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Today, Mary Connealy tells us what she’s thankful for and reminds us how rich we really are.


I am thankful beyond words that the Lord allowed me the family I have. Both in childhood and now as a married woman with beautiful, smart, faithful children.

So many people live through such hardships. And, though we were poor when I was a child, we always had enough to eat and a roof over our heads, and parents who didn’t make us feel poor. Rather I always felt rich in the things that really mattered, faith in God, good health and laughter.

Now I watch my four daughters grow up into beautiful, wise young woman…and they are giving me GRANDCHILDREN…and any time I forget to be thankful for my life, I wake up and remember what a beautiful life I’ve been given.


One of the books included in the Thankful Hearts giveaway is Mary’s new Christmas novella with St. Martin’s Press, Room at the Inn For Christmas.

Amanda Star’s father always wanted her to come into the family business, and run the majestic old Star Inn with him but she had bigger plans. She’s a high-powered executive in the multi-national Halston hotel chain. One more promotion—which she expects to get by Christmas—will make her the youngest vice president in Halston history and she’s got her sights set on the CEO job.

Then she inherits the Star Inn. With no time to be away from her job, she impatiently rushes home to list the beautiful old bed and breakfast for sale. Now that she’s here she’s swamped with sweet memories and keen regret. Her father has made the inn a safe haven where weary travelers can get away from their hectic lives, and Amanda, working 10-hour days and living on coffee and antacids, desperately needs that safe haven.

As Amanda struggles against the lure of home, she also is reunited with an old classmate: Anthony Carter, a handyman with a guarded heart. Hurt before by a woman who saw his contentment and pleasure in building and living on his own land as a lack of ambition, Cart reluctantly finds himself drawn to a woman who wants so much more than a man with callused hands and sawdust in his hair. A woman who came home for Christmas and badly needs to stay. With the help of Angel Rafferty, the front desk clerk and a lifelong friend of Amanda’s parents, can Cart help Amanda realize the hospitality industry is far more than spreadsheets and bottom lines in time for Christmas?

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Mary_Connealy_Profile_PicMary Connealy is the bestselling author of romantic comedy with cowboys. She is a Carol Award winner, and a Rita, Christy and Inspirational Reader’s Choice finalist.

She is the author of bestselling Kincaid Brides Series: Out of Control, In Too Deep, Over the Edge. The Trouble in Texas Series; Swept Away, Fired Up, Stuck Together. The Wild at Heeart Series; Tried and True, Now and Forever, Fire and Ice. Her work also includes Lassoed in Texas Trilogy, Montana Marriages Trilogy and Sophie’s Daughters Trilogy. And Novella collections; A Bride for All Seasons, Four Weddings and a Kiss, A Match Made in Texas, Hope for the Holidas Contemporary Collection, Hope for the Holidays Historical Collection, With this Kiss Contemporary Collection, With this Kiss Historical Collection and many more books.

Under the pen name Mary Nealy, she also wrote Ten Plagues–a romantic thriller, and The Historical Society Murders–three cozy mysteries.

Mary is married to a Nebraska rancher and has four grown daughters and a small bevy of spectacular grandchildren.

Connect with Mary on her website, on Facebook and Twitter.

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Question for giveaway entry: Who are you most thankful for in your family?

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114 responses to “Thankful Hearts Giveaway: Mary Connealy

  1. Ann Doohan

    We often forget what is important in life like good health and a home that is warm with food and clothing. Faith in God does make us rich.

  2. Anne

    My husband whose support over many years is constant, especially when my health has been precarious for the past four years.

  3. Jan Hall

    I am most thankful for my dad. Even with his failing health he is positive and an inspiration to me and others.

  4. Do I have to pick one? Well, today, I am most thankful for my husband who showers me with love everyday. I got a cupcake today, so yea, I’m thankful for him! 😉

  5. Heather Navarro

    I am so thankful for my husband who tirelessly works to support his family and is my hero in so many ways.

  6. Cyndi

    Wow, tough! I’d have to say at this moment, I am most thankful for my 2 grandsons, both almost 2 yrs. old but cousins 5 weeks apart. Absolutely precious!

  7. Becky Smith

    Wow, this book sounds so good! It’s hard to pick just one member of my family. They all are a wonderful part of my life! I’m thankful for my hubby, my children, my daughters and son-in-law, my grandchildren, my parents, grandparents, and all my ancestors who came before me and decided to move to America.

    • Carrie

      definitely – we take for granted the people who made it possible for us to live here but I’m thankful for mine too

  8. Bonnie Roof

    Love Mary’s definition of wealth – the best one!! I’m grateful God has given her the gifts of laughter, faith, and writing that inspires me and so many other readers. And I’m grateful for the faith-filled home I was raised in – it was those “seeds planted and nurtured” that drew me nearer Him after my rebellious years and gives my family strength, hope, and trust He works all things to our good through our years of bad health.

    Can’t wait to read what promises to be a beautiful, touching story in ‘Room at the Inn for Christmas’!!

  9. Debbie Clatterbuck

    Certainly a tough question, but I would have to say I’m most thankful for my mom because she has been there for me all my life. She is a great mom!!

  10. Judy Sheridan Smith

    My best friend and hubby of 50 years. He now has Parkinson disease. Pat has an amazing attitude and trusts in our Lord with all his heart.

  11. Julia Buzard

    I will always be so thankful for my mother. She passed away 3 years ago and I miss her more than I thought possible. She raised me as a single parent and although we didn’t have much I never really thought of us as poor. She was so strong and I can only pray that she passed that strength on to my daughters and me.

    • Julia, I still have my mom but she’s the last of the grandparents. Both of My Cowboy’s parents are gone and I miss his mom everyday. I just loved her, she was my best friend.
      And I know My Cowboy still misses his dad.
      My own dad, I think about things all the time I wish I could talk to him about. He was so funny and very wise.
      His death was very slow and I am grateful I had that time and the wisdom to LISTEN to him and take the time to just be with him and talk. I cherish that.

  12. carylkane

    I am thankful for my Daddy. He became a Christian late in life. He went through hardship with an unshakeable faith in the Lord. He was a wonderful example of how a life can be redeemed by the Lord. He’s been enjoying his Heavenly home since January 2012.

  13. Kirsten Rinehart

    I am thankful for my Mom. Right now I’m at college and when I have no one else to talk to here at campus my mom has no problem with me calling her anytime.

    • Kirsten I can promise you that nothing makes you mom happier than to have you talk to her. Of course she probably wants to take care of all your problems too. But sometimes, us moms just can’t do it, it’s just not possible. I’m so glad you have her to talk to.

  14. Winnie Thomas

    I’m so thankful for my husband. He’s put up with me and my quirks for. . . let’s just say LOTS of years! He’s so good to help out all our kids and grandkids when they need help, and also neighbors and friends when they need a hand. He’s got a lot of ambition, he’s a hard worker, and he likes to be busy. He’s a keeper!

    • Carrie

      Congratulations, Jeanne!!! We’ve been married 16 and I think it’s a huge accomplishment that we haven’t killed each other yet haha 🙂

  15. Andrea Stephens

    This question is unfair. My answer is fairly easy, though, just don’t tell any of my other family members. I’m most thankful for my sister. She is the first person I call when I need an ear, an encouraging word, a prayer, or just to chat. She is a wonderful mom her 2 daughters. She is a good friend to all who know her. She opens her home, for extended periods of time, to me and all I bring with me. A couple of years ago, My husband and I were staying with her, our mom was there, my daughter, her husband and 2 very little boys came to stay and since we were all there 4 of my brother’s kids came to stay for a few days. I could not imagine having that many extra people in my house. She says it’s no big deal.

  16. Sonnetta Jones

    I am most thankful for my mother. She has been through much with her own health and other family members that she is stronger because of it. She refuses to give in or up because she trust that God has a reason for all this.

  17. Pam K.

    What a terrible question! It’s seems awful to pick one of my children over the other as “the one I’m most thankful for.” Sorry, I just can’t do it. I am thankful for both my daughter and my son.

  18. Stacy Simmons

    I love all of my family but I really appreciate my husband’s support over these 29 years of marriage. we’ve lived with our kids in four different states gone through job changes, and now I am a fledgling writer, he’s supported me all of these years. He keeps me smiling : )

  19. I am thankful for my husband and children, and like Ms. Connealy, I am thankful for my parents and my upbringing. I’m also thankful for the wonderful family I married into!

  20. Amy Tyner

    My Papa and Grandma who raised 4 children who in turn have had 9 children and most all are believers raising children to reflect their own lives.

  21. Denise Hunter

    I am thankful for the way of life and the people in it that God has given me. As a young city girl I was drawn to farm life and spent many “over nights ” with rural friends. God gave me a devoted farmer husband who can do anything! Together we raised 3 children and now have 5 grown “children and 8 grandchildren. I have followed my childhood dream and taught special education for almost 28 years. I have seen so many struggling and needy families and realized how blessed I am.

  22. Denise Hunter

    I am most thankful for the husband that God has given me. As a young city girl I was drawn to farm life and spent many “over nights ” with rural friends. God gave me a devoted farmer husband who can do anything! Together we raised 3 children and now have 5 grown “children” and 8 grandchildren. He gets grandchildren fed, takes them to school and a host of other things along with all his farmer chores.

  23. Rachael

    I’m thankful for all my family: husband, parents, annoying (but strangely lovable) brothers, marvelous sisters-in-law, my husband’s wonderful family (if everyone had in-laws like mine, the stereotype of the evil mother-in-law would not exist), grandparents, crazy extended family, even including the tribe of also annoying (but quite lovable) second-cousins-once-removed.

  24. Dana Michael

    My husband of 32 years. He takes good care of me. He goes to work faithfully every day, pays our bills and he washes his own clothes. lol!! I love that man!!

  25. Connie Saunders

    I am very thankful for my husband. He has always worked to provide for our daughter and me; he loves me unconditionally and He is a man of God. I have been blessed!

  26. Karen

    Hands down, my daughter is the best thing that God has ever given me! She is such a sweet, smart, sensitive little girl! She’s a much better person that I ever was at her age! lol

  27. Trixi

    My husband!! He’s been the rock of our marriage and God has used him in so many ways in my own life 🙂

  28. Patty

    Of course I would have to say my husband, though sometimes I wonder how he puts up with me!
    After that my Mom is the most wonderful Mom in the world hands down=)

  29. Donna B

    Well since I commented yesterday about my mom, my next choice would be my siblings. I have three sisters(with one being my twin) and one brother. We are all close knit but I’m probably closest to my twin sister. We don’t have to be together to be thinking the same thing. We are identical and only those close to us can tell us apart even after 50+ years.

  30. I am so thankful for my husband who is totally just as silly as I am but knows when to be serious too. I am absolutely sure that God created this special man for me and me for him. We are a perfect fit. I also love that he is not remotely afraid of crying and getting taken away with emotion when we watch CBS evening news and the On the Road segments with Steve Hartman.

  31. Mallori

    I am thankful for my mother and my grandmother. My mother because she has helped me through so many of the milestones in my life (so far) and is an example of a mother who managed to raise my sister and I right while working full-time as a nurse (and many times working overtime). My grandmother as an example of a hard-working, humble, self-less Christ-follower who was always willing to help out and seldom recognized for it. A true embodiment of the Christian faith and the Mennonite denomination.

  32. Rachel D.

    My husband. He has been such a rock and encouragement for me and such a good daddy to our boys. I would not have made it through this season without him.

  33. I am most thankful for my husband. He keeps me laughing, smiling, and swooning! No one can calm my frazzled nerves like my man. He deserves most of the credit for any semblance of sanity I have left.

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