Top Ten Tuesday: Fairytale Retellings

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I am SO EXCITED about this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme: Fairytale Retellings.  Why? Because I adore fairytales. Ever since my four-year-old self cascaded down the grand staircase at the Coronado Theater after seeing Cinderella for the first time, I have been a fairytale junkie.

My Favorite Fairytale Retellings:

(You will quickly notice a theme here.  They are mostly written by Melanie Dickerson. This is not a coincidence – in my opinion, she is the go-to standard for fairytale retellings. Each one unique and vibrant and yet also true to the heart of the original story.)
healers apprentice

1. The Healer’s Apprentice (retelling of Sleeping Beauty) by Melanie Dickerson

Merchant daughter

2. The Merchant’s Daughter (retelling of Beauty & The Beast) by Melanie Dickerson

fairest beauty

3. The Fairest Beauty (retelling of Snow White) by Melanie Dickerson

captive maiden

4. The Captive Maiden (retelling of Cinderella) by Melanie Dickerson

princess spy5. The Princess Spy (retelling of The Frog Prince) by Melanie Dickerson

strands of bronze and gold

6. Strands of Bronze and Gold (retelling of Bluebeard) by Jane Nickerson


7. The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest (retelling of Robin Hood & Swan Lake) by Melanie Dickerson

(yes, yes, I know Robin Hood isn’t really a fairy tale. I’m a rebel.)

Fairytale Retellings on My TBR List:

Yes, it’s true.  I sadly haven’t read them all yet.  Here are the ones I’m most looking forward to reading soon!

princess of midnight

8. The Princesses of Westfalin Trilogy 

(retellings of The 12 Dancing Princesses, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood)

by Jessica Day George

mirk and midnight

9. The Mirk and Midnight Hour (retelling of Tam Lin) by Jane Nickerson

Golden Braid

10. The Golden Braid (retelling of Rapunzel) by Melanie Dickerson

So there you have it.  My Top Ten Fairytale Retellings.  What are some of yours?

(Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by BrokeandBookish)


73 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Fairytale Retellings

  1. Is this a link-up for anyone? Because I now want to do it. I like Melanie Dickerson, Shannon Hale also does some wonderful retellings, and then there is Cameron Dokey….

    • Yes! Just go to the brokeandbookish link I included at the bottom of the post 🙂 Then come back and leave me a link so I can see what you included lol

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the shout out! 🙂 I loved Beauty by Robin McKinley. And I have Jane Nickerson’s Strands of Bronze and Gold on my shelf and keep meaning to read it but I don’t have a lot of reading time! Thanks again, Carrie!!! 😀

  3. Doris

    Okay let’s talk about how I’ve never read any of those books and I’m going to need to change that stat.


  4. This is a great list, Carrie. I am not familiar with Melanie Dickerson, but it sounds like I should be. I will definitely have to give her a try. Now just to decide where to start . . .

    The Mirk and Midnight Hour also appeals to me and is one I hadn’t heard of before. I’m adding that one to my wish list too.

  5. I’ve read one or two of Melanie Dickerson’s so far, and have all but the brand-new one on my nook. I’m taking my time reading them and spacing them out! STRANDS OF BRONZE AND GOLD is also on my list! And your TBR looks great! Good choices! 🙂

  6. I’ve read The Fairest Beauty by Dickerson a few years ago. I wasn’t madly in love, but I do want to try out more of her books. The covers are gorgeous.

    And I have read Princess of the Midnight Ball which is very good!

  7. I haven’t read any of these but they all look good! I’ll have to give Melanie Dickerson a try. I’ve seen a few of her books around and always meant to read one, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. Looks like I’ve been missing out! Thanks for sharing and for visiting Bookworm Book Reviews!

  8. Ooo wow! How have I never read anything by Melanie Dickerson??? Those book covers are beautiful! I need them all now! Thanks for stopping by A Blonde Librarian 🙂

    • She’s writing a Regency series too – which has nothing to do with fairy tales lol but I’m still excited. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  9. I totally support your decision to put Robin Hood on the list. I have honestly only read one of the books on your list (Healer’s Apprentice) but CLEARLY that author has a lot more retellings I can get my hands on!

  10. I haven’t even heard of most of these, so thanks for all the suggestions!! I did review The Mirk and Midnight Hour recently on my blog and I did enjoy it even though it wasn’t my favorite. I hope you love it though! 😀

    Here are my Top Ten!

  11. Going to have to have a read of Melanie Dickerson I think! I like that she’s done a few of the lesser known fairytales – and I love the covers 🙂

  12. The Princess of the Midnight Ball was on my tbr shelf for a long time and I think at one point I checked it out at the library and read the first chapter. I couldn’t really get into it then, but I think that had more to do with my reading mood at the time. I picked it up after reading Entwined (which I loved and recommend!) because I wanted more 12 Dancing Princesses retellings 🙂

  13. “Strands of Gold” sounds really good. It looks really pretty too. And anything that re-tells a fairytale is sure to get my attention because I love the genre. 🙂

    Thanks so much for visiting Dreaming Under the Same Moon, Carrie – and for the reminder about Melanie’s novels.

  14. I’ve actually not read anything by Melanie Dickerson yet. Totally going to now that I know she retold Beauty and the Beast – and now that I know which one it is. Based on just the covers though, it should totally be The Golden Braid because it’s a gorgeous cover. Nice list.

  15. I haven’t actually read any of these. I’m off to Goodreads to check them out! Love finding new recommendations, thanks! 😀

  16. There are so many books on here I’ve never even heard of! My TBR list and purse doesn’t thank you for highlighting them, but I am extremely grateful. Melanie Dickerson sounds like an author I need to read!

  17. Thank you for stopping by my TTT! What a great list. I haven’t tried Melanie Dickerson yet, but it looks like I need to remedy that! Happy reading!

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