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If you caught my review for Mercy Triumphs, you know how much I have enjoyed this series from Jana Kelley. As part of her Litfuse blog tour, I am delighted to let Jana take us on a tour of the apartment where Rania is staying in Dubai!

Hi! My name is Rania. This apartment? No, it’s not mine. I’m living with my uncle and aunt. They rent this place because they are not citizens of Dubai. They are Sudanese, but live here because my uncle works here. My aunt? No, she doesn’t work. She just socializes with the other Sudanese who live here. They are a pretty tight community you know. Anyway, enough about that, let me show you the place.

You’ll notice the furniture here in the dining room and living room is extravagant. See the swirls on the table legs and the fake gold knobs on the drawers of the buffet by the door. Gaudy, right? My aunt loves it. The buffet? Oh, she just keeps dishes and stuff in the shelves and extra silverware in the drawers. Just between you and me, Uncle never looks in there, so if she were to want to hide something, that would be the best place to do it.

Here is what we call the salon, it’s where Uncle receives his guests. We hang out here too in the evenings when it’s just the three of us . . . well, as long as I don’t put my feet on the furniture. Auntie Fareeda forbids me to tuck my feet up under me. I’m usually not sitting there much anyway because this is where I paint in the evenings. Uncle likes to watch me work on my art pieces for school. I set up my easel in here. Of course, he doesn’t see all my work. One painting I keep hidden. I have a special plan for that painting, but Uncle can’t find out.

That’s the kitchen. Auntie cooks Sudanese food only. Lots of bread and stew. Sheep is her favorite. She likes to keep the door of the kitchen open so she can see and hear what goes on in the salon. The men don’t realize that she listens to everything they say while she bustles around in the kitchen. Uncle knows. He knows because he gets an earful from Auntie once the guests are gone.

Let’s go down the hall to the bedrooms. There are only two rooms and we share this bathroom here on the left. What do you mean ‘why is there no shower curtain?’ What is the use of a shower curtain? Why does it matter if water gets all over the bathroom? It’s called a BATHroom, right? Why wouldn’t you expect to get water everywhere when you bathe?

Anyway, Uncle and Auntie Fareeda’s room is at the end of the hall. Here, I’ll show you mine. My parents are coming from Sudan to visit in just a month and I have no idea where they will sleep. I guess in here with me. Mom and I will probably share this bed and my father will sleep in the extra one over there across from mine. At least I won’t be alone. I used to share a room with my sister you know. That was back in Sudan . . . before she believed in Jesus. Before a lot of things . . . .

That? Oh, it’s my secret painting. But please don’t uncover it. I don’t know you that well. I don’t really know who I can trust. Besides, you better leave before my aunt and uncle get back. If they knew I’d had a guest while they were gone, they’d be irate. You should be able to catch a taxi right out there on the street. If I were you, I’d go to the Mall of the Emirates next. It’s got a ski slope inside the building. No, I’m serious. Dubai has the first ski slope in the Middle East, the tallest building, and the biggest automated water fountain. Wouldn’t it be great if one day it had the biggest church in the world?

Three women. Three impossible circumstances. One merciful God.

Mia, an American Christian, has lived in Sudan so long that persecution, harassment, and danger have become commonplace for her. Her tough outer shell threatens to harden her heart while her newly Christian friends, Halimah and Rania, former Muslims, are forced to live in exile outside Sudan.

All three quickly discover that escaping danger in one place only means facing even greater challenges elsewhere. As God’s mercy becomes evident in their lives, they must choose whether or not to offer mercy to those who don’t deserve it.

Third in a trilogy, Mercy Triumphs opens the reader’s eyes to modern-day persecution and the life of Muslims in Sudan. Based on real-life events, Mercy Triumphs reveals some of the struggles Christians face when living under Islamic law. The reader will be inspired to pray for new believers, those who are persecuted for their faith, and even for the salvation of the persecutors.


Jana Kelley is a Texan who hardly ever lives in Texas. Raised in Southeast Asia, Jana developed a love for cross-cultural living early in life. Her love for writing came soon after. Jana returned to Texas to attend East Texas Baptist University. She and her husband married a month after she graduated, and by their second anniversary, they were living in a remote African town. After 13 years living in Africa and the Middle East, Jana, her husband, and their three boys moved to Southeast Asia where they currently live. Jana is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, a blogger, a contributor to Voices of the Faithful by Beth Moore (Books 1 &2) and has written a trilogy set in Northern Sudan. Jana loves to connect with her readers.

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What about you? All 3 heroines in Mercy Triumphs live somewhere besides their home country. Would you want to live in a foreign country? Why/why not?



22 Responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Jana Kelley & Mercy Triumphs”

  1. Perrianne Askew

    I don’t think that I would want to live anywhere bu the US. I think that w take for granted the freedoms & loberties that we have here. Mthank you for the giveaway opportunity.

    • Jana Kelley

      Yep, I agree that we take for granted the freedoms and liberties. I get teary eyed when I sing/hear the national anthem because the words mean so much to me now that I have seen for myself what life is like without those freedoms. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Connie Ward

    Willing but only by God’s call. Little scary but where He proposes, He provides and I’ve seen that in practice. Hence by God’s call only.

    • Jana Kelley

      Hi Connie! I’m with you on that. We definitely need to be living where God has called us and then we need to be asking Him “where and how can I be showing Your love to those around me?” He definitely provides doesn’t He?

  3. Anne

    I would only live in the U.S. and Canada since I am citizens of both wonderful places.

    • Jana Kelley

      I actually truly enjoy living in other countries because I learn so much about what others in our huge world live like. God has made us all with a variety of likes and dislikes. He definitely likes variety! Glad you commented 🙂

  4. Evangeline

    Since I do not speak anything other than English, I would not want to live in a foreign country. I have been uncomfortable on those few occasions when we visited another country. I admire those who can do this, but I guess I am not very brave or adventurous!

    • Jana Kelley

      I bet you are adventurous in other areas 🙂 I am definitely most comfortable in English, but I do enjoy the challenge of communicating in a different language.

  5. Connie Scruggs

    I would live in another country if that’s what God called me to do. I love where I live in rural Virginia, and I love that my family is nearby. But, if my husband and I are called, we will answer.

    • Jana Kelley

      I believe God gives us all that we need to obey Him. So if He calls you to live overseas, He will most definitely give you the strength to do it and the joy of following Him! And if He has called you to live in Virginia, He definitely has opportunities for you there! Thanks for commenting, Connie!

  6. Raechel Lenore

    I want to finish reading this series so very much – I was able to read/review the first one, but didn’t get the chance for the second or third now. But I loved the first. 🙂

    Anyway, hard question. I want to be a missionary, so partly yes. I do want to live in India and Russia as well. But I also love home here in the US. 🙂

  7. Nina

    I can’t wait to read this book! I’vecread the other two and they are captivating!

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