 First Line Fridays, Toni Shiloh 42

first line fridays

Happy Friday!!!

Since it’s Friday, it’s also time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

The book I’m featuring today is Buying Love by Toni Shiloh!


And the first line is….

“Nina Warrenton checked her watch for the umpteenth time.”

(I love the word ‘umpteenth’ – don’t you?)

So… what’s your First Line on this Friday?

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42 Responses to “First Line Friday (Week 30): Buying Love”

  1. Vannetta Chapman

    “Shelby Sparks couldn’t breathe.” from my release, Deep Shadows.
    I’m re-reading this as I write the 3rd book, Light of Dawn!

  2. Sydney @ Singing Librarian Books

    Oooo fun!!! I am hoping to get my hands on a copy eventually!! 😀

    My first line:

    Pecan Street & Congress Avenue
    Austin, Texas
    February 1, 1882

    “My ability to recognize one’s true love, and I say this in all humility, surely must be a gift.”

    ~If I Loved You Less by Gina Welborn
    In Austen in Austin Vol 1

      • Gina Welborn

        Yes, read it! Do read it! And I’m not just saying that because I wrote the story. Okay, mostly saying it for that reason but still…

        • Carrie

          Hahahahaha! I have it! I just need more time in my day lol

  3. Andrea Stephens

    Across the narrow train aisle from Sarah, a matron examined her Friday newspaper, the bold print headline proclaiming ANOTHER BALLOONIST SUCCUMBS IN KALAMAZOO.
    -First line in the first novella of The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection.
    Carrie Fancett Pagels’ “Requilted with Love”

  4. Beckie B.

    “When in my younger days, I idly contemplated the time I might one day go wedding dress shopping, it never crossed my mind that it would be a covert operation, accompanied by oversized sunglasses and a floppy hat.” — The Name I Call Myself by Beth Moran.

  5. Andi

    My first line is from Laura Frantz’s book The Mistress of Tall Acre

    On this day, 8 August, 1778, a child was safely delivered. . . .Nay, not safely. Anything but safely.

  6. Connie Tillman

    “It was a land of timber, challenge, and trepidation, forcing struggles beyond any she had known, and she’d known many in her sixty-six years.”

    Jane Kirkpatrick
    This Road we Traveled.

    Just starting this book – and looking forward to reading it 🙂

  7. carylkane

    August 1916

    My foot pressed the pedal on the floor, shifting the Packard Runabout into a higher gear. At Every Turn by Ann Mateer


    • Carrie

      I’ve got that one on my kindle – need to find some time to read it 🙂

  8. Winnie Thomas

    “Roasted chestnut latte? How can that be a bad thing?” Restoring Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti

    Although roasted chestnut latte isn’t my thing, I loved this fun Christmas book by Cynthia Ruchti. I’m lucky enough to be on her launch team, and I already read an e-copy, but I just received a gorgeous hardback copy!!! The cover is plain red with silver writing on the spine, and the dust jacket/cover is absolutely beautiful! It would make a wonderful gift. It really looks so classy!

  9. Janet Ferguson

    The summer storm lit up the night sky in a jagged display of energy, lightning streaking and fragmenting between the towering thunderheads. Dee Henderson Danger in the Shadows. I started this at the beach but didn’t finish. I’m bad about that lately…

  10. Becky Smith

    From Nowhere For Christmas by Heather Gray:
    “Some women were satisfied with one man in their life. There were even women who would say that was too many.”

  11. Eliza Covault

    “I awake to cold and near darkness like I do every morning.” – Transcendence by Shay Savage

  12. Robin E. Mason

    as it turns out, a copy of my book is closest to me (waiting to be signed and mailed) and the first line is,

    “I hate you and I wish you was dead.”

  13. Anne Rightler

    Outside, the hot urgency of survival pulsed. But in the thatched hut, where only a stray sunbeam found entrance, all was quiet.
    Slender Reeds Jochebed’s Hope by Texie Susan Gregory

    • Carrie

      I have seen that one popping up a lot lately – it looks good!

  14. Rachel D.

    Oooh how did I miss that you were doing a giveaway? Haha! Thank you!
    “Baby steps.” – Leaving Oxford by Janet Ferguson

  15. Pam K.

    “It was amazing,the depth of courage a mother could find when the life of her child was on the line.” Falling Like Snowflakes by Denise Hunter.

  16. Beth Erin

    Completely drooling over your bookish giveaway, Carrie!

    “No way. Not now. Not ever.” Sam Conrad tossed the manila folder onto his father’s massive mahogany desk.
    Blown Together by Janet W. Ferguson