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Welcome to Day 5 of the Thankful Hearts giveaway! Just as a reminder – You can keep up with all the posts in the giveaway series by clicking on the Thankful Hearts giveaway graphic in the sidebar. More chances to win each day!

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful and heartfelt posts from our authors each day. I have been so encouraged and blessed by their words… and by your comments! Today, let’s hear from Robin Patchen on what she’ll never thank God for!

I’ll Never Thank God for That

I will never thank God for the trials my children have been through these last few years. They were awful and, in some ways, continue to be. I wouldn’t wish those trials on anyone, and I’ll never thank Him.

But I will thank Him for the spiritual growth and maturity my children gained through those trials. I will thank Him for the renewed strength and greater courage He’s given not just my children, but their parents and grandparents and loved ones as well. I will thank Him for the miracles He worked, which brought us through and still carry us today.

I praise God for His presence, which feels stronger during the darkest days than it ever did before. I praise Him for his promises, which I cling to and recite and pray every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I praise Him for the peace He gives us in the midst of the terrible storms, His soft whisper that drowns out our pounding fears.

I worship God for the beauty I see rising from the ashes of those fiery trials. I worship Him, because like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, my children were in the furnace with the Lord, and they are emerging with no scent of smoke. I worship Him because the trials are temporary, but the lessons will remain forever.

No, I’ll never thank Him for the trials, because the trials aren’t His doing. He allowed them, no doubt, but the trials didn’t come from above. They’re the result of this fallen world and our fallen natures. To thank God for the trials would be like thanking my earthly parents when I drive carelessly and get in a wreck. My foolishness is not their fault.

I won’t thank God for the trials, but I’m not sorry He let us go through them. We’re better because of them. We’re stronger, closer to each other, and nearer to our Father. Only our amazing, omnipotent Creator God could take the tangle of threads in these trials and weave them into a beautiful tapestry.

How have you seen God work through the trials in your life?


One of the books included in the Thankful Hearts giveaway is Robin’s latest book and the first book in her Hidden Truth series, Convenient Lies.

convenient-liesWhat happens when a woman marries her greatest enemy?

When investigative journalist Reagan McAdams discovers her new husband Julien is part of a powerful international crime family, she flees Paris with their newborn, returning to her childhood home in Nutfield, New Hampshire. She plans to gather her inheritance, collect her beloved grandmother, and disappear forever. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her son from his criminal father.

But when Reagan arrives home, her heart breaks at the news of her grandmother’s death. Finding her missing inheritance—hidden somewhere on the property—is as impossible as a second chance with her former boyfriend, Brady. Reagan’s feelings for Brady are stronger than ever, but when Julien’s people harm innocents to smoke her out, Reagan must make a choice.

What—and who—will she have to sacrifice to save her son?

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robin-patchenRobin Patchen is an award winning multi-published author, but only because she can’t pursue her other dream.

If time and money were no object, Robin would spend her life traveling. Her goal is to visit every place in the entire world–twice. She longs to meet everybody and see everything and spread the good news of Christ. Alas, time is short and money is scarce, and her husband and three teenagers don’t want to traipse all around the world with her, so Robin does the next best thing: she writes. In the tales she creates, she can illustrate the unending grace of God through the power and magic of story.

Connect with Robin on her website, on Facebook and Twitter.

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113 responses to “Thankful Hearts Giveaway: Robin Patchen

  1. Andrea Stephens

    To sort of continue on yesterday’s post. Every day is a trial for me. Every day has extra difficulties. Taking care of my husband’s medical needs as well as my own. My physical disabilities are getting worse with no way to fix them. I do not thank God for these trials but I depend on Him to get me through each day. I have many days of my own human failings and wonder where God is, ultimately it is me who needs to remember to reach my hand up to His. He does get me through each trial. The outcome is not always how I think it should turn out but I learn from that.

  2. Sunshine S.

    My family and I are currently undergoing one of our fiercest trials ever. What I’m thankful for is how God is loving, encouraging, and carrying us through, using His Body of followers around us! Friends, acquaintances, and church members have brought us meals, consistently lifted us up in faithful prayer, sent cards of encouragement and other gifts, and checked in with us each week to see if there is anything they can do to help. God has sent us tangible expressions of His love and care through them, and it has been amazing!

  3. Phyllis Barlow

    God has helped our family through many trials this year, and they’re not over yet. 🙁 However, one thing I am so thankful for, my oldest daughter finally admitted to us she had a drug problem and sought treatment for it. She is now been sober for 10 months.

    • Praise God! We have an addict in our family, too, and oh, the difficulty of watching one you love self-destruct. I’m so glad she’s on the road to recovery. May God be with her and all of you during this time, and may he show himself as the light in your darkest moments. God bless you!

    • Love you back, sister! We have to carry each other through the trials. I love people like you who are willing to share their trials. Only when we’re honest with each other can we truly connect.

  4. Donna B

    I agree with Robin, I will never thank God for the trials. I have always heard that God will turn our trials into blessings but I think we get impatient waiting for the blessing part. Thanks for this giveaway.

  5. Debbie Clatterbuck

    God works through my church family in helping me when I am in need of assistance from help around the house after surgery to a shoulder to cry on when times are tough. I love my Heavenly Father and my church family.

  6. God has worked through the trials in my life to change my heart. He has been patient to teach me when I have resisted in many other ways. I am learning to trust Him, even when it is so hard. I am thankful that He is my loving Heavenly Father, who knows what’s best for me.

  7. “Only our amazing, omnipotent Creator God could take the tangle of threads in these trials and weave them into a beautiful tapestry.” So beautifully put, Robin. Thank you.

  8. Patty

    I always try to look at the trials we go through as learning experience s. Not easy at the time I know. Also I think down the road we often have the opportunity to help another person who might be going through a similar trial/situation.
    I lost my younger sister unexpectedly several years back, and although I would never have wanted that to happen I have found it makes me much more understanding of others grief.

    • Patty, I’m so sorry for your loss. How heartbreaking. I lost my little brother a couple of years ago, so I understand what you mean–I’m much more compassionate now than I ever was before. I didn’t really understand grief until he died. Still, I’d rather have him back and lose the lesson, but God knows better than I.

  9. Jan Hall

    He brought my parents back together after 20 years apart just 5 years before she passed away. He has held me up since my husband passed away.

  10. Winnie Thomas

    About 6 years ago, I lost my twin sisters and my dad and mom within 18 months. It was a rough time in our family, but we felt, and continue to feel, God’s comforting spirit with us.

    • Oh, Winnie, I can’t imagine. I had one big loss (my brother) and it was so heartbreaking, I wasn’t sure I’d get through it. I can’t imagine your heartbreak. I love that you know God was with you all along. God bless you, sister!

      • Winnie Thomas

        Thanks you, Robin. It was hard, that’s for sure. My twin sisters passed away within 3 months of each other from different kinds of cancer. I still miss them so much, but I imagine them in heaven redecorating and getting into all sorts of mischief together! Sorry for the loss of your brother. It is heartbreaking to lose a family member. Hugs to you!

  11. Becky Smith

    I have seen God work through the trials in our life, such as sickness or money problems by drawing us closer to Him. Any trial that we have come through, we have found a deeper trust in Him. The trials just help me to see how much more of Him that I need and how woefully inadequate I am by myself. I keep thinking that God isn’t surprised by what’s happening and that He will work something good in me that I was lacking.

  12. Rebecca Maney

    This sounds like my kind of story! One of the hardest roles that I have ever had to play was that of a stepmother. Without going into lots of details, I will say that the experience has given me great insight into lots of things and increased my ability to empathize with others trying to blend a family.


    Thank you for this wonderful post, it has been so encouraging to see how God is working in our lives.
    Trials are not fun but I agree we do come out stronger on the other side. I find it hardest to keep trusting when everything is falling apart but I know in my heart He knows what is best for me.
    My trials with finances , illness. and widowhood would be impossible if I didn’t experience God’s grace to get through them.

  14. carylkane

    I feel that I have been on the back side of the desert for years! I keeping holding on to the truth that He is perfect in all His ways and His timing is perfect. I don’t want out of this trail before He has completed His work.

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

    • “I don’t want out of this trial before He has completed His work.” I love that! I was always like, “End it, right now! I’ll do anything else, just not this.” Good thing He knows better than I.

      Praying for springs of water in your desert, Caryl. Praying you’ll be like that lone tree in the wilderness that extends its roots by the stream, so your leaves don’t wither, and you don’t fear the year of drought nor cease to yield fruit. (An iffy paraphrase of Jeremiah 17:8.) I pray that the Lord would send such showers of goodness on you that you wouldn’t be rescued from the desert, but that the desert would become fertile ground for you and all those you love.

  15. Pam K.

    I have a stronger faith today because of going through a divorce about ten years ago. It was really awful for quite awhile, but as I have learned to rely more on God, things have gotten better. I’m also having to reach out more to others when I need help, which is difficult for this introvert. I am very blessed when I do this and am thankful for those who help.

    • Carrie

      Oh … reaching out is so difficult as intoverts, isn’t it? But it does seem like God blesses us so abundantly when we do

    • But when you’ve been in the fire, Pam, and come out the other side, you can’t help but reach back in to rescue others. And God’s so good, he doesn’t even let us feel the heat. Thank you for your testimony.

  16. So many times, God have been faithful to us, to me. During my trials, He’s my comfort, my Savior and my friend. He really does open a door for you when you think you’re stuck. We just have to listen, look and follow.

  17. Sonnetta Jones

    The last 7 yrs God has seen my family through job loss, sickness and death. He has been such a strong presence that I cannot help but notice his encouragement in the whispers and in the roar. He has reminded me that he is always there and the he will have his people to guide me. My family and friends have been surrounded by God’s love and sovereignty every step of the way.

  18. Bonnie Roof

    God has used my trials to draw me nearer Him, learn valuable lessons, reach out to the problems of others, and better appreciate my blessings. He has protected me from numerous serious situations since early childhood – beginning with near asphyxiation – and on through my life, He had a plan for my life. The last 3 years haven’t been easy – my mother has Alzheimer’s, my father has stage 4 cancer, I have an ill aunt who needs 24/7 care, and I am dealing with cancer for the 3rd time myself. However, God has given me a peace, encouragement, hope, joy, strength, and the knowledge He works all to my good. I am blessed!!

  19. God has changed me and made me different through the trials. Because of the trials, I know my Savior in ways I didn’t before. My relationship with Him has become MY relationship with him instead of being based on anyone else’s relationship with Him. Through the trials, He’s shown me that He loves ME enough to speak to me personally. He’s used the trials to make Himself real to me and to show me who He wants to be to me. He has proven Himself to me over and over through the trials. He’s redeemed the trials by giving them purpose, by using them for His glory ultimately. Here’s a blog post I recently wrote that shares my thoughts a little more clearly maybe.

  20. Anne

    My past four years with dealing with serious health issues has changed my enitre perspective. More understanding, patient and empathetic.

  21. As a family, we have seen Him open doors and orchestrate situations so that we are in the right place at the right time. And His provision has never failed us.

  22. Janice Moore

    My parents’ divorce led me to being more sensitive to others going through this trauma, especially the children.

  23. Rachael

    Every time I recognize God’s faithfulness in a situation, my faith grows a little too. Granted, even though He proves His faithfulness over and over, I am a slow learner and still apt to be anxious, but I’m growing.

  24. Dana Michael

    I’ve seen God work through so many trials in my life. So, it’s hard to pick one. But I ‘m gonna go with the dead of my father when I was just 17 years old. God took care of my mama and me and He totally provided for us. He became my mom’s husband and my father.

  25. Karen

    Last year my husband almost died in a work accident. God showed me the blessings and power of prayer. I was so calm about everything in those first few days. It was surreal. I know that it was all of my friends and family, hundreds of people, praying for us. Since then, it’s been a series of surgeries, complications, setbacks, triumphs and disappointments. Through it all, God has made sure that we’ve been supported and loved by our church family here. (We live hundreds of miles from family.)

  26. Trixi

    I don’t always see God working in the middle of a trial, but when I look back at it after some time passes…I see His hand in everything. It might not have worked out the way I wanted it to, but it worked out for my best. I can trust God to always be faithful and look out for my best 🙂

  27. I went through some tough times as a teen. Today I can recognize that such a difficult season was for the best, as I am all the better for it! When I saw my sister going through something similar, I was able to recognize the signs and help her. I will always be grateful for that!

  28. Kirsten Rinehart

    The Lord has allowed me to stay focused on my school work as my Thanksgiving Break is literally around the corner

  29. God has used some pretty serious trials in my life to draw me closer to Him and completely recognize my dependence on Him. The struggles were not pretty and some were tragic, but I felt God through to the other side and that made it worth it. God is alive and active in our lives.

  30. Hey Robin, Nice to meet you! The hard times always draw me back to deeper intimacy with the Lord. You’d think we’d learn to stay close to Him but ah, we’re completely flawed yet his grace is enough to cover ever sin and shortcoming.

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