Coming Soon…A New Look & A New Address

Posted February 14, 2016 by meezcarrie in miscellaneous / 18 Comments

After a crazy first year of blogging that completely exceeded my wildest expectations, I am about to outgrow this site.  I have redesigned the site and am in the process of fine tuning everything over at the new “house” – Hopefully sometime this next week (if all goes well), the new site will go live and this old one will automatically forward to it.  I am praying that all the subscriber data – both wordpress and email – makes the move with me but, just in case it doesn’t, do make sure you are also following me either on Twitter or Facebook so you’ll be aware of posts during any downtime in notifications.

THANK YOU ALL for making this first blogging year so amazingly wonderful!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect at the new digs 😀

new website teaser


18 responses to “Coming Soon…A New Look & A New Address

  1. I’ll be sure to FOLLOW you wherever you go!!! hahah. You have your own “stalker”…ok.. let’s use another word…not big on that “s” word…=) Looking forward to your new site!

  2. Katy C.

    Congratulations! I just discovered you this week, and since I think reading is also my super power I am really excited to be following your blog!

  3. So excited for you! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog, even if it has helped me spend more than I really should on books! I’ll definitely still be checking out your blog all the time.

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