Sunday Book Club: Of Birthdays and Books

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My Mr. Knightley’s (hubby) FORTIETH birthday was yesterday. Wow. When did we get so OLD? Yikes.

Anyway, I saw a pinterest post once about someone who received one book each from 40 different people for his 40th birthday. This may be the only way I acknowledge my own 40th milestone when it attacks me next year.

So my question to y’all on this Book Club day is this:

If you received such an invitation – to send one of your favorite books to a friend to celebrate his/her 40th birthday – which book would you send?


29 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Of Birthdays and Books

  1. Debbie Clatterbuck

    I would send them “An Untamed Land” by Lauraine Snelling. It is the first book in this genre’ I read that got me hooked on reading Christian historical fiction and Lauraine became one of my most favorite authors. I would also say, Enjoy! LOL

  2. That would depend on the birthday boy or girl! I think Miriam by Mesu Andrews would be universally appealing. Reading it enriched my faith and I can’t think of any greater gift than that!
    We had a “how did we get so old moment” when we realized our oldest is a sixth grader this year! We home school and don’t usually attention to grade levels so it was a bit of a shock!

    • Carrie

      I still need to read Miriam, but I’ve heard amazing things about it. It’s on my must-read-soon list! 🙂

  3. Oh gosh! If it were for a child. An Usborne book…depending on age either Muddle and Match or their color or number book. If older…one of thermos illustrated, unabridged classics like Wizard of Oz or Little Women. If a male adult, probably The Count of Monte Cristi, The Princess Bride or LOTR. If adult female…Amy of the above, or The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder, ANY by Jen Turano or Jody Hedlund, Secrets if a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner or Not by Sight by Kate Breslin. I think that’s as fat as I can narrow it down haha… you asked a bookworm…you get a bookworm answer…hehe

  4. carylkane

    I agree with Beth that the book choice would depend on the recipient. I would recommend Lynn Austin’s The Restoration Chronicles or any of Ted Dekker’s books.

    HAPPY SONday!

    • Carrie

      you know, I haven’t read that series by Lynn yet… nor any of Ted Dekker’s books. *hangs head in shame*

  5. I’m with Rachel on this one — The Count of Monte Cristo is my all time favorite. But if for some bizarre reason someone has not read Jane Austen (is that possible?), would probably include Pride and Prejudice. So they would get 2 books from me!

    Have a great time in Nashville! I will be languishing at the beach next weekend. LOL!

  6. Tracey H

    Great idea, if the birthday person is a reader. I’ve found the best gifts are one that “fits” the receiver (If I gave everyone gifts I thought they should have, everyone would get a book, lol)

    I’ve also heard of the book gift idea for a baby shower, all the attendees brought books suitable for birth to maybe 5/6 yrs age level to start the little one off right with their own library. I really like that idea!

    I’m a huge reader, my hubby is not. I’ve given him a few books as gifts over the years on subjects he likes, but they still go unread. Gardening books are about the only ones he’ll look at.

    Can a reader turn the tables and ask blogger Carrie if your Mr. Knightley received a book from you for his birthday and if so, care to share?

  7. No doubt about it — I’d send the birthday girl or boy a copy of Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost For His Highest. Hands down, the most influential and useful book in my life next to the Bible. If we want to talk fiction for a woman, I’d go with anything by Francine Rivers.

      • Marylin Furumasu

        That is so hard to say because it depends on if it’s a guy or girl, what they might like. Recently the two books I’ve really loved are Kristen Heitzmann’s – Told You So and Told You Twice. Yet I’m also very into anything Susan May Warren writes. Or if the girls likes cooking definitely all Hillary Manton Lodge bold in Blue Doors Series. For a guy Ted Dekker books or Dan Welsh books.

  8. Winnie Thomas

    I’d have to consider the recipient, too! My family members all have such different tastes that there’s no “one size fits all.” Carrie, you should tell us when your birthday is so we can start choosing the books we want to send you! Mine’s next month, but I’m so far past 40, that I don’t think I have enough friends to send that many books. 🙁 My postman would not be happy! LOL

  9. It would definitely depend on the recipient – though it might be fun to find a book from the year they were born.
    I do love giving books for birthdays – especially to my great nieces and nephews, it is so fun to indulge in picture book shopping!

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