Guest Post: Fun Facts about Linda J. White & Sniper!

October 10, 2017 Author Interview, Christian, contemporary, mystery/suspense 10

Please join me in welcoming Linda J. White to the blog today! Linda will be sharing some fun facts about herself and her newest book, Sniper!

Shocked by the murder of a friend, FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern vows to bring the killer to justice. Then the shooter kills again, and again … and again.

Saddled with an unpredictable partner, forced to put her personal life on hold, Kit doggedly pursues the sniper.

Quantico sends a geographic profiler to help identify him, but the killing of a young woman outside the probability zone casts doubt on that technique.

As panic grips the Hampton Roads area, pressure mounts, and Kit soon finds herself in the crosshairs of failure—and death.


  1. Sniper! is loosely based on the 2002 D.C. Sniper case, three weeks of real-life horror during which ten people lost their lives and an entire metropolitan area was terrorized.
  2. The novel is set in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, a location full of law-enforcement headaches, including bridges, tunnels, dead-end streets, waterways, and multiple jurisdictions.
  3. Agents and other law enforcement officials in Sniper! try using geographic profiling to identify the sniper shooting random people.
  4. A quilt plays a significant role in Agent Kit McGovern’s emotional journey, as does a dock, a pond, and an arrogant coworker.
  5. Kit’s boyfriend, Detective David O’Connor, loves football, surfing, Kit, and God—in reverse order.

Linda J. White writes “white-knuckle fiction,” FBI thrillers with a twist of faith. Her award-winning books are designed to keep you up all night reading. She lives in Virginia, near the FBI Academy, with her husband, two cats and a Sheltie. She’d love to connect with you through her website, or Twitter, @rytn4hm

  1. My husband made video training films at the FBI Academy for more than 27 years. Our kids grew up arresting each other in the back yard, using proper FBI procedures, of course! Writing about the FBI was a natural for me.
  2. I never dreamed of being a novelist until, one night, I had the idea for a story that wouldn’t let go of me. (That story is “The Tiger’s Cage.”)
  3. I love the beach. Repeat: I love the beach.
  4. I also love dogs. So dogs and the water play some role in almost all my books. Most days I write with my faithful sheltie, Keira, at my feet.
  5. I was working on the editorial page staff of our local newspaper when the real D.C. Sniper case played out. The snipers began shooting in Maryland, in the place I grew up and where my parents still lived. Then the snipers moved to Virginia to my area. For three weeks, we were all terrified. I couldn’t shake the memories of that time. “Sniper!” is the result.

Thank you so much, Linda! I love that your kids grew up arresting each other with proper FBI procedures haha!

What about you? What did you learn about Linda or her book from this post?


10 Responses to “Guest Post: Fun Facts about Linda J. White & Sniper!”

  1. Jerusha Agen

    Sounds like an exciting book! Thanks for this interview. How neat to be so closely associated with the FBI training facility! Built-in research for a writer. 🙂

  2. Karen Sargent

    I love the fun facts! Linda, I remember the D.C. sniper. We had family in Silver Spring, Maryland in 2002. What a scary time! What a great research resource your hubby must be!

  3. Winnie Thomas

    I think I’d need to read this book in the daytime, inside my house, with the blinds closed, and my cell phone beside me with 911 on speed dial. I also might never leave my house again! 🙂 It sounds fascinating and very suspense-filled. Linda is a new-to-me author. I’ll have to check out her books. This one sounds like a thriller!

  4. Patricia Bradley

    During the time of the sniper it had to be scary, wondering if something as ordinary as stopping to get gas would make you a target. Sniper sounds like a book I’ll love. It dropped into my Kindle last night.

  5. Gloria A

    I love all of Linda’s books. I have read all but a couple and they are all page turners.

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