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I am beside myself with excitement today.


Because today’s review is not written by me, but by my sweet niece Michaela!!!!

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When I first learned of this blog tour opportunity, I immediately thought of Michaela because she fits right into the middle grade range for which the series was intended.  She also enjoys reading & writing and loves horses. It thrilled me (in case you couldn’t tell) that she agreed to review the book for me!! (On a side note – when I went to Laura Frantz’s book signing last year, I met Laura’s aunt and couldn’t help but think that one day I’ll be that aunt at that book signing, chatting with Michaela’s fans. My heart!)

Anyway… enough from me.

Without further ado … I hereby turn over the reins to Miss Michaela for today’s post 🙂

Take it away, M.

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Thirteen-year old Kate and her friends came up with the perfect way to raise money for her autistic younger brother and others to attend summer camp—a horse scavenger hunt! As local businesses donate money and prizes, Kate keeps the entry fees in her mom’s antique jewelry box.

But when the box and the money disappear, Kate and her friends must unravel the clues, hold on to hope, and solve the mystery along the Blue Ribbon Trail Ride.

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my thoughts

(by Michaela)

Blue Ribbon Trail Ride by Miralee Ferrell is an amazing story!  It’s about a thirteen year old girl named Kate Ferris and her friends Tori, Colt and Melissa.  They decide to hold a scavenger hunt in order to raise money for Kate’s younger, autistic brother and other autistic children so that they can go to camp.  But, then the box containing the money was stolen!

Kate and her friends had many people on their suspect list.  They also took many risks to try to find the missing box.  Poor Colt even came out with a few bruises at one point.

I love how Kate, Tori and Colt are such good Christians and Melissa is learning a lot about God and how He cares for us.  I think that my favorite character would have to be Kate.  She loves animals, just like I do, and is also very caring and a great friend.  However, the new boy named Jake is a close second.  He is pretty funny and I love how he quotes sentences from tons of movies.  He helps Kate and her friend solve the case of the missing money box as well as becomes part of this amazing friend group.

Bottom Line: I’d recommend this book to anyone that loves friendship, laughs, and a good mystery!

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(We received a copy of this book in exchange for only our honest review.)

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(This is one proud aunt right here, y’all.  Didn’t Michaela do a great job with her review?!?  I think she should start her own review blog now…) 

About the Author:

miralee ferrellMiralee Ferrell is the award-winning author of more than a dozen novels. She and her husband live along the Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington State, where she enjoys riding the wooded trails and spending time with her grown children. In addition to horses and dogs, Miralee once owned two cougars.

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25 responses to “Review: Blue Ribbon Trail Ride by Miralee Ferrell

  1. E.

    Great review! It’s hard to know what books to recommend to others. It is reviews like yours, Michaela, that help the rest of us sift through the piles and heaps of books out there! We all want great stories and great characters and … well, an enjoyable book! Well done! Now I’m curious about Jake and what his quotes were… and who took the box… doh! You got me curious now!

  2. Michaela, this was such a good review! I don’t know if Carrie herself could have done a better job! You really made the book appealing.

  3. Rachael Merritt

    A great review…well written and personal! 🙂 My daughter loves this series, and she is looking forward to eventually reading book four! She loves Kate as well, but she told me she doesn’t understand why the boy is even there. Lol

    • Rachel, now you’ve got me curious…your daughter doesn’t understand why Jake is there, or someone else? If Jake, tell her it’s because he’s the newest person in the group of friends, so he’ll be in the next book as well. The group of friends is growing, and they needed someone like Jake to make them laugh, 🙂

      • Rachael Merritt

        Abby doesn’t have any friends that are boys. There just aren’t any here her age. We live in a town of 600. We have a grocery store the size of most quick shops, and a gas station that’s just pumps…no bank, no stores, etc. So there are very few her age at all. So in her mind groups of friends consist only of girls. I had lots of friends that were boys because I was a tomboy who hiked through creeks and loved p,ahing tackle football with my brothers. I have explained that boys can be good friends, too. I just got such a kick out of it when and how she said it. It really was funny. I think she understands better now. 🙂

    • E.

      “doesn’t understand why the boy is even there.” Ha! I’m sure every female wonders that several times in their life.

  4. Linda Booth

    An awesome review, Michaela! It reminds me of something your Aunt Carrie would’ve written when she was your age. Makes me want to read the book! Besides, I love the photo of you! Too cute!!

  5. pepperbasham

    Michaela, what a great review! I have a daughter who is an animal lover too! And I notice you wore a hat in your picture. do you like hats too?
    I like a book with a little mystery…and I’m also a fan of reading.
    Way to go in following in your Aunt Carrie’s footsteps on both the reading and the reviewing!

  6. Michaela

    Wow thanks so much! It was really fun to be able to write the review! One day I would like to publish a book I write, I’m working on one now but I haven’t gotten that far. I hope it will turn out really well and people will love it as much as I loved this book!

    • Michaela, sweet girl, you can write a review for me any time you want to 🙂 I’m so very proud of you! And I can’t wait to read the book you write some day. Love, Aunt Carrie.

  7. Michaela, I want to thank you for the thoughtful and well-written review. I’m so tickled you enjoyed my newest book, and I appreciate that you took the time to write the review. And if you ever want to send me a few pages of your new novel, I’ll be honored to give you honest feedback and suggestions, if you ever need or want it. Blessings on your own writing journey!! Miralee Ferrell

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