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Author Interview RIMSP

I have been looking so forward to this interview! Today on the blog, I’m talking with Elaine Stock – an author who was new to me until just recently.  Elaine writes fiction “fusing family drama with psychological suspense”, and her romantic suspense novel Always With You released in January 2016 from Elk Lake Publishing. Author Marin Thomas said about the book, “Always With You is a riveting read– compelling characters and a fast-paced plot full of twists and turns!”

ElaineStock2A former Brooklyn gal, Elaine Stock lives in the Northeast with her husband where she enjoys spring, summer, autumn, and puts up with the winter. A member of ACFW and WFWA (Women’s Fiction Writers Association), she also is a contributing author to the international “Happy Sis Magazine.” Prior to her release of her debut novel Always With You, her short story “In His Own Time” won the 2014 Short Story Contest’s People’s Choice Award and was included in FamilyFiction’s The Story anthology. Also, her short story “The Forever Christmas Gift” is in the Amazon Best Seller anthology Christmas TreasuresIn addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, she hangs out on her active blog, Everyone’s Story, dedicated to uplifting and encouraging readers and writers through the power of story and hope.

Welcome Elaine! Let’s start out with our usual ‘fast four’…

apples or oranges

Elaine: Apples! I haven’t had oranges or orange juice since I attended my first ACFW conference several years ago and put two and two together to discover why I came down with the worst migraine I ever had: oranges (and red grapes) are big no no’s for me. Besides, I love making baked apples slices with maple syrup, walnuts, and cinnamon. Mmm.

Carrie: mmmm…. that does sound good! This question always makes me drool! lol!

skittles or m&Ms

Elaine: M&Ms because of the chocolate … but what I really love is dried, all-natural figs.

Carrie: oh you’re one of THOSE people 😉

dogs or cats

Carrie: As always, I feel obliged (by the dog staring at me) to give the following disclaimer: Please keep in mind that my dog Zuzu has to approve your answer for the interview to continue.  Of course, not really…  but I let her believe that so she feels important. 

Elaine: Zuzu, I’m rubbing your tummy right now so you’re too occupied to hear this: but I’m a lover of cats, although a little more than a year ago my husband and I said a sad goodbye to Wild Cat, the last of a trio that owned us. We’re taking a little hiatus from being owned by cats (I want twin kitties next!) in hope to do work on the house such as finishing the floors. Okay, Zuzu, you can listen to this part: my husband can spend eons playing with a dog, and I can walk miles with one 🙂

Carrie: The tummy rub saved you here, Elaine! lol! Though I must say, it does look like she’s keeping an eye on you… Or perhaps just begging for another tummy rub.


Coke or pepsi

Elaine: Honestly, neither. But a huge shout-out to a cup of coffee!

Carrie: My answer for the M&Ms vs Skittles question applies here as well haha!

And now for some questions that (mostly) matter:

Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower.  If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Elaine: For better or worse, I’d say my imagination. Of course it comes in handy for writing purposes (<g>), but it has pulled me from quite a bunch of dreary times, giving me a sense of hope. Interestingly, the most common attribute others give me is my superpower of patience.

Carrie: Imagination can be a very powerful thing! So can hope and patience 🙂

Besides the Bible, what have been some of your most cherished books over the years? And what are you currently reading?

Elaine: When it comes to fiction I read both ABA and CBA market books. One novel I keep raving about is Joy Fielding’s The First Time, a bittersweet love story about a couple on the verge of divorcing who learn to love all over again—sad, yet I couldn’t put it down. Another novel I was stirred by and whose characters I still think about is The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. Jodi Picoult’s novels have had a big impact on me—a recent one, The Storyteller was amazing. I just finished Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention Of Wings and my mouth is still hanging open with one big wow: the writing is breath-taking; the characters (based upon actual people) are ALIVE; the place, time, and mood is so real that you’ll leave current times and transport back into the early 1800s. Most of all, there is a clear Christian message that we must respect others’ races and religious beliefs and love each other as ourselves. This is also a big “author theme” of mine.

Carrie: Oh goodness, respect and love for people who think or believe differently from us are so crucial! And seem to be so absent in today’s culture! Working as I do with international adults in my own community, this is a passion of mine as well.

I am a big fan of all things “story”, as one might assume from the fact that I basically write book reports for fun 😉 Your blog is called “Everyone’s Story”, which I also love. In your opinion, why does “story” matter so much?

story unites usElaine: Story is with us from the moment we’re born. Whether we’re sung to in lullabies, told about what our family members from generation ago were like, entertained at library story hours or lured to sleep by, stories provide a source of inspiration for the future. Story makes up the root of each one of us. Story unites us … and we have the obligation to contribute for the collective story of the community or nation or world we live in.

A good story grabs the reader or listener by the emotion. Since it’s emotions that make the human what we are and separates us from our cuddly animal companions, story has the power to ignite us with passion, drive, and spirit. In the four novels I mentioned in Question # 6 I was inspired to love, reminded to live beyond me, me, and me, and taught new ways of respecting others.

I’m so glad you like my blog! Understatement. I named it Everyone’s Story because 1) everyone does have an awesome story or two to share and that many others can relate to and 2) story unites readers and writers and those two groups are my blog’s viewing audience.

Carrie: “Story makes up the root of each one of us. Story unites us…” YES! I <heart> this answer so much!

Along those lines, what is the story behind the story– or the inspiration – for Always With You

Elaine: Three things come to mind and they all gel together.

First, without playing the strings of the pity-party fiddle but rather talking straight up, I grew up in a very fragmented family. The way it ties into Always With You stems from my father’s side of the family. My grandfather—my father’s dad—passed away from a ruptured appendix two months before my father was born. I’ve always felt sorry for my grandmother who never married again. Married later in life (for the times) she was a poor widow without much support, raising a 5-year-old daughter (my aunt), and expecting another… my father was born 4 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Can you imagine that? But the thing was, as much as my grandmother obviously loved her husband, she refused to talk to me about him. Plus, she refused to share any family history, keeping silent about her parents, siblings, and any other relatives.

I took all these family mysteries into a writing workshop some years ago. The meeting was held in Saratoga, NY—a horse racing Mecca—though I do not participate in these events. In keeping with the theme of horse racing though, each of the workshop attendees were given copies of the daily betting sheets. Racehorses have long, elaborate names! My horse was named Don’t-Tell-Isabelle. We were assigned to write a story premise around the name. Right away I wanted to know what was kept from Isabelle, and why, and who were keeping secrets from her. Don’t-Tell-Isabelle became the novel’s original title.

Then, 9-11 struck and changed the world forever and ever. My writing changed as well. I needed to explore one of my passions from as long back as I can recall: the intolerance of hatred. Years passed, but the story wouldn’t let me go. It wasn’t until I re-wrote it several times with Christian faith elements that a publisher—Elk Lake Publishing—acquired it.

Carrie: I’m so glad that Isabelle’s story didn’t let you go! Someone needs to “hear” it!

Who was your favorite character to write in Always With You? Was there a character who surprised you at all, took off in a direction you hadn’t planned to go?

Elaine: Though I could relate—a lot—to Isabelle who as a young adult is intelligent yet naïve about the ways of the world (I too was a young bride many moons ago and had to open my eyes rather fast!), I enjoyed writing about Patrice. I’m a major seat-of-the-pants writer and will stand up in any writing-anonymous group and admit this. When I began Isabelle and Tyler’s story I didn’t plan for Patrice. She happened all by herself. I like Patrice’s fortitude and can relate to her more as my present adult self than when I was younger and more like Isabelle. Patrice had seen plenty of rough living and had to soldier through prejudice and heartache, yet she clings to God with tenacity that she won’t surrender … or, is it that Someone won’t let go of her?

Yes, there was definitely a character that surprised me by the end of the story, and that was Mack. I don’t want to throw in any spoilers, but … uh … let’s say I wasn’t expecting him [to] turn out the way he did.

Carrie: I’m always fascinated by characters who have a mind of their own and surprise their authors! 🙂 And oh, so thankful for the many times God has refused to let go of me… 

Besides being entertained by a great suspense novel, what do you most want readers to take away from Always With You when they’ve finished reading it?

Elaine: I so appreciate you thinking of Always With You as a great suspense novel (thank you, thank you!!) because I want the reader to think carefully of who the real villain in the story really is … and do any one of us have the potential to become like that villain if we close our eyes to the truth?

And yet, Always With You is a love story. It’s the love story between two people from shattered families that are tangled with secrets and hurts and they have to make up their minds whether their love is strong enough to carry them through the ups and downs of life. But more so, it’s a love story of God’s love for each one of us, and how He is always with us. It is not He who abandons us!

Carrie: Those are my very favorite kind of stories… the ones that are more than a love story, more than a thriller, because they point to The Story! 

Elaine, I am so honored to have had the opportunity to talk with you.  New author friends are some of the best kind. Thank you. 🙂  

Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Carrie, believe me, I’m the one who is honored and very touched to be hosted by you on Reading Is My SuperPower. Heartfelt thanks. I hope I can be back in the near future to share more about my next novel:

As a former psychology major I enjoy fusing together family drama and psychological suspense. This also tends to be the type of fiction that lures my reading attention. With this in mind, I’m finishing up another story about a family. Three of its members—a daughter about to turn eighteen, her mom, and her father, all need rescuing but for different reasons, and within a certain time or they will risk their lives.

Come back any time, Elaine!! Your next novel sounds fascinating!

giveaway RIMSP

always with youCan she move forward without knowing her past?

Will he enjoy his present if he can’t free himself from what he left behind?

In the heart of the Adirondacks, Isabelle lives in the shadow of a dark family secret whose silent burden strips her family of emotional warmth and faith in God. Tyler belongs to the religious sect called The Faithful, which Isabelle’s father dislikes immensely. Yet, because Tyler belongs to this group, Isabelle sees only a man devoted to his family and faith.

She wants it; she gets it; they marry.

And when the truth comes out, Isabelle faces two choices:

Staying could endanger her child.

Leaving could cost her life.

Elaine Stock has graciously agreed to give one of my readers a copy of Always With You

US entries – choice of paperback or Kindle version

International entries – Kindle version only

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74 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Elaine Stock

  1. Once again, Carrie, although I cannot say it enough, heartfelt thanks and appreciation for hosting me on your amazing blog that reaches out to readers. My hope is that anyone who reads Isabelle and Tyler’s story will be blessed and uplifted.

  2. Elaine is a personal friend. We met on Twitter shortly after my first inspirational historical novel was published. When we discovered we lived only a couple of hours driving time apart, we set up a meeting and hit it off right away. Since then, we have met several more times and share prayer requests and publishing tips often. Through this fun interview, I’ve learned even more about my special friend. Carrie, thanks for interviewing Elaine. I’ve read and reviewed “Always with You,” and loved it. I highly recommend it.

  3. Katy C.

    Story is huge in my life. I love to tell my husband stories about my day. I also love family history. My Grandpa passed away a couple years ago at age 92, but he was raised by his grandparents who were born in 1880 and he knew his great-grandpa (though because of a family feud he only knew him as “Uncle Jim.” Jim was his great uncle on his mom’s side and his great grandpa on his dad’s). Wow, did Grandpa have stories.

    • Katy, thanks for stopping by Reading Is My Superpower! Wow is right–you have some amazing stories in your family and I imagine you’re treasuring them. I’m intrigued about the family feud–but that’s my “writer’s” mind at work–LOL. One story I have brewing is a closer look of my family’s missing pieces but with a lot more fiction added to it… we’ll see 😉

    • Hi, Kim. What always amazes me when it comes to sharing stories are whether the listener believes them or takes it as a “fisherman’s story”–you know–how big the fish really isn’t. In other words, telling stories is great but sometimes, it’s the acceptance of them that is equally fascinating.

  4. Bonnie Roof

    Enjoyed the interview, Elaine and Carrie!! Thank you!!

    I love books full of family drama, dysfunction, secrets, hurts, etc. – especially when the character(s) is redeemed through God. Always helps me to understand/learn more about other’s issues and how to better reach out to them, as well as a reminder of God’s love and saving grace for me when going through some trials of my own many years ago – and His continued love and care for me through all trials since. I’ve also always enjoyed psychology and probably try to psychoanalyze people at times, LOL!!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

    • Bonnie, so nice to see you here! I’ve said often through the years that the only thing that gets me out of bed each morning, able to face the world, is holding onto God’s hand. His love for us is the definition of awesome and I try to share this in my stories because I think we all need this daily reminder. Well, at least I do!

  5. Marilyn R

    Thank you Carrie for having Elaine on your blog post. I loved “Always With You” and couldn’t stop reading till I was finished. I enjoy books that are true to life and that incorporates how God is faithful and yes “Always with you”. Elaine has become a dear friend since we’ve connected. God bless you both.

  6. Rebecca Maney

    What an interesting interview! This author is new to me and I will certainly keep my eye out for her books whether I win a copy or not!

  7. Marilyn

    I enjoy sharing opinions on certain books with my sisters and friends. Great interview. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Marilyn, glad you enjoyed the interview. It’s nice to hear that readers share/recommend a good book and I hope you’ll find Always With You falls into that group.

  8. Karen Prough

    Just loved the interview! I carried Elaine’s book with me in the car, so I could read when there was a chance–like sitting in the line at the school. Couldn’t help but wonder where the idea for the story came from–now I know. It had the ability to keep me reading. 🙂 Great book, Elaine! I’m passing it to my mother, who is eighty-three. She reads about two books a week. I’m sure she will like this one!

  9. Jan Hall

    My “story” is everything that has ever happened to me. It has made me who I am today. Good and Bad. It has been a building block to who I am today.

    • Hi, Jan. I agree with Carrie–well said. One thing about my own story is that it’s taken me too long to realize but since God doesn’t make mistakes my story–your story, and everyone else’s personal story–is not a mistake. I just want Him to say “Come, let’s have a happily ever after together” ?

  10. Terrill Rosado

    I have always loved a good “story” and have been an avid reader, but it was reading to my kids every night that nurtured a fascination and yearning for quality stories. Although I rarely will read a children’s book anymore (if my 14 and 17 year old let me, I would still be reading those books to them,) I can truly appreciate the creativity and quality that goes into them. I kind of miss those days. I’d like to think that time spent with my kids also nurtured their creative sides. My daughter has always begged for more stories of my life growing up and that of my family. Now, she loves to write and also use photography as her story-teller.

    • Terrill, thanks for visiting today ? I will say one thing about my childhood: I was blessed to have a mother who not only loved to read but practically made going to the library a celebration, and an aunt (that little 5-year-old girl who got a new baby brother right after Pearl Harbor) who loved to orally tell the most wonderful stories ever. I sense that you also shared your love of reading and the treasure of stories with your children and they’re so fortunate!

      I hope you’ll give Always With You a read.

  11. KayM

    Carrie and Elaine, I love the interview. Now that I’ve read the book, it is fun to find out more about the background and how the story came to be. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Connie Saunders

    I loved the review and this interview and I am very anxious to read this book. My “story” isn’t as exciting as those of many others but I know it will be worth recording for my granddaughter, who is just two.
    Thank you and blessings!

    • Connie, thanks so much for visiting. I hope one day your granddaughter will memorize your (which is really also hers) story in her heart and will bless future generations with this love.

  13. Carrie, thank you for this wonderful experience of guest appearing on your amazing blog, Reading Is My SuperPower. This past week has been one huge lovely time for me in meeting new readers and hopeful future friends as well as seeing a few friends who have been my backbone of support and love for years. I’m very grateful for your review of Always With You–you really “get” Isabelle and Tyler’s story! Thanks for this blessing. Thanks for your devotion of sharing books that readers can embrace stories that unite us all and encourage us to take one step after another in this often upside down world. May He bless your richly.

    • Carrie

      Elaine, thank you so much for these words that I will cherish! Connecting readers and authors – especially debut authors – is one of my very favorite things to do! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed your time here this week! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you!! Come back any time 🙂

  14. Katie R

    They are important because they protect the memory of loved ones that are since gone. They also are great entertainment!

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