Of Shelfies and Trello

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I organized my bookcases today. When I first put them up at the end of last year, I sorted all the books alphabetically by author. But that was becoming problematic because, when you get a new book by an author and you need to put it on the shelf but there’s no more room, you have to shift everything around. And then repeat the process the next time it happens.


SO this time I sorted the books by genre and grouped them by author. I think this will be much more efficient in the long run. Easier to maintain, etc.

Zuzu “helped”. Which really means she planted herself between me and the bookcase so I had no choice but to pet her.


That is her “WOW. That’s a BIG tower of books you got there, Mom” face. The ear kills me.

Then I spent some time organizing my review list on Trello.  Have you played around with Trello yet? It’s fantastic especially for fluid things like reviews that may need to be moved around. Plus I can create reusable checklists for the same blogging tasks I do over and over with each book. Did I receive it? Have I read it? Have I posted the review to the blog? Did I check Netgalley/Edelweiss to post my review there? Did I post to Amazon? B&N? Goodreads? (And etc. etc.) Labels so I can keep track of which of my review copies are digital and which are print. I shall have to do a separate post some day on the wonders of Trello.

What about you? How do YOU organize your books?

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22 responses to “Of Shelfies and Trello

  1. Marylin Furumasu

    I let my Kindle do it by author’s name…hehehe! Oh I also have the books I’ve not read in collections like 1800’s, modern romance, drama…..it helps me when choosing a new book to read.
    I tried helping in the school library and couldn’t keep it up. It stressed me out too much when I’d find books not put in the right spot or upside down or backwards. They break it down by fiction/non-fiction …then by genre….then by author. But I’d go in and if there was a series I’d put it in numeric order. UGH, OCD isn’t something to have when working in a library!

  2. Ooh I like this! I have been trying to figure out how to organize my bookshelves for when they are done…soon! I have been using Google Sheets to organize my reviewing stuff this year. But I will have to check Trello out!

  3. Winnie Thomas

    I’m interested in a tutorial on Trello! But remember that I’m EC, so it has to be super simple and foolproof! Currently, I have my books that I’m not planning to read in the immediate future in boxes alphabetically by author. I have some more in my little bookcase. (My husband has filled up the big bookcases). Then I have my TBR-soon pile in a little box by my computer (as you would say–taunting me). I have scanned in my books that I’ve bought onto an app on my phone, mainly so I wouldn’t buy the same ones again at the thrift store (and yes, it has happened–more than once). I have the books that I need to read/review in a notebook (yeah, dark ages stuff) with notations of when they need to be done and where and when I posted reviews. I also have 3 Kindles–2 Fires and a Paperwhite (don’t judge–I won one of the Fires, and the Paperwhite is easier on my eyes), and I could use suggestions on ways to organize the books on them, especially the ones I need to read/review. Okay, I’ve just admitted that in addition to the EC, I am also OC–organizationally challenged. I did NOT inherit my mother’s organizational skills or my father’s athletic skills! Do you think there’s hope for me? 🙁

  4. I have signed up for Trello and have heard amazing things about it, but I haven’t had time to really get into it yet. I may have to bug you for some ideas on using it. 🙂 My shelves are a mess right now, but I usually have them by genre, then by author, then by publication date, but now it is just “Oh look a place to stack stuff!”. I really need another shelf, so I’m trying to see if I can move stuff around my office to fit one. Yours look fab.

  5. Rebecca Maney

    I guess I take the coward’s way out, because I donate my books to our church library, except for some of my signed copies and small collections that I read and re-read (authors like Tamera Alexander, Lori Benton, Ronie Kendig, Dee Henderson, and these books get changed out on occasion). I have a beautiful antique lawyer’s book case where my “stay-at-home” books have to fit on two and a half of the five shelves where they share space with my children’s books. A book basket beside my couch hosts the “to-reads” and it fills and empties pretty quickly. I have never heard of Trello .. . . . will have to think about that. I am still a pencil and paper gal and keep files on most advance reads.

  6. I love playing with my books! I organize by genre (and sub-genre LOL!) and then by author. But I am always looking for a better way to organize — I think it’s just an excuse to hold my books! I need to check out Trello. I have no idea what that is.

  7. Looks great! Someday I hope to have enough shelves to make our books look all lovely. And I’m checking out Trello. I’ve been using the Wunderlist app for my lists, but I’m open to something that does the job even better.

    • Carrie

      i tried Wunderlist for a while but then once I figured out how to make Trello work for me, I jumped ship lol

  8. Trello and I are good friends now! Thanks for introducing us 😉 Right now my books are in tbr order then my favorites go to the top shelf or I donate to the library. I still have a baby size collection for now!

  9. Michelle Connell

    Um… I don’t really organize them that much… usually by fiction or non and then by size that fit the particular shelf. I would fail as a librarian!

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