Top Ten Tuesday: I Can’t Believe I Read the Whole Thing!

January 30, 2018 Top Ten Tuesday 32

Happy Tuesday, dear reading friends! Today’s theme from That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday is ‘books i can’t believe i read’. Now, I could immediately think of a few that belonged on this list – those books that had me hitting my head against a wall (or wanting to). Some of them made it into today’s post; others are between me and my sore head so as to prevent hurt feelings if those authors should happen to stumble onto the blog. (In case you’re an author and now wondering if one of those was your book… the fact that I do talk about your books is a safe bet that you’ve escaped this list altogether ♥)

Call him Ishmael & call me BORED. I had to read Moby Dick for high school English and was tempted more than once to abandon ship. But I stuck it out… and I still regret it.

I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of this dry mess of a 600-page ‘epic’ novel and woke up with it on my face. In case this has never happened to you, a 600-page paperback is heavy, y’all.

¡Si, si! I did in fact read this Shakespearan-esque play in Spanish. As well as several others, including El alcalde de zalamea. One of my less brilliant ideas in college was to take ‘Spanish Drama’ to fulfill part of my minor requirements in that language. Actually, I enjoyed the class itself (it was small and we often convened in a local Mexican restaurant) but those plays were no joke, y’all.

Why did I read this? Just … why? As a thirty-something adult with plenty of other (better) options to read. I don’t even like vampire stories. The power of peer pressure… that’s my best excuse.

This one is on Zuzu’s banned books list – for good reason. THE DOGS!! I can’t handle it. Read this in fifth grade & still traumatized by it.

I know, I know. I can feel some of you already writing me letters of aghastness (new word). But mostly this isn’t about the book itself (although… the mom climbing through the son’s bedroom window is just weird). It’s more about the way I first ‘read’ it: It was sung in church. On FATHER’s Day. Not Mother’s Day, where it would marginally make more sense.

I actually love this book… but… I can’t believe I read it more than once when it’s so terrifying. Around 5th grade I guess, and then again in college, and then again as an adult. I need to ban myself from reading it anymore. With my vivid imagination? No wonder I’ve never had a dollhouse.

I managed to avoid this book until college when I was required to read it for my kiddy-lit class. Clearly, friends or dogs or dogs who are friends DYING in a book kills it for me too. And, once traumatized thusly, I kept reading because it was an assignment and Hermione-me can’t leave homework undone. lol.

And now for something different…

…a book I can’t believe I read AND loved.

I say on my ‘contact me’ page that I won’t read horror… but I couldn’t resist this cover or the topic. Jack the Ripper? Victorian era forensic science? Yes please. And I loved it. I didn’t think the horror was really all that ‘horror’-ble and while definitely gruesome in parts it never felt token or unnecessary. Will I start reading horror books now? No. But will I read Maniscalco’s next books? Most definitely.

So that’s my list. What about you? What’s a book you can’t believe you DID read?


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    I’m so with you on Moby Dick. I had to read it for 3 different college classes. It never got good ever!!! It has a chapter called “Paintings of Whales.” The very next chapter is called “More Paintings of Whales.” Why?! Why does there need to be any chapters on this topic, let alone 2? It’s a torturous book. I will never read it ever again!!!

  2. Connie Scruggs

    I watched a lot of movies based on classic books in high school, lol. I just couldn’t read a book I didn’t like. Also, the independent side of me didn’t like being told what to read.

  3. Andi

    Oh my! I loved Twilight which made my list. And Where the Red Fern Grows is one of my all time favorites. Must be a fifth grade thing. My teacher read it to us after lunch and I read it with my daughter. Love You Forever as a song and on Father’s Day has me confused. Lol
    As for Moby Dick…yes! I so agree! The Cliff Notes saved my bacon. 😉
    Great list!!

  4. Katie Donovan

    You did better than me. I couldn’t think of enough books that I couldn’t believe I’d read, so my list is of books I can’t believe I HAVEN’T read.

    And *ahem* you might have been mentioned somewhere along the way… 😊

  5. Toni Shiloh

    The Dollhouse Murders! Yes! That book was terrifying and solidified my stance on no dolls, in any size!
    Moby Dick, snooze fest.
    I liked Twilight and I’ll add Anna Karenina to the list.

  6. Lynn

    I’ve read a couple off your list – Moby Dick – which is a bit ‘meh’ and Twilight which I can’t deny I loved at the time.
    I fancy reading Stalking Jack the Ripper, I’ve seen a few positive reviews for that one and I like the idea of it.
    Lynn 😀

  7. Karen

    I escaped both high school and college without having to read most of the classics. I did read Romeo and Juliet and thought that it was dumb. I enjoyed the Twilight series, knowing full well what it was and realizing that I was probably gonna’ lose a few IQ points on it. I remember some of those melodramatic teen feelings, though, so I can understand some of it.

    One book that I had to read in high school but actually did enjoy was Silas Marner. I wasn’t expecting a happy ending, but it surprised me!

  8. Melony Teague

    Ok, so get ready, I have never read Moby Dick, ever, even in school, I managed to dodge it! Or if I did read snippets of it, it has been erased from my memory.

  9. Kristi Ann Hunter

    I’ll love you forever creeps me out! The whole ladder climbing in the window thing… I was given at least two copies of the book when I had babies. *Shudder*

  10. Tracey Hagwood

    Like Kate I’m more inclined towards books I can’t believe I HAVEN’T read, like all those book boyfriends you had listed on a T-shirt you were wearing in a picture I saw somewhere. I’m just trying to remember them all, help!

    From memory there was James, already read him, and Wes I think, reading him now, whew!
    Vance, on my list, Ty maybe? read him, one of my favs! Who am I missing? because you are so good at this book boyfriend thing!

  11. KC Frantzen

    I was quite ill once as a teen, and my 5 yr older than me cousin INSISTED I read
    So much so, that she mailed a copy.

    I don’t like horror, therefore it stands to reason I DON’T like reading SK. Natch.

    But wow – enjoyed this book! When I saw that his daughters had asked him to write something that wasn’t “icky” figured it might be alright. And it was!

    Agreed on several listed here, and I suppose it goes w/o saying that the whole 50 Shades saga was not something that would be in my house, let alone read. Just yuk.

    Saw Where the Red Fern Grows but never read the book. Only excerpts of Moby Dick. Wshew!

    Thanks for sharing these. Good to see what to avoid perhaps (!) and some to check out. 🙂

  12. Yvette

    I’m with you on Herman Melville – though I’ve never read Moby Dick, I had to read a short story that felt like a 600 page tome for a University course. Zzzzzz….

  13. Abbi Hart

    I keep seeing Stalking Jack the Ripper around and I’ve almost being tempted enough to pick it up but it’s so not my genre-lol!

    • Carrie

      It’s not mine either! But I did enjoy it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the next one but this one was clean other than being a bit gory in some places. lol.

  14. MH

    Love You Forever – all my children know that I don’t like the book. The mother climbing through the window really freaks me out. Thank you for being the second person I know to voice that opinion. Every other parent I know loves the book.

  15. Melissa

    Never read Moby Dick, never had to. Karen’s comment made me laugh because I pretty much read everything I was assigned in high school EXCEPT Silas Marner and The Mayor of Casterbridge. I also will not read I’ll Love You Forever ever again and I have never read it to my children. I found it sort of creepy as well.

    Two books I actually read and would like to have my time back from reading are Carrie by Stephen King (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) and The Magus by John Fowles (Freshman English in college – absolutely awful)!

  16. Denise H

    Things Fall Apart… Had to read it in high school and hated it. No way I would have read it otherwise!

    I agree about Love You Forever. Weird book!

    And how did I not know you spoke Spanish?!? Did you know I have an MA in Spanish? And I taught it for 5 years before I realized I LOVE Spanish but not teaching it to ungrateful teenagers?!?

  17. Charlie

    I read WTRFG in sixth grade. I remember bawling on the bus, reading it on the way home! UGH. And that is now my students’ Pre-AP novel to read in the fall. I am embarrassed to have read Twilight…the entire series. My friends in college made me read it. I couldn’t get out of it!

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