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Welcome to this special Mother’s Day edition of the Sunday Book Club! Today I thought we’d (appropriately enough) talk about our favorite fictional moms.

This is my mom:

mother's day collage

She’s not fictional, of course, but she is my favorite.  (You know, they do say that truth is stranger than fiction…. I should probably just leave that one alone.) My mom is my best friend. We love to laugh together – as you may be able to tell from these pictures, even from one of our earliest photos together there in the bottom left corner of the collage. We both struggle with chronic illness, but she has taught me so much over the years about how to find true and honest joy outside of my circumstances and how to keep connected to Jesus, the only real Source of Strength and Peace when you’re in constant pain. As I watched her lovingly care for my grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s, Mom taught me how to be a better daughter and a better woman.  She’s the person I get lost with the most often (seriously. One time we were trying to go from KY to Cincinnati and ended up in Indiana!), laugh with the hardest, and admire the most. She’s also a fabulous Mimi to my nephew!

But what about fictional moms in literature? Who are some of your fave moms you’ve met on the pages of a book?

A couple of mine would be:

Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series

the Porter matriarch from Becky Wade’s Porter Family series

Any fictional grandmothers make your list?

I love:

Elizabeth from Cathleen Armstrong’s A Place To Call Home series

Dodie Binder from Cynthia Ruchti’s An Endless Christmas

What about you? Who are your fave fictional moms and/or grandmas?

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18 responses to “Sunday Book Club – Fictional Moms

  1. Lol, I giggled when you mentioned getting lost, did that with my mom a whole bunch of times too. I miss her.

    Mrs. Bennet in P & P did not make the cut huh?

    Although, she comes to mind as the most memorable.
    (In a comedic way)

    Another mom who is memorable in a good way is Julia from Cathy West’s “Bridge of Faith” and Nicole Deese’s Willa. Both mom’s facing fear and overcoming and finding hope.

    • Carrie

      ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! I forgot Mrs. B!!!!!!!!! Shameful of me!!!! Happy Mom’s Day, my friend!

  2. I would have to say that Ma Ingalls and Molly Weasley are at the top of my list. (And Ma is not fictional I know lol) And poor Mrs. B…I am sure her nerves have been sent over the edge haha!

    • Carrie

      LOL! She did provide some great comic relief. And I think Ma Ingalls counts – the books are marketed as fiction 😉

  3. Linda Booth ?

    Aww, that was so sweet, honey! I thank God for the privilege of being your Mom..and your best girlfriend! ? ?. We DO have so much fun fact, I think that’s why we end up in different states together. We’re laughing too hard to notice the signs. Love you, love loving Jesus with you. If God put all the grown up daughters in one big room and said, “Linda, you pick whichever one you want!”. Do you know which one I’d pick? …….I’d pick you!! ????

  4. Lynne M Feuerstein

    Thank you for this post Carrie! Even though my mom is not here physically I always feel she’s with me, especially on this holiday. I’m happy to see you have such a wonderful relationship with your mom. As for fictional moms my favorites are Momma from All of a Kind Family,Marcy O’Connor from Julie Lessman’s O’Connor family series,and Tess O’Bryen from Isle of Hope.

    • Carrie

      TESS!! Yes! I forgot about Tess! She is wonderful! 🙂 I pray you had sweet memories of your mom today Lynne.

  5. One of my favorite fictional moms is Marci O’Connor from Julie Lessman’s Daughters of Boston series. She’s so multi-dimensional – mother, yes, but wife and lover and so much more.

    Melanie Hamilton from Gone With the Wind is also a favorite of mine. She’s loving, generous, loyal, kind and sacrificial but also smart and strong.

    • Carrie

      Lynne just mentioned Marci too! I still need to read that series (shameful, I know.)

  6. Nancy M

    Such a sweet post! I agree! I love Marci from Julie Lessman’s Daughter’s of Boston series! Carrie, can’t believe you haven’t read it yet! Girl get busy! Lol! Like you don’t have a stack to read! ?

  7. Marilyn

    Marmee from “Little Women” is mt favorite fictional mom. She showed her daughters how to be loving and caring women and always think positive. My heart ached for her when Beth passed away. It also was not easy living with a restless husband who seemed always to find new things to discover.

    • Carrie

      sometimes a great character like that can make a less than likable series more tolerable 🙂

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