My Fave Reads in December

January 8, 2017 Christian, monthly faves 32

Can y’all handle one more favorites post? I know you’ve been inundated (especially here on my blog lol) but I didn’t want to skip over my favorite reads in December!







What about you? What are some of your fave reads from last month?


32 Responses to “My Fave Reads in December”

  1. Sarah Monzon

    Oh! And. So happy you thought 12 Days of Snowmen worthy!☺

  2. Andrea Stephens

    Oh! I’ve read six of these and own at least four of the others! They were some of my favorites as well. My favorite on your list is Seven Brides for Seven Texans but I read an early e-copy in October.

    • Carrie

      I didn’t get to as many Christmasy books as I wanted

  3. Marilyn

    You sure read a lot of books in December. Evert one are my kind of books. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Charlie

    I like the all the books in the top row! Definitely books I would want to read. Congratulations on your December reads!

  5. Katie Donovan

    And these are just her favourites! Lol! Quite a few of my favourites on there. And thankfully, most of the ones I haven’t read yet are already on my TBR pile. Safe *phew*. For today…

  6. Connie Scruggs

    Reading really is your Superpower!!! I don’t even remember what I read in December, but I think I only finished one book. I am wayyyyy behind.

  7. Yvette-Bookworlder

    Great list! The Silent Songbird, A Royal Christmas Wedding, and Wrapped in Red were some of my December favorites as well (I started For the Record on New Years Eve, but finished it in January so it will be a January favorite). I also really enjoyed the Ronie Kendig’s prequel novella, The Warrior’s Seal. So many good books in December – and I was loving all of the novellas!

    • Carrie

      There were some fantastic Christmas novellas this year!

  8. Lizzie

    I read “A Royal Christmas Wedding” and loved it!

  9. Annie JC

    Love many of the ones you’ve listed! The others, sigh.. I’ll need to add them to my never ending TBR….. Thanks friend! 😉

  10. carylkane

    I loved Seven Brides for Seven Texans!

    CARRIE, I always look forward to your posts! <3

  11. Winnie Thomas

    I’ve read 7 of these. Yay! I have a couple more on my kindle waiting for me to get to them. So many wonderful books!! 😀

    • Carrie

      there were some really fantastic ones out at the end of the year! And a bunch more coming out at the beginning of this one! Ack! My poor TBR planet 🙂

    • Carrie

      oh yay!!! I adore her books – excited to hear what you think 🙂