Sunday Book Club: Book Nerd Problems

January 29, 2017 Sunday Book Club 43

Today on the Sunday Book Club, let’s talk about book nerd problems. You know what I mean – those humorous little quirks that only true book nerds understand.

For instance – worrying that you’ll die before you finish reading all the books you want to read.

Or, the fact that your to-be-read pile is already taller than you but you keep acquiring new books and/or checking them out from the library.

OR…that twitch you get when someone asks you for your favorite book or your favorite author.

You can check out my Book Nerd Problems pinterest board for more.

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your fave book nerd problems?


43 Responses to “Sunday Book Club: Book Nerd Problems”

  1. Eric

    The somewhat incompatibley of books and nature. Took my book on a canoe trip. We would reach small islands and I’d sit on some drift wood and read for about half an hour while resting.
    We hit some low branches which caused our canoe to dip and fill with water. My water logged backpack yielded a water logged book. Spent the rest of the trip sitting on the book so it would poof out like a feather duster.

  2. DeAnna Dodson

    I have the “seeing books in the background of a picture (or a movie!) and struggling to read the titles” thing. 😀

  3. Yvette-Bookworlder

    Your examples are really on point – and as to the second example, I’m not tall so it’s okay, right?!

    My guilty (not so) secret book nerd problem is also one of my top re-pinned items on Pinterest: “When you secretly don’t want a book to become popular because you want it to be your own secret.”

  4. Melony Teague

    When you find out someone else loves the hero in the story as much as you do… and have to admit to jealousy. And then realize that these character are …. “not real”.

    • Janet Ferguson

      LOL! Love this Melony! When people talk about my characters like they know them, and I’m like wait, I didn’t know y’all had met…

    • Winnie Thomas

      That’s a good one, Melony! Does that include arguing over who gets the book boyfriend? I seem to remember seeing some of that. 😀

    • Connie Scruggs

      What do you mean, they’re not real? I think you are confused.
      But I could also be revealing one of my book nerd problems. I believe the characters are my special friends.

    • Carrie

      hahahaha!! I’m sure this has never happened to me 😉

  5. Tracey Hagwood

    My own book nerd problems~
    1)I’d rather buy a new book or two than a new outfit.

    2)Sometimes when I’m hanging out with friends or family, I’m really thinking about how soon before I can get back to my book I’m reading and wondering what the characters are going to do next!

    Really, there are an endless number of problems, I identify with a lot of yours. I especially like #111~ I wish reading books burned as many calories as exercising. Lol

  6. Janet Ferguson

    Carrie, I remember when I was almost finished writing my series worrying that something might happen to me before I got them published, so I instructed my daughter to get with Misty Beller and Jennifer Rodewald in case something happened. They’d know what to do to finish them and get them published, LOL

  7. Kav

    Oh — so many. My most embarrassing one was at church when the pastor challenged us to apply the message to someone in our life — do something specific to reach out to that person. He gave us a minute to sit quietly and think. Someone came to mind right away…only she was a fictional character!!!!!!! Sigh. But she still really needed to hear the message. 🙂

    And making embarrassing faces and uttering gasps or yelps while reading in public.

    And worse than having too many books in your TBR pile is having NONE. I speak from sad experience.

    • Carrie

      hahaha Kav i have done that too – with the fictional character sermon application. And your poor little empty TBR pile was so sad. It broke my heart 🙁

  8. carylkane

    Love this post! I enjoy being home alone so I can enjoy uninterrupted reading time! It is bliss especially while sipping a cup of hot tea.

    I also have a hard time deciding which book to read from my TBR. I must have a complete series before I begin reading. Stand alones come in handy for this purpose. 😉

  9. Rachel Dixon

    Oi so many things…how about needing to review a book before o can start a new one. And having company that won’t leave when you just want to read your book hahaha

  10. Susan Dyer

    I’m always afraid I’m going to misplace my lists…..for some reason I have so many lists…….lol

  11. Connie Scruggs

    Getting really into a book and hurrying to finish it to see what happens, then being sad that it’s over. Such a struggle!

  12. Courtney Clark

    So many fun comments! I relate.

    One time I confused something that happened to a book character with something that happened to a friend in real life. I was about to tell someone else the story of it, then I remembered it was a fictional character’s life!

  13. Andrea Stephens

    My biggest bookish problem is crying in public places or even alone in my car. I was waiting for my husband while he was chatting with someone about a video in a store, it was a beautiful day so I sat reading my kindle. A stranger knocked on my window to ask if I was okay. She said she saw me sitting there for a while making faces, then when she saw the tears she was sure I had gotten some kind of bad news. I blushed and said I would be fine and thanked her for her concern. I did not admit that I was reading a book.