First Line Friday (Week 25): Can’t Help Falling

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first line fridays

Whew. Friday is FINALLY here! And so is FALL!!! YAY!

Since it’s Friday, it’s also time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

In honor of FALL, the book I’m featuring today is Can’t Help Falling by Kara Isaac (get it? Fall… falling…. I am so witty.)

can't help falling

And the first line is….

“It was like being in jail. But worse, because Emelia Mason had paid for it.”

Ok… yeah… that was two lines but I couldn’t leave you hanging after that first one! And if you’re a Narnia fan, you really need to go preorder this book ASAP!

So… what’s your First Line on this Friday?

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44 responses to “First Line Friday (Week 25): Can’t Help Falling

  1. Yay, this must mean it if Friday! Without you gals doing this, I would not know what day it is? 😉

    My first line: Deirdre O Leary strode down the wide corridor on the second floor of Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital, her stomach quivering with each step.

    From Love’s Fatihful Promise – Susan Anne Mason (Courage to Dream Book 3)

  2. carylkane

    CARRIE, I love your witty personality! 😉

    The books stems from an extraordinary dream I had in early 1995. The Final Quest by Rick Joyner


  3. So clever!!!
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Late August 1910
    “Temptation sat before her, compelling as the sea.”
    The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M. White

    I’m almost done with this one! I LOVE that these books are so BIG!!!

  4. Kav

    Yay — first line Friday. And Yay we’re getting closer to Can’t Help Falling’s release date! Woot!

    Here’s the first line in the novel I am reading now.


    Yep, that’s it. Under the Cajun Moon by Mindy Starns Clark and it’s mesmerizing. Wowza! Cant’s stay to chat, gotta keep reading.

  5. Ooooo. This one is definitely on my TBR list. We will see when I can get my hands on a copy!! 🙂

    My first line:

    Summer 1996
    Heart’s Bend, Tennesee

    The scent of rain laced teh afternoon breeze as it shoved through summer-green trees, ramming ominous black clouds together like a craggy mountain ridge.
    ~The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck

  6. Your cleverness blows me away! Reading this book…and WOW! LOVE Kara!
    My son picked out my book: Charles Dickens; Four Complete Novels…So I am sharing a first line on each blog…”Now, what I want is, Facts.” Hard Times

  7. Anne Rightler

    There were few better pleasures in life, thought Jane Darling, than to sit on the screened side porch on a Saturday morning in June, in the white wicker chair, with her coffee and oatmeal and listen to the day wake up around here. (whew–long first sentence–almost the whole first paragraph too!)
    They Danced On by Carre Armstrong Gardner

  8. Hi Carrie! Thanks for the welcome! Love your blog! I have Can’t Help Falling on my kindle for review. Love the cover!

    My first line comes from Rachel Hauck’s new release A Royal Christmas Wedding that releases on October 18th.

    If she closed her eyes, she could pretend nothing had changed at the Rib Shack since Daddy died.

  9. Becky Smith

    The book nearest me just came in my mail. Where She Belongs by Johnnie Alexander. “In an upstairs room as neglected as all the others, AJ Sullivan flicked the grime from a broad fireplace mantel, then rubbed his fingers on his jeans. Mahogany.”

  10. I’ve had CHF on my pre-order list ever since I heard about it. Can’t wait!

    Because he had once been human, the King of Under Stone sometimes found himself plagued by human emotions.

    Princess of the Midnight Ball
    Jessica Day George

  11. Ha! I just got Close to You in the Mail! The Pathetic state of Allision Shire’s existence was perfectly summed up by the size-twelve prosthetic fee mocking her from the floor of the Mercedes minibus.

  12. Andrea Stephens

    PhD was not supposed to smell like this.
    A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

    Yes, I’m finally getting to read this book!

  13. Tracey Hagwood

    Such a clever girl 🙂 I’m fall-ing with you.

    I just got a review copy a few hours ago of Irene Hannon’s Tangled Webs, book 3 in the series. I’m diving in right now.

    It was a terrible night to die.

  14. MH

    “No woman sets out to be wicked. I’m not sure I can say the same thing about men.”
    – Delilah by Angela Hunt

    Such an interesting Biblical fiction written from Delilah and Samson’s first-person point of view. I have enjoyed her Dangerous Beauty series immensely.

  15. Winnie Thomas

    Sheriff Cade O’Brien was heartily sick of shooting people. –The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah M. Eden

    I totally adore all her books! I’m so excited to read this one, although I have a couple of others to finish first.

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