Sunday Book Club: Adding to a Series

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Happy Sunday y’all! I apologize that the Sunday Book Club is off to a late start today but I’m cool aunting this weekend and blogs take a backseat to nephew hugs and kisses and laughter 🙂

You may have heard (if you’re aren’t living in a cave) about the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the follow up of sorts to the epic and much beloved Harry Potter series.  There are mixed feelings in my household about this book. My husband (and my father) are excited to read it. I, on the other hand, feel like the series was complete. I actually don’t want to read The Cursed Child because I feel like it might taint the series for me somehow. I don’t mind the supplemental books like Quidditch Through the Ages or Fantastic Beasts, etc. and I so hope one day she writes Hogwarts, A History. But I so adored the series just as it was and I’m afraid this particular addition won’t be as good or won’t feel as in sync with the rest of the books or something.

Ok, now it’s your turn. When a series you love is complete…. and then it isn’t again … do you rush out to buy the new book or are you reluctant to rock the boat?


19 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Adding to a Series

  1. Abby Brown

    I’m feeling the same way!!! I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Go Set a Watchman because To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favorite books ever and I ♥ Atticus. I am super excited for Fantastic Beasts though, planning on going to the midnight premiere 🙂 I’ll wait for the reviews to come in about the Cursed Child and then think about reading it. I would love to see the play though, if and when it comes to the US. Something about seeing it and not reading it would make it easier for me to keep it and the original series separate if I end up not liking it.

    • Carrie

      that’s a good point – the play I might be able to keep separate. And yes, I won’t read Go Set a Watchman either. Maybe if it had come out right after Mockingbird but not after all this time.

  2. Unless I am able to obtain a review copy, I tend to be an incredibly patient bookworm. I will wait to read a library copy or bargain hunt to accommodate my book budget.

  3. Andrea Stephens

    Generally speaking, I don’t like “added” books after a series is complete or a single book completes the story. For example, The Notebook the ending implies that Noah and Allie die together in Allie’s nursing home bed after she remembers him. Then comes The Wedding where Noah is alive and well. I also don’t like when a book comes out, then a prequel chapter is released, same with little .5 chapters in between books. Just write the whole book already!
    I too wish J.K. Rowling would write Hogwarts, A History.

    • Carrie

      I would wait in line (figuratively speaking. I would really just preorder) for Hogwarts, A History

  4. I generally love added stories — but only if the addition doesn’t spoil the earlier stuff. “Watchman” is the perfect example of what not to do. I loved Scout. I read only a sample of “Watchman,” but I despised Jean Louise in it. I could have spent years of growing up time with Scout. Not another minute with grownup Jean Louise.

    Now if Lewis had written more Narnia, like the stories of what happened in the Golden Age before the Pevensies went back to England the first time, I would have eaten it up. Because, no matter their adventures, I don’t doubt he would have stayed true to the characters he’d written.

    So, the definitive answer is — it depends. 😀

  5. After devouring Gone With the Wind multiple times in high school and college, I read Scarlett. It wasn’t that bad – at least I didn’t think so at the time – but it didn’t add anything. It’s one of those books – not even a series – that I think should just be left alone.

  6. It’s in human nature to crave closure, which is why so many of us say “no!” to opening up doors that have already been closed. It can go for TV shows or movies, too. No added sequels years later! And on another note, I love your feature picture today. I want to sit there and read!

    • Carrie

      isn’t it a great picture? Thank you! My friend Rachel Dixon from BookwormMama made it for me after my brother said my previous one was creepy hahaha!

      And yes – now that I think about it, I’m not one for bringing TV shows back for reunion seasons, etc. An occasional reunion episode – depending on the show – is ok though. Sometimes. lol.

  7. I’m interested but not as excited about this release as I was about the earlier ones. Kind of felt the series was complete. Yet … Can’t help but wonder what’s in store! My to-be-read pile is high so I’m content to wait to read the new one.

    • Carrie

      this is also an excellent point! My TBR list is insane right now… another good reason to wait 🙂

  8. In torn in two regarding the cursed child. I LOVE the world of Harry Potter….and would love to immerse myself into his world through another book….but I’m terrifies of being disappointed. Also I read the entire Selection series this year. The first three books were great! LOVED them. But they should have stopped there. The last two books were unneeded and I did not care for them at all.

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