First Line Friday (week 74): Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell

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Happy Friday!

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

The book I’m featuring today is Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell 

And the first line is:

“Wretched, filthy dust.”

Has the author been in my house lately?? 😉

Speaking of the author – check out my interview with Christina by clicking the graphic below!

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28 Responses to “First Line Friday (week 74): Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell”

  1. Yvette

    “Love came later, when his word reached out to catch her as she fell, offering a cushion of comfort that held her and began the healing before she even knew the depth of ache and loss she carried.” ~ All She Left Behind by Jane Kirkpatrick (prologue)

    Picked this up at Jane’s Powell’s appearance on Thursday and immediately knew I would be sharing this for First Line Friday 😀

  2. Iola

    Never mind dust. I heard a strange sound in my chimney yesterday, and when I checked the fire there was a panicked bird in there … and a lot of soot! Fortunately the bird escaped, and the soot stayed in the fireplace 🙂

    I’m sharing from Magnolia Storms by Janet Ferguson over on my blog today. Next on my to-read pile is Unblemished by Sara Ella. It’s bit different to what I usually read, but has a great first line:

    This is all my fault.
    She’ll lose her soul because of me.

  3. Anne L. Rightler

    From Lisa See’s The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane (not labeled as Christian fiction but it’s the closest book to me other than my Bible in which the first line is “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.)
    “No coincidence, no story,” my a-ma recites, and that seems to settle everything, as it usually does, after First Brother finishes telling us about the dream he had last night.

  4. Ellie

    I think of dust as part of my decor. 🙂 My first line this week is “No way. Not now. Not ever.” from Blown Together by Janet W. Ferguson.

  5. Katie Donovan

    ‘Dust’ is a four letter word for a good reason! 😜

    I’m featuring Nicole Deese’s new book, “A New Shade of Summer” on my blog this week, but I’ve FINALLY managed to get around to reading Susan May Warren’s “A Matter of Trust”, and I almost didn’t even want to put it down to do the First Line Friday rounds! But I’ve forced myself to share the first line:

    “Gage Watson blamed the trouble on the bright, sunny day.”

  6. Paula S.

    My first line is going to be the first paragraph because It is short! It’s from These Healing Hills by Ann Gabhart. And her writing has captured me again!
    Francine Howard stepped off the bus into another world. She should have been prepared. She’d studied the Frontier Nursing information until she almost knew it by heart. That should have given her a glimpse into this place.

    There are sooo many good quotes to glean from this book and I’m only on page 53!

  7. Trisha Robertson

    On my blog this week I’m sharing the first line from a book I just finished. The Case of the Clobbered Cad. It was a fun story to read.
    I’ll share here the first line from a book my son is currently reading.
    Tree Tall and the Whiteskins by Shirlee Evans
    “Tree Tall crept through the high dew-damp grass along the creek bank. It was early. The sun was not yet over the hill.”

  8. carylkane

    Come to a turabel mountain that tried us almost to death to git over it. – WILLIAM CALK, HIS JURNAL MARCH YE 25TH 1775 SATTERDAY

    ARPIL 1777

    What cannot be cured must be endured. – A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz.

    I am enduring Harvey’s aftermath. Have a great weekend!

  9. Gloria A

    Happy Friday!
    I just finished The Memory of Butterflies by Grace Greene. It is a wonderful book. The first line in the prologue: My daughter, Ellen, will graduate from high school this year.
    Pray for us in Florida, please. Thanks.

  10. JoAnn Durgin

    Just wanted to pop in and encourage everyone to read “Written in the Stars” by today’s featured author, Christina Coryell. She is a masterful writer with vivid imagery, beautiful prose, and some of the best-drawn characters (primary and secondary) I’ve ever read. Truly, her writing will capture you. If you’ve never lived in a small town, you’ll feel like you have after reading this book. And you’ll be hooked. Blessings, and happy reading!

  11. Becky Smith

    Happy Friday!!

    My first line is from For Such a Moment by Marie Wells Coutu:

    “Ellen Nielson scanned the large office, seeking a secret corner where she could escape.”

  12. Kay Garrett

    As if a rogue summer wind had suddenly swept over the cobblestone plaza, the door to Fry Me a Sliver flew open with a bang.
    A Frying Shame
    By Linda Reilly

  13. Nicole Santana

    My quote comes from The Pursuit of Lady Harriet by Rachel Anderson. This is book #3 in series. I highly recommend all three novels!

    “‘How dreadful it would be to live on one’s own permanently,’ Lady Harriet Cavendish said to no one in particular as she walked through a thick grove of pines in Askern, Yorkshire.”

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