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an open book

Author Carolyn Astfalk invited me to participate in her “An Open Book” link-up that she does the first Wednesday of each month at both MyScribblersHeart and What a fun idea!! And as y’all know, I’m always reading a lot (haha! understatement.) and most of it winds up here on the blog, but I’ll try to talk about some books in this post that might not otherwise make an appearance.

a damsel in distress

Hubby is currently listening to (and loving) the audiobook of P.G. Wodehouse’s A Damsel in Distress. He says it’s a romantic comedy, so I should probably check it out at some point for myself. The Goodreads description says, “Comedy reigns supreme as the Earl of Marshmoreton’s sister’s plans for marrying off her relatives to landed gentry go awry.”  Yeah. I definitely need to put this one on the TBR. For years, I tried to get Hubby to read books I loved and it just never happened. UNTIL… he discovered the magic of AUDIOBOOKS.  Now, he’s a reading fool. And I could not be happier 😀

officer buckle

My nephew’s birthday is coming up this week – HOW can he be ONE already?!?!? That just can’t be possible. But at any rate, I’ve been picking out some books for his presents (because, yes, I’m the book aunt) and I just had to get him this long-time favorite of mine. Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann won a Caldecott medal – and it’s so extremely deserved.  The illustrations enhance the story and elevate it above the “same-old, same-old” in the genre. As a couple of the nephew’s favorite things are his dogs and his books, I think this one will be fun for us to read together!

one thousand gifts  one thousand gifts devotional

I’m reading through these books by the poignantly poetic Ann Voskamp during my time with Jesus each day (I actually have a two-in-one volume).  As a chronic-pain/autoimmune disease sufferer, sometimes it gets difficult to be thankful.  One Thousand Gifts is full of such wisdom and truth that is phrased in ways that always hit me in my heart and wrap me in comfort all at the same time. I highly highly recommend both of these!!


I’ve also enjoyed reading some blog posts around the interwebs lately – one where Kara Isaac’s husband Josh reviews his wife’s debut contemporary romance novel (hilarious) and one where Modern Mrs. Darcy talks about her favorite fictional moms.

What about you? What are YOU reading lately? 

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6 responses to “An Open Book – May 2016

  1. Thanks for linking up, Carrie! My husband is an audiobook fan, too. He spends a lot of time in the car for work, so it’s a good use of his time.(And P.G. Wodehouse should probably be on my list, too.)

    I kept turning the name Peggy Rathmann over in mind until I remembered – Goodnight Gorilla! My kids love that one, so I’m going to look up Office Buckle and Gloria.

  2. Kathy Anderson

    I will have to check out both books, Officer Buckle and Gloria and Goodnight Gorilla. I have never read them and have a grandson who is just starting to read.

    I am a Chronic Pain sufferer, too. I also struggle with being thankful on the tough days. I am going to find Ann Voskamp’s book.

    Thank you for the recommendation, Carrie.

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