First Line Friday (week 22): Red Rose Bouquet

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first line fridays

It’s Friday!!! I’m so behind!! LOL

Oh well… better late than never (like last week)

It’s also my wedding anniversary 🙂 Sixteen years ago, I said “I do” to my Mr. Knightley, having NO CLUE what the future held. I would marry him all over again though <3

The book I’m featuring today releases today – Red Rose Bouquet by Jennifer Rodewald, whom I had the privilege of meeting in Nashville but forgot to get a picture with. Phooey.

red rose bouquet

And the first line is….

“Cheryl stared at the affidavit in front of her.”

So… what’s your First Line on this Friday?

Let me know in the comments and then head over to share your First Line with these friends:

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I’ll have a blog post up in the next couple of days with some highlights from my trip to Nashville, too!!



35 responses to “First Line Friday (week 22): Red Rose Bouquet

  1. Awww! Happy Anniversary! You did good. 🙂

    Chadber was the name of the host, florid of countenance, portly of person, and of manner pompous and urbane.

    The Black Moth
    Georgette Heyer

  2. Becky Smith

    I just started a paperback book from an author whom I have not yet read a book, and I could hardly wait to post her first line. “I understand your reservations about hiring a draftswoman, but I’ve seen Miss Sinclair’s work, & it’s exemplary.” From Make-Believe Beau by Keli Gwyn

  3. Sylvia Miller

    Elizabeth King held her fingers against the ivory keys, refusing to stir as the final chord faded and silence descended on the parlor.

    Through the Shadows by Karen Barnett

  4. Winnie Thomas

    Well, I got an awesome book in the mail yesterday and another today! 😀 But neither of them have been released yet, so I’ll pick the one that came three days ago (yes, it’s been an awesome week for the postal service and me). I actually won this one in a contest. It’s by the awesome Brandy Heineman! “Keep your friends close and your beneficiaries closer.” From Whispers in the Branches

  5. The smell of smoke gradually nudged Dr. Sarah Gordon from a troubled sleep into semi-wakefulness. From Medical Judgment by Richard Mabry. Happy anniversary! Get well soon!

  6. Marylin Furumasu

    Happy Anniversary Carrie, what a fun time in your life!

    My first line is from Marylin Tyndall’s new book that just came out today.

    She Walks In Power.
    “Alexia D’Clere slid an arrow from her quiver, nocked it in her bow, and drew back the bowstring.”

    So far I’m really enjoying this book! But I must say I love all of the books I’ve read by her.

  7. Trixi

    My first line is from Identity Unknown by Terri Reed (October release), part of the Northern Border Patrol series. I Love being on street teams where I can get a sneak peek before anyone else gets them 🙂

    “Two Guards at the south entrance.” Canadian Border Patrol Services Agent officer Nathanial Longhorn spoke into the microphone attached to his flack vest.”

    I’m well over halfway through and I am LOVING the hero already, such a gentleman! Who can’t remember who he is…….

    There’s your teaser for the week 🙂

    • Carrie

      Aren’t street teams FUN?!? 😉 And after that teaser, I’m either going to have to finagle my way on to her street team or track down the book some other way haha!

  8. Awww…thanks! Happy anniversary girl. 🙂 It was awesome meeting you last week live and in person. First line for me…”According to science, humans have no souls.” From Katie Ganshert’s (Actually under K. E. Ganshert) The Gifting. My daughter loved it. I’ve got to catch up!

  9. Andrea Stephens

    Happy Anniversary to you and your Mr. Knightley! We never know what the future holds when we say “I do” it’s always an adventure. I won a copy of Keli Gwyn’s Make Believe Beau, it’s in my suitcase still so I can’t even tell you the first line. My beloved copy of A Heart Most Certain is in the hands of another. I have no other books around me 🙁 🙁 🙁 This is somewhat a tragedy. Even my kindle is in the bedroom. Oh well, maybe I’ll do two “first lines” next week. I’ll surely have a book nearby before then. If not, someone might need to check my pulse.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! We’re celebrating 14 years this month, yay for September! AND now you know what the 02 in my username is.
    “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of pastries is in need of a hungry man.” Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant
    “Get off the sidelines, Amelia.” The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert
    “The moment Holly had imagined, dreaded, and obsessed over had arrived.” Love in the Details by Becky Wade
    All part of To Have and To Hold and now I’m dying to sit here and read it straight through!!!

  11. carylkane

    Happy Anniversary!

    Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, I complained to myself, because no one was there to listen. – Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire by Jill Austin

  12. Wooden ships languished in the Thames, lolling to and fro, like oxen taking a mud bath. ~ A Place in His Heart by Rebecca DeMarino

    I met Rebecca earlier this evening at a book signing, and she is just a lovely person. I’m so looking forward to reading the rest of her Southold Chronicles!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your Mr. Knightley, Carrie! 🙂

  13. What a beautiful cover!

    I’m reading numerous books at the moment–one to help me grow as a writer, a nonfiction to help me foster kids who’ve experienced trauma, a fun LI …

    Since the fostering book, titled “The Connected Child,” is closes to me, I’ll share the first line from it.
    “Parents who come to us for help often admit they’re nearing the end of their ropes.”

  14. Happy anniversary! And Jennifer’s books are always excellent!
    I’m reading The Lady and The Lionheart 🙂
    With the hiss of smoothing irons and the starchy scent of soap trailing her, Ella toted a bundle of linens up the steps.
    Sound familiar, LOL?

  15. Linda Booth

    Well, I’m a little late! But it’s a good one! ☺️☺️ “There once was a town high in the Alps that straddled the banks of a beautiful stream.” From “Soul Keeping: Caring for the most important part of you” by John Ortberg.

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