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Happy Sunday, friends! On this day of tragic remembrance in America’s history, I first want to share what Ruth Logan Herne said on Facebook a couple of hours ago.

“May we all share the smiles and voices of love that prevailed in the days following this tragedy, when we didn’t think politically. We thought with warmth and compassion and prayer. And may our prayers rise up like incense, before him…”

Yes. Amen.

My friend Jane on Greenish Bookshelf tagged me in a post the other day on her blog and I thought it would be fun to save “my turn” for today’s book club discussion. The premise of the post is to describe yourself using 5 book characters. Start thinking of yours because I’m totally going to ask you!

Me in 5 characters:

  • Hermione Granger from Harry Potter – Hermione and I are basically the same person. To the point that my husband, my brother, and my dad all texted me separately while they were reading the books – quoting parts of whichever book they were on at the time, quotes that described Hermione or something she said, with the added commentary of “You. Are. Hermione.” or “Does J.K. Rowling know you?”
  • Alice Grace Ripley from Wonderland Creek – Like Alice, I was a bookworm in Northern Illinois whose parents “forced” her to move to Kentucky. And like Alice, it totally changed my life and I wouldn’t undo it for anything.
  • Cinderella – not because my story is in any way like hers but because her story was the first romance I ever read (I was 3. Lol.) and as I’ve continued to read & collect various versions of Cinderella over the years, her story was the first to open my eyes to one of my personal passions – that all stories have their roots in The Story, God’s story of redemption and restoration.
  • Emma – Unlike Jane Austen’s title character, I never was big on matchmaking BUT I did try to set up my best friend on dates on more than one occasion. Until the day I realized I was halfway in love with him myself…so I married my own Mr. Knightley 🙂
  • Nancy Drew – because if there’s something to investigate or track down, I will not be thwarted!! Also, I’m a little nosy. LOL.

Ok, now it’s your turn! Describe YOURSELF in 5 characters – or at least one 🙂


30 responses to “Sunday Book Club: You in 5 Characters

  1. M

    Hermione <3 Cinderella <3 This was also one of my first fairy tales and I was so in love with it as a child. And EMMA, oh my god! It's my favorite Jane Austen 🙂 And congratulations on marrying your own Mr. Knightley – this is the cutest thing I've read today and I'm so happy for you! *cries* (I'm a total sap :D)

  2. Andrea Stephens

    Hmmm…I’ve never thought about what book characters I am like before.
    I’ll have to think about it and get back to you on this one.
    I’ve been thinking a bit(leaving this reply open), this is hard.

  3. Cinderella-because it’s all about the shoes!
    Nancy Drew-because I’m curious!
    Scarlett O’hara because I was born and raised in Georgia. And I know how to throw a hissy fit!!
    Jane Erye because I’m truly shy and I had to find my strength through isolation.
    Snow White-not that I’m that onnocent but because I love all of God’s creatures.
    Even the quirky misfits like me!!

    • Carrie

      ooo curious sounds much better than nosy … I’ll have to start using that from now on 😉 LOVE this list, Lenora! Thanks!

  4. Ok…I thought this was going to be harder…but this is something I have always kinda had in the back of my brain:
    Peter Pan – yes I know he is a boy. But because I want to have the youth and joy and adventure live in my heart.
    Dani – From Dance over me by Candee Fick. She is a dancer and when she (and I) dance…our hearts our revealed. The innermost passion of our soul is laid bare on the table.
    Anne Shirley – Because…red hair, misadventures, stubbornness.
    Elizabeth Bennett – Because reading, a mind of her own, passion.
    Hermione Granger – Because history, reading, bossy, loyal.

    There you have it 😉 Love this idea!

  5. The characters that have resonated with me from childhood to adulthood hold special places in my heart. Not sure I resemble any of them, but they touched in me many ways. Here are the top 5:

    Beauty from the old French fairy tale Beauty and The Beast (not Belle, that’s from my kids era!)
    Nancy Drew — my first real books to read
    Katherine Mary O’Fallon from Mrs. Mike. Read and reread her story in junior high.
    The second Mrs. deWinter in Rebecca.
    Anne Elliot from Persuasion.

  6. Buffy Scott

    Oooh, this is a fun challenge!

    First, Catherine Morland – the first time I read Northanger Abbey I knew it would be my favorite of all Jane Austen’s works because I identified sooooo much with Catherine. In her youthful exuberance and love of gothic novels. Yet also her deep desire to not offend & how quickly she admits her faults & flaws. (Henry Tilney is my favorite Austen leading man too).

    2. Luna Lovegood ❤️?? She is (after Neville) my favorite Harry Potter Character. I,like her, tend to turn what others meant for bad into good, constantly look for the good in others, & utterly accept my unique differences.

    3- Patience Murphy (The Midwife of Hope River, by Patricia Harman). I identified so much with Patience’s heart for the unrepresented coal miner’s, her “socialist” heart (because I’m just a little socialist my myself shhhhh! ?). Though mostly I identified with her love for the women she cared for & how in spite of her feelings of doubt & fear she pushed through.

    4) Lady Miranda Hawthorne from A Noble Masquerade – I was hooked from the first in this book because I am a bundle of emotions & they often get the better of me! I am often heard telling others that “I’m all the feelings all the time.”

    5) Belle/Beauty from Beauty & the Beast. I have & probably always will be drawn to the underdog (which is probably why I’m not a sports fan, it hurts to watch others lose ?). I do tend to see beneath the surface of a person & seek out the best in them which in turn leads me to getting hurt at times.

    One thing I’m not – is brief ?

  7. Linda Booth

    As your Momma, sweet girl, I would agree with your picks, especially Hermione and Nancy Drew! ☺️☺️??

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