Sunday Book Club: No More Man Buns

May 7, 2017 Sunday Book Club 41

Happy Happy Sunday! I know I’ve been posting here on the blog this week even though I’ve been at #RT17 in Atlanta but I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with comments… so I feel like I’ve been away from y’all too! I’ve missed you!!

While I was at the RT Booklovers’ Convention this week, I had the chance to attend some publisher spotlights. One of the things they discussed was TRENDS – what’s hot and what’s not.

What’s not hot anymore? Man Buns. And all the world rejoiced.

What is hot? Facial hair (specifically beards). Cowboys. Sports romances. Diversity (in all its forms). AMISH.

Now… keep in mind these were general market publishers. So their idea of diversity and mine look a bit different. But one thing I loved about that is the trend toward different body types. Curvy. Soft. Plump. However you want to label it, I’m thrilled to see the publishing world acknowledge that women who aren’t skinny and/or athletic deserve love stories too.

So now it’s your turn. What trends in fiction do you love? (any that you’ve observed, doesn’t have to be the ones I mentioned) And what do you want to see more of?


41 Responses to “Sunday Book Club: No More Man Buns”

  1. Rachel Dixon

    Yaaaaaaay!!!! Love this! I think diversity is awesomr and we need more of it in Christian Fiction.

  2. Jane Tucker

    I love stories set in the 1920’s. The Jazz Age is a glamorous backdrop with high potential for conflict: Rich vs. poor, old vs. young, farm vs. city. I don’t know if this is a trend–but I’d like it to be!

    • Carrie

      that’s not one of my fave eras but I adored You’re the Cream in my Coffee which is set in the Jazz Age! If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it!!

  3. Kay Garrett

    Oh I agree with you wholeheartedly! For years they have portrayed women in ways that are unrealistic and definitely not the norm. I think it sets a bad example for the youth coming up to set goals that are unattainable by most. Generally, I wish we could concentrate on the person more. After all, I’ve seen some that some say are less than perfect that have a very perfect heart.
    I love Christian and Amish literature. I liked it before it was the in thing and think I always will. 🙂

  4. Andrea Stephens

    I’m glad you had a good time! I can do without the man bun.
    I’m happy to know that larger ladies are getting some positive attention in any market. I mean, we love just like skinny women.

    I missed you this week. I wasn’t able to watch your video’s due to my laptop giving out on me again. I could hear them, just not see them. Hopefully I’ll be able to back and watch them soon.

    • Carrie

      oh phooey! You can find them on my videos section of my timeline when your technology cooperates once again. I missed you too!!!!

  5. Carolyn Astfalk

    There will be no tears shed here due to the passing of the man bun. Also not a big fan of beards other than a light scruff. I’m all for romances in which the hero and heroine are rockstar god and goddess with ripped abs, super long legs, and all that stuff that don’t resemble 99.9% of the real people I know.

    • emilee douglas

      Me too Carolyn, isn’t that why we read “fiction”? But I do love realistic too. But nothing wrong with fantasy in fiction. I like the new trends in the covers coming out. Like Hillary Manton Lodge’s Jane of Austin. I have it preordered and I can’t wait to get it.

  6. carylkane

    Welcome Back, Carrie! I hope the entry back to reality isn’t too had on you! I know you will have lots of snuggle time to help with the transition! *wink*

    Yes, to more diversity in Christian Fiction.

    Blessings and ((((HUGS))))

    • Carrie

      oh yes – Zuzu had to hold my “paw” last night for a solid hour.

  7. Patricia Bradley

    It was great seeing you at RT!!! Love your videos. And thank you so much for helping me get set up at the Shooting Stars Gala!

    • Carrie

      my pleasure!! Such a delight meeting you 😀

  8. Beth Erin

    Definitely loving the facial hair, cultural diversity, and variety of body shapes and colors (short people have feelings too and eye color and hair color and skin tones) Variety! I love it!

    • Carrie

      ‘Tis the spice of life after all 😉

  9. Kelly

    Yay for the exit of the man bun! LOL! Glad to hear other body images are getting some time on the page! Glad you had a great time at RT!

    • Carrie

      Yes, I was thrilled to learn of the man bun’s demise 😉

      • emilee douglas

        It may be over in CF but it seems to be picking up speed around my neck of the woods.

        • Carrie

          this was actually a general market publisher, not CF

  10. Winnie Thomas

    I’ve never been a fan of the man bun. I’ll be glad if that one disappears! More diversity is great!

    Glad you had a great time at RT. It sounds fun.

    • Carrie

      would have been even more fun with you there! 🙂

      • Winnie Thomas

        Wish I could have been there with you! I didn’t receive an engraved invitation, though. Did they send any out?

  11. Sarah

    I like facial hair in fiction. In real life? Ouch when kissing!
    Amish is still trending??

  12. Nancy M

    Bye bye Man bun! Finally! Yay for more realistic women! Glad you had such a good time! Thanks for sharing the week with us via videos! I’m not a huge fan of Amish. I’ll read it. Not sure why I’m not a fan. But apparently many are.

    • Carrie

      it’s really a ‘love it or hate it’ genre, i think

  13. Katie Donovan

    Welcome back! And the man bun was once hot? But then again, so were mullets, so…

    I’m a definite fan of facial hair. Hubs has always had it (except for two times when he got rid of it for musicals he was performing in. And one of those was an exchange for mutton chops! ? That definitely came under the ‘for worse’ part of our wedding vows! ??)

    But I digress…

  14. Raechel Lenore

    Oh I’m happy for more ‘curvy’ women getting stories! Do you have a list of books you like with full-figured women as the main character? Would love to read some. 😀

    • Carrie

      The only one I know of – so far – that I love is Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson. There just aren’t a lot yet. But I’m hoping after hearing these publisher’s trends that there will soon be more to choose from!