Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): D.H. Barbara & Season of a Life

August 30, 2017 Author Interview, Christian, D.H. Barbara, giveaway 14

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Time passes with little regard of human perspective. At times painfully slow and often it slips past more swiftly than we’d like. Sammie Young is a testimony to the changing of life’s many seasons. As life deals it’s harsh blows, she stands strong. Now, with two of her five children left at home, change whizzes toward her at the speed of light. Frequently down, but never beaten, Sammie steps out in faith to face the new and exciting seasons awaiting her family.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven…

Samantha Young is a testimony to the oft quoted phrase; she has been through many of life’s most bountiful and hard seasons. The births of her children, a wayward husband coming to faith, sorrow at his untimely loss. In all, she sought His purpose.

Time will once again test her strength as she enters another new seasons. A chance encounter and a broken down vehicle set her on a new and exciting path.

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Writing and storytelling began in elementary school, including rewriting song lyrics. Often, I would rewrite them to God, and my favorite to sing was “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” I told elaborate tales to my Barbie and Dawn dolls, stuffed animals and imaginary friends.

My faith is vital to me, and my writing. I write inspirational fiction and fantasy because, frankly, I can’t help myself. I have tried to write without the faith element and it’s next to impossible. I want my story to reflect faith and honest struggles. The plots appear in my mind as if I’m watching a full length feature movie. At times, it’s hard for my fingers to keep up with my brain. I’ve moved from my beloved yellow legal pads and Crystal Bic pens to a keyboard, but the process is the same. I start at the beginning, find a “soundtrack,” and start typing. In the back of my books you’ll find a section titled The Song Behind The Story. Many times, I find a worship or praise song that fits the story perfectly and that becomes the main track I listen to while writing.

If I’m not writing something, I’m reading a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction, theology and apologetics, to name a few. My favorite genres are, by far, science fiction and suspense. Some authors I enjoy are, in no particular order, Susan Sleeman, Anne McCaffrey, C.S. Lewis, Max Lucado, John Jakes, Stephen King, Robin Lee Hatcher, Chautona Havig, Frank Peretti, Randy Alcorn, Dr. Richard Mabry, Tess Gerrison, J.K. Rowling, Peter Tremayne, Elis Peters, oh, the list could go on and on and on! I have the immense pleasure of interacting with some of them online via social media.

Currently, I’m working on completing my Lakeville series. Lakeville is a fictional town in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania.

Hi! Welcome to the blog! I start all of my guests out with a fast four:

apples or oranges

DHB: Apples and almond butter is my go-to snack now that I have gone Paleo!

Carrie: Oh that sounds delicious!

winter or summer

DHB: Summer!! I don’t do any outdoor winter sports and I really, REALLY dislike snow/cold

Carrie: I’m one of those weird who loves being cold lol. Snow invigorates me!

dogs or cats

DHB: Fish 😀 I have a red betta that I call Leviathan

Carrie: haha! that’s awesome 😀

coffee or tea

DHB: Tea. I love, love, LOVE me some Dunkin Donuts coffee, but it no longer loves me. But, once in a while, I can’t resist 😉

Carrie: When things you love no longer love you… sadness.

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

DHB: Flying! Oh, my goodness, I would love to soar up in the air and see the land from that perspective. Especially on the back of a dragon if I couldn’t fly myself

Carrie: FUN!!

Q: Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

DHB: Snoopy. I had a collection of paperbacks with every strip that Schulz created. I love Snoopy. His guts, his determination and the fact that he doesn’t let the fact that he’s a dog stop him from living his dreams. He’s Joe Cool to the enth!

Carrie: My husband loves Snoopy!!

Q: If I asked your characters to describe YOU as an author, what would they say?

DHB: This was hard to choose! I think Sunnie would tell you to look in my purse! *wink wink* I hope they would tell you that, despite my rather scattered lifestyle, Jesus is first in my heart.

Carrie: I love that. yes. And now I want to know what’s in your purse 😉

Q: Describe your main characters for us and tell me who you would cast in their roles if Hollywood wanted to produce Seasons of a Life as a movie!

DHB: Oh what fun!

Sammie: Down-to-earth, positive and the mom every kid wants to have and every woman wants to be. Genie Francis.

Rob: Ruggedly dependable. Jonathan Frakes (who happens to be married to Genie!)

Sunnie: Soft inner beauty contrasted by an exotic outer beauty. Angie Harmon

Carrie: Oh I love Angie Harmon! And I totally did not know that Genie and Jonathan are married…. what rock have I been living under?? Oh yeah… books. LOL.

Q: What surprised you about your book or your characters as you wrote their story?

DHB: How deeply they made me feel. If they were having a rough patch, I was, too. I bawled my eyes out with them, rejoiced, etc. It’s such an intimate process!

Carrie: What is that quote? “No tears for the writer, no tears for the reader” Something like that 🙂

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Seasons of a Life?

DHB: That with God there is always hope, always a second (or more) chance and He never fails. He is always there in the good times, the bad, and all the in-between of this crazy thing we call life.

Carrie: Amen & Amen.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

DHB: My pleasure! My busy season is starting with Bible study (I am the Children and Youth director for my Community Bible Study class) and I am hoping to release 2 books at Thanksgiving, both in the Lakeville series. Book 5, which features Sunnie and a Christmas novella. So…I better get typing!

Carrie: Fantastic!

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  1. Kay Garrett

    Thanks for the interview. I always love learning more about the authors. Can’t wait to read Season of a Life.

  2. Margaret Appel

    Beautiful cover! Loved the blurb for Seasons of a Life. We all experience change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but we keep plodding on. Adding to my list of want to reads!

  3. Barbara

    Thank you! This blog tour has been so much fun!
    Currently in my purse: lots of crumpled coupons and receipts, a zipper bag containing my favorite decaf tea and stevia, wallet overflowing with receipts and notes (seeing a pattern here), sunglass clip, keys, roller bottle of essential oils for hot flashes, packets if Justin’s Almond Butter, pens, a Sharpie and a mess of other stuff my chiropractor keeps telling me not to carry around.
    There you have it! Now, I’ll go clean it out 😉
    Thanks for having me on your blog!

  4. Evangeline

    Wow! What a great giveaway and the books are by authors who are new to me. I would love, love to be a winner. Thanks for the chance! 😊

  5. Anne

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway and your book sounds wonderful and memorable.

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    the give way are great and then i love goodies that the authors give out

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