First Line Friday (Week 36): Christmas Conspiracy

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first line fridays

Yay for Friday!!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you started your Christmas shopping?!? 😀

Either way, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

The book I’m featuring today is Christmas Conspiracy by Susan Sleeman.


You can check out my review here.

And the first line is…

“Hot ugly eyes stared at Rachael from black circles in the gunman’s mask.”

I wasn’t kidding in my review when I said Susan starts you out with suspense right away!! Such a great book 🙂

So… what’s your First Line today?

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24 responses to “First Line Friday (Week 36): Christmas Conspiracy

  1. Rebecca Maney

    I actually have a book here that I was reading while I ate lunch. ” He took the pinch of cotton Sue offered and rubbed it between his short, pudgy fingers.”

    “Vow Unbroken” by Caryl McAdoo. It’s my first book by Caryl, I won it in a book contest, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    Would love to read the one by Susan Sleeman, as well; love fast starters!

  2. Becky Smith

    Oooooo!! I HAVE to read this one! Mine is: “Wounded soldiers returned from war as heroes. Wounded nurses returned as old maids.” From The Thorn Healer by Pepper Basham.

  3. Anne Rightler

    I keep monsters in my peripheral vision. When you’ve been attacked by the horribles, you never forget.
    Craig Parshall’s The Occupied

  4. “Jane Fairmont Bell sat alone in the keeper’s lodge she had once shared with her husband.” – The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen…My Christmas shopping is ALMOST done. Couple items to get for family and a few things for the boys and DONE!!!

    • Carrie

      yay! Mine is done too – just waiting for items ordered to arrive 🙂 My copy of Ivy Hill is sitting here calling to me!

  5. My first line is: “Once upon a time–specifically, last December–author Maren Grant had what she thought might be the most perfect night of her life.” One Enchanted Christmas by Melissa Tagg

  6. Tessa flopped on the divan, more worn and weary in her thirty-seven years than the faded and threadbare divan in its 137 years. ‘What will I tell the others,’ she moaned to herself, too weary even to weep at the events of the past thirteen days.

    Tessa, sitting next to me because I’m about ready to sign it and mail it out!

  7. Winnie Thomas

    “Only a limited patch of Earth could claim the privilege of belonging to Texas.” For the Record by Regina Jennings

  8. Andrea Stephens

    I could not get your page to load yesterday at all 🙁 I’m glad it’s working for me now.
    My first line was
    “As Betty Kowalski drove home from church on Sunday, she realized she was guilty of two sins.” The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson. She also has a book called The Christmas Cat but I didn’t want to offend Zuzu.

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