First Line Friday: When I Found You

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first line fridays


And since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

The book I’m featuring today is When I Found You by Kate James.

(you can read my – and my dog’s – review here)

As a side note, I love Love LOVE the Harlequin Heartwarming line. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the July releases – including When I Found You – are all absolutely fantastic!

when i found you

And the first line is….

“The pilot’s bringing the plane back?”

So… what’s your First Line on this Friday?

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42 responses to “First Line Friday: When I Found You

  1. carylkane

    Five and a Half Years Ago “Will you marry me?” Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade. I finished it last night.


  2. Marylin Furumasu

    “THERE IS A MOMENT, JUST BEFORE EVERY STORM, when the entire world pauses.” Screen’s Fury by Mary Weber (It’s the second book in Storm Siren Series.) This book series will keep you on your toes and up late at night! WOW

  3. Kav

    “There was something fascinating about the rhythm of writing, at least when someone else was doing it.” An Elegant Façade by Kristi Ann Hunter. Haven’t started this one yet — well, I’ve read the first line now 🙂 — but I loved A Noble Masquerade and interesting enough this novel starts out before the end of the first one…so there’s an overlap and we see the events of NM from a different perspective. At least, that’s what the author note says so that’s going to be different. I’m definitely intrigued.

    And thanks for the shout out about Heartwarming — I haven’t really delved into them because I’m all about inspirational fiction, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to trust ZuZu (and you of course) and give at least one a try.

    • Carrie

      the Harlequin Heartwarming line is about as close to inspirational as you can get to inspirational without actually being in the inspirational market. Some minor profanity here and there but very scattered and absolutely clean otherwise. And I absolutely MUST read Kristi Ann’s series soon. I still haven’t read ANM which is just all kinds of pitiful. lol

  4. Michelle Connell

    An angry rap shook the motel room door. Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick. The main character has just entered the witness protection program and is enroute to her new destination. I’m half way through it.

    Carrie, I’m looking forward to my interview next Monday!

  5. Tracey Hagwood

    The end came, as it nearly always did, when his thoughts were elsewhere, his focus on other things.

    From Homestands by Sally Bradley, I finished it last night and just sat stunned, it was so fantastic. Not a sweet, fluffy read, but SO worth all the emotional turmoil I went through.

    I’m starting Can’t Help Fall in by Sara Isaac now,
    It was like being in jail.

  6. Sarah

    We only see what we want to see–in people, in love, and in life.

    The Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron

  7. Amanda J.

    “Romulus White stood motionless in the crowded ballroom, staring at the woman he’d once longed for more than his next breath of air.” ~From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden. I read the prequel novella last night. It was wonderful and free! These first 80 pages are amazing.

  8. Hayden Griffin was plucking a fish when the gravity bell rang. – Sun of Suns, the first book in Virga: Cities of the Air by Karl Schroeder (general market Science Fiction I’m reading for a read-along on GoodReads)

    • Carrie

      that’s an intriguing first line – i want to know what the “gravity bell” is lol

  9. “When a bride finds The Dress, there is joy, laughter, and on some occasions, even spontaneous dancing.” – Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations – It just came today! Yay!

  10. Terrill Rosado

    May 1888 – He had told her there was no singular Eskimo equivalent for the word “snow.”

    Lisa Tawn Bergren – Midnight Sun

    This is the third book in Bergren’s Northern Light’s series. I just acquired it and will be starting the first book soon. I’m all about mixing older books I missed with newer releases. I’ve been wanting to try her back list, because I love her more current YA River of Time series.

  11. I got book mail!!!
    “When a bride finds The Dress there is joy, laughter, and on some occasions, even spontaneous dancing.”
    AND since I have little to no self-control… here’s line two! “There is none of that right now.” LOL!!!
    I can’t wait to read this book, hilarious! Thanks for sending Joy my way, she is a sweetheart and so professional!
    I’m sure you’ll convince me to try the Love Inspired Heartwarming, too 😉

    • Carrie

      WHOOHOO!! That’s the best kind of mail!! It is such a fun book – can’t wait to read your review 🙂

  12. Andrea Stephens

    “Hi Logan, Yep, it’s me again.” From Melissa Tagg’s Like Never Before.
    I just started reading it today, now that my brain is no longer melting from the heat, I can read again 🙂

  13. Pam K.

    “Hans had stolen all the egg money—again.” A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund. I’m reading it for the second time (which is no hardship since it’s a great book) since we will discuss it at book club next week. It has a great cover too. Carl is such a wonderful hero.

  14. Trixi

    Carrie, can you guess this book from just the first page? Just a hint, it’s a new historical release 🙂

    “There was something fascinating about the rhythm of writing, as least when someone else was doing it”

      • Trixi

        Yep, and you’d be correct!! And I DO hope you enjoy it just as much as I am (70% done, but I’ll finish it tonight!). A great sequel to A Noble Masquerade!

  15. “Miss Brigham, may I have a word with you?” Professor Silvious strolled down the aisle toward the stage of The Boston Conservatory of Music’s auditorium. From The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles) by Dawn Crandall. I just started it.

  16. Winnie Thomas

    “Lillian Avery’s dream couldn’t have come true at a worse time” from Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin. I just got it and can’t wait to read it, but it will have to wait for a bit. 🙁

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