Some Goodreads Giveaways and Weekly Update for November 19th

November 19, 2016 giveaway, weekly update 8


It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving! What?!? How did that happen?!? If you’re running around like a crazy person doing errands and tackling the dreaded Walmart/Kroger/Costco run, maybe these Goodreads giveaways will give you something to do when you’ve finally collapsed in a crumpled heap of exhaustion 🙂 Not as many giveaways ending this week but some good ones!

As always, clicking on the covers will take you to the giveaways.

Giveaways Ending 11/20

can't help falling

Giveaways Ending 11/21

hazardous-holiday  a-christmas-carol

Giveaways Ending 11/22

abducted  the-shattered-vigil  fatal-frost

Giveaways Ending 11/23

prayers-of-jesus  after-the-thaw  the-lady-of-the-lakes

Giveaways Ending 11/25


last week on the blog

If you missed any posts from this past week, here’s your chance to catch up!

Sunday Book Club: Genre Love

Boots and Bedlam (Ashley Farley)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Ace Collins) GIVEAWAY

My Favorite Bookish Movies

Forever Painless (Miranda Esmonde-White)

Deadly Dog Days (Jamie M. Blair) GIVEAWAY

Q&A with Monte Wolverton

Trust My Heart (Carol J. Post) GIVEAWAY

Christmas Lights Collection (GIVEAWAY)

First Line Friday

and don’t forget to catch up on the THANKFUL HEARTS GIVEAWAY!



A lighter week coming up, with Thanksgiving on the horizon…

Sunday Book Club

Finding Margo (Jen Turano)

Books I’m Thankful For

Unwritten Melody (Tessa Emily Hall)

My Dream Character Panel

Q&A with Sara Davison (5 book giveaway!)

something fun for Thanksgiving

First Line Friday

Q&A with As the Ink Flows Authors

The Refuge (Regan Walker)


8 Responses to “Some Goodreads Giveaways and Weekly Update for November 19th”

  1. Andrea Stephens

    Thank you, Carrie! You are so good to share these giveaways with us. I get lost the Goodreads list sometimes.

  2. Winnie Thomas

    Thanks, Carrie! I have yet to win a book on Goodreads, but I’ll keep trying. And yes, my skill with the Goodreads site is lacking, too. It’s not very user friendly–at least to this user! 😀

    • Carrie

      LOL! I win one every once in a while… but i haven’t lately. Probably because I keep telling everyone about the giveaways which increases the entries and decreases my own odds hahaha

      • Winnie Thomas

        Yes, there is that! Hmmmm, maybe you should only post ones you’re not so interested in winning. LOL Oh well, I have plenty to read in the meantime, until I win one. 😀

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