Book Review: Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit Adult Coloring Book by Lorrie Bennett

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about the book

inkspirationsEvery Christian knows that putting the Fruit of the Spirit into practice takes a daily effort and commitment, and it takes a lifetime to master any one of them, let alone all nine. In this new coloring book for adults, Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit celebrates these powerful virtues that help to fortify us throughout life’s joys and challenges.

Each empowering verse alongside inspiring images reminds us of how acts of kindness, gentleness, or self-control can make a difference, not only in our own lives, but more importantly, in the lives of others. The more we focus and allow God to work in us, the more His spirit can shine through us.

Illustrator Lorrie Bennett is known for painting vintage Bibles. Dating back to the early 1900s, many of her Bibles have been discarded because they are so worn. Inspired by the thought that the Bibles provided spiritual guidance for generations of people, she decided to give them new life by using them as canvases for her unique artwork. This style is adapted to many of the coloring pages within Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit, so that the Word of God becomes a literal and figurative backdrop for your creations. Now you can color your day brighter, turning your art into meaningful and memorable keepsakes that show God’s Love and Grace.

Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit includes:

  •   More than 30 original works of art to uplift and inspire
  •   Empowering scriptures for individual or group reflection and meditation
  •   Special binding that allows for pages to lay flat for a better work surface
  •   Perforated edges make it easy to tear and share finished colored pieces

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GENRE: Nonfiction, Coloring Book
RELEASE DATE: August 9, 2016

Inkspirations has an entire line of adult coloring books and even greeting cards, all created by various illustrators. This particular book – Fruit of the Spirit: Coloring Designs to Nourish You with Love, Joy, Faith, Peace and More – is illustrated by Lorrie Bennett and focuses on the fruit of the Spirit. Some other titles I would like to get include the Inkspirations book for Dog Lovers and the Inkspirations Art of Grace.

IMG_8568One thing I loved was that, although most of us are familiar with the verses in Galatians 5:22-23 which talk about the fruit of the Spirit, the verses used in this coloring book take the idea a step further and more toward application. The pictures are definitely in my style, much more preferred than the mancala or abstract art that’s so popular in these adult coloring books.  I get easily bored with those, so to have actual (and sometimes whimsical) pictures to color was another checkmark in the plus column.

In addition to the verses and the pictures, Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit also includes an introduction for beginners. This covers such topics as how to blend and shade as well as coloring tips and tools. The color wheel is my favorite part!

The only thing I don’t care for in Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit is that a lot of the pictures are already heavily shaded and contain thick black areas throughout. While I appreciate the design purpose behind this as far as the IMG_8570image itself is concerned, it does limit my options for creativity.

Bottom Line: The Inkspirations line has a great new addition with the Fruit of the Spirit Adult Coloring Book. Whimsical and sweet drawings along with meaningful verses make this a great choice for quiet reflection time with God. While there may have been too much black space already covering each image, there are still plenty of opportunities for creativity to flow.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)

My Rating: 4 stars / Unique choice!

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about the author

Lorrie Bennett is blessed to live her life as an artist, crafter, teacher, graphic designer, and best of all, a mother. She is passionate about the divine inspiration that is the source of her creativity, and the happiness and beauty that it can bring to others.

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16 responses to “Book Review: Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit Adult Coloring Book by Lorrie Bennett

  1. I love coloring. In fact, I just treated myself to some GORGEOUS Irojiten coloring pencils. To die for!

    This book looks great, though I’d have to agree with you about the pre-shaded bits. Ummm, I’m thinking no.

  2. You make me want to color! What caught my eye is that this book is so unlike most I’ve seen which are more abstract like you said. This is much more my cup of tea, no pun intended. ☕️ I’ve tried my hand at the Tom Tierney historical costume coloring books but my results are not the best. Like the color wheel here. Bless you, Carrie. So many wonderful ways to be creative!

    • Carrie

      I think you would really enjoy this book then, Laura! I loved the drawings in this one, but the teacups page that I featured was definitely my favorite 🙂

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