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A blessed Sunday morning to you! I am getting ready for church and then lunch with some sweet friends – where I am determined to finally try the famous KY spoonbread. (I’ve only lived here for 25 years … it’s time. Lol.)

This past week, I got to chat with Nicole Deese and the topic of her tendency to umm… over pack … came up.  She plans for every eventuality and is clearly the person you want to travel with!

I pack fairly conservatively when it comes to clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Just what I think I’ll actually wear/use. But when it comes to books? Oh goobers. All bets are off. The same trip that I teased Nicole about her apocalypse-ready suitcase, I myself had an entire suitcase full of JUST BOOKS.

On that particular trip, there was a good reason – I was going to be meeting tons of authors so I brought tons of books for them to sign. But honestly? On a regular no-authors-in-sight trip? I’m just about as bad. To paraphrase The Godfather, “Leave the shoes. Take the books.”

What about you? Do you over-pack when it comes to books? Or do you have more self-control? 🙂


21 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Traveling With Books

  1. Stephanie

    I always take extra stuff. You never know what will come up. Besides when I have not guess what I have needed it. Feel bad about it the rest of the time.

  2. Beckie B.

    I am in the middle of a short road trip, just 2 nights. But I have a fully loaded kindle, a “real” book, and an audiobook. Since yesterday morning I have finished an audiobook, am 60% through an ebook (I let my Kindle read to me — nerd alert!!) and have started the paperback. You can NEVER take enough books!

  3. Traveling is when my Kindle and the audiobook apps on my phone really earn their keep. Though I have to say, I love the idea of the suitcase full of books for authors to sign. 🙂

  4. Traveling is when my Kindle and the audiobook apps on my phone really earn their keep. Though I have to say, I love the idea of the suitcase full of books for authors to sign. 🙂

    • Carrie

      Oh yes, my trusty Kindle comes in quite handy as well. But I still feel the need to lug a tote FULL of books with me on every trip haha

  5. carylkane

    My travels are rare and usually just one night out of town. I don’t even pack a book. I do take books to my friend that I’m staying with.

    • Carrie

      For one night, i would still probably take at least 2 books. Or my kindle. Or my kindle and at least 2 books LOL

  6. Andrea Stephens

    We usually only visit family now and never know exactly how long we will be staying. I tend to overpack but efficiently if that even makes sense. I pack too many practical things,clothes, medicine and such. Then as my niece calls them my “many electronic gadgets” I have my phone, my kindle paperwhite, my kindle fire tablet, my regular tablet (it’s older and has my google play books on it) next comes my laptop so I can look for books and pay bills online. I always bring an extra power strip and lots of chargers. At least one camera with extra memory cards and batteries. I’ve also been known to pack a coloring book or two and colored pencils, long before the adult coloring trend took off, lastly I always pack Sharpie markers. You just never know when you might need to put your name on something. I used to always pack my Nintendo DS just to play Wordsearch but I’ve got a good one downloaded to my tablet so it stays home alone now. I always keep a Bible in my car. That’s just me, then I repeat all of it for my hubby as well as all the medical equipment that goes with him. The last trip we went on was supposed to be only 13 days, it turned into 5 weeks because I hurt myself. Before that was a Christmas trip where we got snowed in. Thankfully my sister is sweet and understanding and doesn’t kick us out of her house.

  7. Winnie Thomas

    I overpack on books. Before I had my Kindle, I used to take more books than I could possibly read–just in case. Now I usually take one or two print books, and all 3 of my Kindles, especially if I’m going to visit my grandkids. My youngest daughter’s 2 girls (ages 6 and 4) always ask if they can play my Kindle. I have games loaded for them. Now the 2 year old is starting to ask, so I’m in trouble. One of my Kindles is a Paperwhite, so I don’t have games on that. Bottom line–never put yourself in a situation where you don’t have a good book to read!

  8. Now that I have a Kindle, I have a pretty compact library. If I’m reading a paper book, I’ll take that along as well as the Kindle if I anticipate finishing. My husband is the one who overpacks reading materials. Weekend camping trip? Tote bag stuffed with a couple hard backs, a magazine or two, and a Kindle.

  9. Connie Scruggs

    Took 3 books on a mission trip to Mexico this summer. Read a few chapters of one of them. No time to read! We were working at a kids camp (literally sleeping in tents with no running water!) I was too tired to read. I slightly over packed in the clothing and toiletry department, but 3 books was excessive compared to the time I had to read.

  10. I’m terrible! I way overpack everything, including books! I brought my Kindle and live 5 paperbacks to my daughter’s this week because I couldn’t decide what I’d be in the mood for…

  11. Michelle Connell

    I tend to go light on the clothes and heavy on the books, magazines. One trip I took several mag. and read through quite a few and only brought back ripped out articles I wanted. I almost always pack too many books, but it depends on if I’m in the middle of one, and how many others I take along. I don’t own a Kindle or any device to read books on. I like the real deal. And bookmarks. I could probably paper my house with all the bookmarks we all own.

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