Top Ten Tuesday: If Your Book Club Loves Jane Austen, Read These Books

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Way back when I first started participating in Top Ten Tuesday, I did a post on Books to Read If You Love Jane Austen. So… even though that is still one of my most popular posts, maybe I shouldn’t repeat myself again. But I’m gonna. Because as soon as I saw this week’s topic (Books to Read if Your Book Club Likes _____), that post was the first thing that popped into my head.


Fair warning.

I will have some of the books on this list as I had on the previous one… BUT … I’ve read a lot since then (understatement) and I have some new ones to add. Not to mention the books I inadvertently omitted from last year’s post.


Let’s just get Julie Klassen out of the way right now. If your book club loves Jane (Austen or Eyre), then you NEED to be reading Julie Klassen’s books too! She has written many books – and all of them are wonderful. The ones I featured above are my favorites, but you can’t go wrong with anything by her.



Austenland isn’t “Christian fiction” but it IS cute and romantic. And a must-read for anyone who loves Jane Austen and has ever (even momentarily) considered that it might be fun to live in an Austen novel. Lots of great fodder for book club discussions here too!



Kristi Ann Hunter’s Hawthorne House Regency Romance series is just the right blend of humor and history, of delightful heroines and hunky heroes! Keep a fan handy and be prepared to swoon. BUT you’ll giggle a lot too ๐Ÿ˜€



I love retellings, because I really enjoy seeing how someone else takes a familiar story and gives it their own creative twist. These two collections contain 4 novellas each – Texas-set novellas, to be specific, that are based on Austen’s novels. Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park all get the Texas treatment across these two collections!

Goodreads – Volume 1

Goodreads – Volume 2


Speaking of retellings, how about an Amish retelling of Austen’s novels? Reviewers have called these retellings by Sarah Price “beautiful, fresh, and engaging” and they appeal both to fans of Amish fiction as well as those who are diehard Austen fans.



The Whispers on the Moor series by Sarah Ladd is simply gorgeous – from the covers to the writing to the romance. Sarah Ladd does a phenomenal job of creating an atmosphere without overdoing the detail, and you’ll feel like you’re right there in the drawing rooms and the gardens with the delightful characters.



While we’re talking about Sarah Ladd, I can’t neglect to mention her newest series, Treasures of Surrey. In fact, Dawn at Emberwilde may be my favorite book by Ladd yet. Many deeper meanings in this series that would make great book club discussions.



I love these books by Beth Pattillo. They’re romantic and fun and contain just enough plausible historical mystery to appeal to the history-geek-Nancy-Drew-wannabe inside me. Plus the heroines are fantastic!!



Melanie Dickerson’s Regency Spies of London books aren’t quite retellings in the purest sense but each one does contain nods and homages to Austen’s novels. A Spy’s Devotion is great and I absolutely love her main characters Nicholas and Julia as romantic leads … but y’all. Her next one? A Viscount’s Proposal? Whew. Goodness gracious. Go ahead and invest in a fainting couch now so you’ll be ready when February comes around ๐Ÿ™‚



Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson belongs on Regency reading lists everywhere as well as lists of “best fictional kisses” (Oh wait, i did that!). Philip makes a lovely book boyfriend … and the build-up to THAT KISS is just simply electric. Again, not “Christian fiction” but it’s clean and it’s fabulous.



The Daughters of Bainbridge House series is the first I read by Laurie Alice Eakes, and I was immediately swept away. The characters, the setting, the intrigue, and of course the romance! The third book of the series may be my favorite but they’re all excellent choices!



Even though Reay’s debut novel Dear Mr. Knightley is more similar to Daddy Long Legs than to Emma, it abounds with smart literary references. Including, of course, many things Austen – as well as nods to Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, Dickens, Narnia, and more!



Another great choice for Jane Austen-loving book clubs by Katherine Reay! Also a great choice for foodies … and anyone who loves to read books about family and relationships and sisters. Again, not a retelling per se but so many great nods to Austen throughout. As fellow reviewer Rissi said so well, “Reay weaves in references in honorable nods to the great literature and uses all of the good in those stories to an advantage in the breathtaking novels she pens.



The Drew Farthering Mysteries are not set in the Regency era – far from it. BUT you really can’t pass up the chance to read about yummy Drew decked out in full Regency attire, can you? I think not. *fans*



The Rogue Hearts series by Donna Hatch is another on my list that isn’t Christian fiction but it IS clean and it IS really really good! The romance is top-notch, and the second book particularly will involve all of your emotions. Some great opportunities for book club discussions in these stories as well.


What about you? What are some of your favorite Jane Austen reads?

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75 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: If Your Book Club Loves Jane Austen, Read These Books

  1. Oh, squee!! I have SO many of these books in waiting. One more month and I’ll either have my books turned in and will be able to read for pleasure, or I’ll be dead. Either will be welcome at that point.

    And you included Austen in Austin, by my so-talented blogmates. Woo hoo!!

    And OH MY GOODNESS, look at that! You know, you’re going to give Drew the big head mentioning him again. But I did SO enjoy having him all kitted out as Mr. Darcy. And then:

    Without warning, he dipped her backwards, making her squeal.
    “My dear Mrs. Farthering,” he breathed, his eyes fixed on hers, “you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”
    She giggled, though her breath was a little bit faster than usual. “You, sir, are a plagiarist.”

    Hee hee.

  2. Can’t wait to read ‘Dressed for Death’ – love that cover! โค๏ธ Another Austen retelling series I’ve enjoyed is by Debra White Smith – my faves are ‘Possibilities’ (a modern tale on Persuasion – my fave JA novel!) and ‘Northpointe Chalet’ (based on Northanger Abbey – my least favorite JA novel ?!)

    • KG

      Oh my goodness, I forgot about Debra Smith’s books – it’s been forever since I read them. They are awesome! Also the Brides of Pemberely series by Nancy Kelly is great. “His Good Opinion” – P & P from Mr. Darcy’s POV, “Loving Miss Darcy” – the story of Georgiana and Col. Fitzwilliam, and Kitty Bennett’s story “Against His Will.” All three are great.

  3. I can’t get enough Austen! Great list! May I suggest a couple that are must reads in my opinion? Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken and Mrs. Elton in America by Dianna Birchall. The latter book is a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes! Dear Mr. Knightly and Lizzy & Jane are fantastic! I also love the Hawthorne House series. I’ll have to add everyone else to my ever growing TBR pile.

  5. Yay! What a fabulous list–I see some of my favorites, and some new books I Must Try At Once!

    You are so kind to include Austen in Austin! And a special cheer for my blog mate Julianna Deering’s Dressed for Death! Waving hi!

    Thanks, Carrie! <3

  6. Debra E. Marvin

    Some of my favorite authors here! What a line up! Thanks so much Carrie. I’ve read so many of these.

  7. Dawn at Emberwilde was great and the only one I’ve read…so far. So many of these are on my radar – Sarah Price’s series in particular, now that I’ve started reading Amish fiction ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. hahahah. I don’t know what else to say.. you have #myTrent & #myColin in there.. Lizzy & Jane.. now I love that name! Julie Klassen HAS to be on this list, of course. I have two of Sarah Price’s on my shelf.. need to get to it! but I DO need to add quite a few more to my TBR list!

    O, may I suggest Love, Lace & Minor Alterations? That one.. the first impressions thing and references to my fave Jane Austen novel is adorable!

  9. Thanks for including my Regency series, Carrie!!! I’m dying to hear what people think of the second book! Feb. seems so far away.
    Have you read Midnight in Austenland, the sequel to Austenland? It’s really good too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Every once a year or so, I get a serious hankering to read every P&P spin off out there! You know, Darcy’s POV of everything. What happened to them after they got married. (Except for Death Comes to Pemberley. Horribly boring. I skimmed.) I luuuuuuuuuv those so much!

    Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  11. As usual, your TTT is great for my TBR. Just added several more. So glad to see Edenbrooke on your list! LOVE that book so much. Have you read Blackmoore by the same author? It’s much more like Northanger Abbey–gothic feel to it. But I still enjoyed it. Also love Austenland–such a fun Austen inspired read. I love Shannon Hale’s books. Have you read any others? I recommend The Goose Girl and Princess Academy to start ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carrie

      i have NOT read Blackmoore yet but i really want to. And Shannon Hale – need to read more of her books too!

  12. Jeanne Bishop

    I love each of your posts, but SO appreciate your lists of books. I’ve read several that you’ve listed, but I always find some that are real gems of which I wasn’t aware.
    Thank you, thank you!

  13. Sylvia M.

    I love the two Regency series by Catherine Palmer, Miss Pickworth series and the English Ivy series. They’re Christian fiction. The English Garden series by Lori Wick is another series I have read and enjoyed.

    How can anyone leave out Sarah M. Eden’s Jonquil Brothers series and the Lancaster series? They are fantastic.

    Kaye Dacus’ Ransome Trilogy is another good, adventurous and entertaining Regency series.

    • Carrie

      I do love Kaye Dacus’ series – yes!! I have yet to read Catherine Palmer’s series and I’ve only read one Sarah Eden book. Definitely need to read more of hers!

  14. Sylvia M.

    She won’t mention her own book, but Carolyn Miller’s first book in her Regency series is coming in February 2017! I am so looking forward to reading it. This novel is called Theย Elusive Miss Ellison. Here’s her book synopsis.

    The Elusive Miss Ellison Synopsis

    Check out her Pinterest Page also! It will make you want to read the book right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Love Julie Klassen and Sarah Ladd- not so keen on Laurie Alice Eakes though as I don’t think she is nearly as careful with authenticity of langauge. Her ‘British’ characters use far too many Americanisms, and make silly mistakes that they should not.
    Maybe it sounds pedantic, but for a lot of people British people talking about ‘pants’, taking cream in their tea, and not being able to tell the difference butween England and Britain are real spoilers.

  16. LOVE your list!! Several I’ve read (Sarah E. Ladd, Julie Klassen, Julianne Donaldson, Melanie Dickerson, Juliana Dearing) and several more are on my TBR list. Now I have more to add! ๐Ÿ˜€ Austenland sounds fun and I love the titles of Beth Patillo’s series.

  17. Lonnie Cruse

    I have read most of the books listed here, but I see one of my favorite authors is not listed. Sarah Eden. Seeking Persephone and Courting Miss Lancaster are my faves but she has many great books.

  18. Amy Holbrook

    For anybody interested in YA. Jenni James writes Jane Austen retellings. I’ve read 3 and have enjoyed them. I think I like Persuaded the best by her.

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