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A blessed Sunday morning to you, my dear reading friends 🙂 Today on the Book Club, I want to discuss a question that Laura Frantz asked during her panel for readers during the CFRR.  I had the privilege of joining my dear friends Annie & Bonnie as well as a new reader friend Patti to answer questions that Laura had gleaned from various authors. What fun!! Such an honor!


I think in this photo Bonnie was answering Ruth Logan Herne’s all-important question about chocolate 😉


I just love Laura Frantz!

Anyway… one of the questions Laura asked was “What’s the biggest deciding factor for you when picking up a book from an unknown-to-you author?” For me, it’s all about the cover. The front cover is the first thing that grabs my attention. If it catches my eye, I’ll pick up the book. Then, if the back cover blurb intrigues me, that book is most likely going on my TBR list continent.  The exception to this is if the book is recommended to me by a friend whose opinion I trust. Then, I’ll read it even if the cover or the blurb doesn’t really grab me.

Ok, now it’s your turn. What’s the biggest deciding factor for YOU when picking up a book from an unknown-to-you author?

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43 responses to “Sunday Book Club: New-To-You Authors

  1. I answered this recently on Avid Readers FB page. For me it’s all about the cover too. A good image is a must but also the title and even the font used. I want something that looks fresh and up to date. Yes, I’m demanding. Lol. I think it’s really important to invest some time, talent and money into a cover. Because like it or not the first impression is the most important. After I pick the book up, the blurb determines if the book comes home with me. I’m often an impulse buyer when it comes to books so those two things will sell me … or not. Great question.

  2. Sarah Monzon

    Definitely the cover. Recommendations. Whether my library has it or will buy it for me or if it’s on Kindle Unlimited (I’m poor, people!)

  3. Andrea Stephens

    Sometimes the cover (I have purchased books with nothing but a title on the spine), blurb and honestly price. I’ve found so many authors I now love in the Free or bargain section of bookstores and now Amazon. Having a very limited budget, the price is important, do I want to spend my money on something I may not like or on something I know I will like. Although, I have been disappointed in some beloved authors work. Amazon’s download a sample is nice too.
    There is also this amazing lady I met online, who writes awesome reviews and has a superpower blog. She has added greatly to the way I choose books 😉

  4. Pam Crist

    The cover grabs me first, too, along with the blurb. And, I hate to admit this: sometimes the characters’ names don’t suit me and I won’t read the book. That’s such a shallow reason!

  5. In addition to your excellent reasoning, certain settings will grab my attention. I recently agreed to read a new to me author based only on contemporary in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, please! I will fantasize about that part of the country any day!

    • Carrie

      That’s true too. I will give a book another look strictly based on setting even if the cover didn’t grab me

  6. It HAS to have a good cover. Has to, has to, has to. If it does, then I’ll check out the blurb on the back, and if it’s good, I’m sold. Name of the author doesn’t matter, unless it’s an author I don’t care for.

    In real life :), I am not an adventurous person. Never gonna go sky diving or anything remotely like that. But I’ve realized that I’m one of those very adventurous readers. I read in a lot of genres, and I absolutely love trying an author I’ve never read before. In my previous church, I was the one introducing the other readers to new authors. So for me it starts with cover and then the story blurb. And of course if I like that author, I’ve got another author to keep an eye out for.

  7. I do this so instinctually that I had to think about it. I guess the cover catches my eye first. If it’s horribly amateurish, I dismiss it. Then blurb. If that intrigues me, I’ll go for it. As you said though, if someone whose opinion I trust is high, then I may be willing to take a chance regardless of the cover or blurb. Short of that, I’d have to really be moved by reviews. That’s a tough one though because I see loads of five-stars for books I think are pretty poorly written. And there are also fantastic books that people complain about. So, I’m pretty discerning about those.

    And like others above, I’m poor. 🙁 So, if it’s on sale or free or I can read it in the Kindle lending library (Amazon Prime customer) or my local library, that’s a big selling point too.

    • Carrie

      Definitely! I am just now leaving the library where I checked out a book I’ve been wanting to read but am too poor to buy lol

  8. Jill Hoke

    The cover is huge for me. I love a pretty cove and if the spine has some art work, it’s coming home with me for sure.

    Another factor is time period. I’m a sucker for WW2 and Civil War fiction.

  9. Katy C.

    Back-cover blurbs are huge for me! Front covers are important, but if they’re halfway decent I’ll give them a chance usually. Since Amazon is my main bookstore and romance is my main genre I’m often looking for keywords (especially if I know the book is not by a Christian) to try to guess if a book is going to be clean – like generally if the words “hot,” “sexy,” or “steamy” are used I should probably not go there… Endorsements from authors I like are big and endorsements from authors I don’t like or I know aren’t clean are also big.
    Oh,and I agree with Pam about names…Occasionally that can be a huge turnoff. =)

  10. Winnie Thomas

    Same for me–cover, blurb, recommendations from others with similar taste (yes, Carrie, I’ve taken a chance on many that you’ve recommended and you haven’t steered me wrong yet)! Also, if I’ve “met” the author on Facebook posts or parties, in comments, etc. and have learned a little about them and their books, I’m more likely to try their books. I’ve found a lot of awesome authors that way.

  11. carylkane

    I’m also a sucker for a well designed cover! I also consider a recommendation from a trusted friend and/or author and of course a blogger with SUPERPOWERS….;)

  12. MH

    If the book is endorsed by an author whom I know and love, I would definitely pick up the book and read the blurb. And, yes, if my library has it or if it’s a free book, then chances are much higher that I will actually read the book.

  13. Linda Booth

    If my “Reading is my Superpower” daughter recommends it and puts it on my coffee table, I will pick that book to read, even if I don’t know the author! ☺️ ?

  14. Rebecca Maney

    I am with you, completely. Front and back cover appeal, then personal recommendations mean a lot.

    I am also a big review-reader when it comes to new authors.

    • Carrie

      Yes, me too. Though – despite my “career” – I take reviews with a grain of salt lol. I tend to look at them cumulatively.

  15. For me, cover and title weigh about equally in importance. I mean, there’s some books that I can just glance at the cover of and KNOW, not matter how nice or professional it is, the book won’t be for me. Same with the titles. I have my prefered genres and there’s a general pattern to titles in them. After that, if it still interests me, I check out the synopsis. (Whether back cover or online.) Then, and this is the major deciding factor for me anymore, I read a preview of the book. I’ve actually gotten really … picky over the years about writing style. I can usually tell in the first couple paragraphs if the writing will put me off it. If it does, no matter how much everything else clicks with me, I will give it a pass. Of course, I can’t read a paragraph of every book I come across because then I’d never get to read a whole book. 🙂

    • Carrie

      ah yes – the previews! A really nice feature because you’re right – writing style IS so important in whether or not you click with a book.

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