Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love – Winter Edition

November 28, 2017 Christian, Top Ten Tuesday 36

Hi friends! Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! The topic for this week (courtesy of The Broke & The Bookish) is technically supposed to be the books on our winter TBR. (Ok, not technically. That’s totally what it is) But y’all… that would take about 20 posts worth of books so… I opted to do a winter Cover Love edition post instead 😀

When I started putting the post together, I tried to think of colors that say ‘winter’ to me. And from there, I went hunting for my fave covers to match! (Clicking on the covers will use my affiliate link to take you to the book’s Amazon page or to my review here on the blog.)









What about you? What are your favorite colors (and covers) of winter?


36 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love – Winter Edition”

  1. Nicole House

    Oh, I never should have looked…I just found a whole bunch to add to my TBR pile (and a bunch that I already have)! I love a good Christmas story. 🙂

  2. Rissi

    Carrie, this post is amazing!! Love how you put it together, and oh my! So many pretty covers.

    So fun to see Meghan’s on your list (a wonderful read along with its cover candy appeal), and you’ve reminded me *someday* I still have to read Rachel’s Christmas story. Love her royal series. Kara’s is stunning and Valerie’s ‘Farm Fresh’ covers always make me smile. 🙂

    • Carrie

      aww thank you, Rissi! I always love the design of your posts so a compliment from you makes my day 😀

  3. Andrea Stephens

    Pretty colors! 😃 I see a few familiar covers and a few to add to my list.

  4. Tracey Hagwood

    I love your beautiful arrangement of covers by colors! I’ve seen bookshelves done this way and it’s visual appeal is striking. I’ve read 13 of your 21 listed, the most recent Snow Angels, which was great. I have a few of these on my list to read soon, too!

  5. Rebecca Maney

    Carrie, you have the most wonderful posts, you really do. And I love this one . . . because I feel like I read covers before I read the book!

    And I love the blues!

  6. Emilee

    Nice list! I am surprised Melissa Tagg’s new Christmas book didn’t make your list. I live that cover!

  7. Linda K. Rodante

    Love all the covers but Cold Shot. Just sort of, well…just not Christmasy to me. But we all have our faves, and these are hard to choose from. And lots of great authors, too!

  8. Courtney

    Such a fun way to showcase all these lovely books! I have only read a couple of these- thanks for piquing my interest for so many great Christmasy/wintery reads!!

  9. Courtney Clark

    Ah such pretty covers!!!!! Can’t Help Falling is one of my all-time favorite book covers. It’s just so adorable!!!

    Another I really, really love is the cover for Melissa Tagg’s Enchanted Christmas novella collection.

  10. Melissa

    I wanna read “A royal Christmas wedding” and I love picturesque winter scenes that remind of a Thomas Kinkade painting.

  11. Melissa Romine

    My mom got Wtapped in Red in her swag bag and she’s out of town and I have a key….I’m having some thoughts!!!

  12. Amy Leigh Simpson

    Aww! Love this! How clever! (And beautiful!) 💝 Thanks for including me!

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