Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Consider When Naming My Child or Pet (and Ones I Wouldn’t)

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It’s Tuesday which means yesterday was Monday (yay! it’s over!) AND it’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday. Today, the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish have prompted us with the following theme: Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After. As usual, I’m tweaking it a bit to fit my own purposes. Said purposes in this case being the ability to come up with ten names to discuss. I came up with seven names pretty quickly that I would use but then I sort-of fizzled out so I decided to supplement the gaping hole of incompleteness with another three names that I wouldn’t use.


First up, the character names I would use in a heartbeat.


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I realize that Aslan from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia is a lion … and I never plan to own a lion. Nor do I ever plan to own a c-a-t. Because a) my husband is dangerously allergic to them and b) Zuzu is violently opposed to felines in general.  Nevertheless, I still love the name Aslan and would definitely consider it when naming a nice big furry dog like a golden retriever!


crookshanksAgain, I realize Crookshanks (from the Harry Potter series) is a cat.

And that I will never own a cat.

But IF I DID… it would totally be named Crookshanks.

Maybe I could name our car Crookshanks? Hmm… something to consider.


Image credit: Lilhian @ DeviantArt

I love the name Pigwidgeon. I don’t love birds. Terrified of them, to be precise. So… i will never own an owl or any other feathered foe to consider naming.

But, like Crookshanks, IF I DID its name would be Pigwidgeon, no contest. And I reserve the right to use this name for a future dog, just in case I get one that looks like a Pigwidgeon. It could happen.


Image credit: FridaG @ DeviantArt
Image credit: FridaG @ DeviantArt

Another one to add to my list for future dog name possibilities. I think the name “Frodo” would be absolutely adorable for a dog. Wouldn’t it sound cute when you called the dog? This is always something one should factor in when choosing pet names, you know.

Plus it’s a great way to tie in my love of literature as well as some sentimental memories (my dad read The Hobbit to me when i was young)


hermione readingNow, I would use the name Hermione for just about anything. I probably wouldn’t saddle a child with such an unwieldy moniker but I might consider it for a middle name. Maybe.

I just love everything that Hermione is as a character and who she represents – fierce women with soft hearts and courageous spirits who aren’t afraid to take a stand for what’s right and whose minds are insatiable. To bestow that charge on a sweet baby girl would be giving her at least a head start at being that kind of woman herself one day.


hilite_mpc_emma_2I would name my daughter “Emma”… in fact, I’ve always wanted to do so. However, I would even not mind naming my dog Emma, as it does not look like I will ever be in a position to name children of my own. This is not, however, because I especially like the character of Emma in Jane Austen’s book with the same title. It’s because I love the name itself. And I adore Mr. Knightley. Hmmm… I would totally name my car Knightley.  Although, that IS my nickname for my husband already so I’d probably best not start calling the car that too…


dobbyI think Dobby would be an adorable name for a rather awkward looking dog. Especially a rather awkward looking rescue dog. Especially a rather awkward looking rescue dog who is eager to please, fiercely protective, and pure of heart. That’s where the resemblance needs to end though – no hairless dogs. It must have fur. Dog snuggling loses some of its healing powers without fur. I’m pretty sure that’s a scientific fact. 😉

Ok… now let’s move on to names I wouldn’t use.


Nope. I wouldn’t wish this one on any child… or dog … or even my car. Unless of course it’s a car I happen to hate. I reserve the right to pull it out for those. I might also pull it out for a neighborhood cat now and then. Basically, I’ll only use this name from The Chronicles of Narnia when I’m especially irritated at something 😉


I think we can all agree that no child would want to be named “Voldemort” willingly. I’m pretty sure no self-respecting dog would either. I have, however, used this name when referring to my friend’s ex-husband who – like Eustace Clarence Scrubb – deserved it. (No “almost” about it in his case – he totally did.)


Poor Mr. Darcy – to be stuck with such an unfortunate first name. “William”, I would use. “Darcy” would be a great pet name in a pinch. But “Fitzwilliam” is such a mouthful. And rather snooty. And it would be inevitably shortened to “Fitz” in today’s society. Which just … nope.

Ok – now it’s your turn. What character names would you name your child/pet/car after? Which names would you never use?

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20 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Consider When Naming My Child or Pet (and Ones I Wouldn’t)

  1. When we were considering names for Shortcake, we contemplated Emma. I’ve always loved the name, but it’s so popular these days, we decided to not use it. We were sure she’d be one of twenty Emmas in her class someday!

  2. Hi! I forgot about Crookshanks. 🙂 I’d never own a cat either, but it is such a great name for one. I had Emma on my list as well. And my dog is Mr. Darcy. He prefers not to be called Fitzwilliam haha. 🙂
    My TTT

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