Sunday Book Club: Dear Santa

Posted December 11, 2016 by meezcarrie in Sunday Book Club / 16 Comments


Is it beginning to look like Christmas where you are? We had a minuscule amount of snow here the other day. And by minuscule, I mean I had to squint to see it meandering through the air.

Ah well… I’ll just continue to live vicariously through my friends who ARE seeing snow already and stare at that cozy wintry porch picture in the meantime. 😀

Today on the Book Club, I want to know – What’s the one book you most hope to find under your tree this year? (even if you have to put it there yourself haha!)

I’ve preordered Laura Frantz’s newest A Moonbow Night and (considering it doesn’t release until the 1st week of Jan) it’s probably too much to hope that it arrives in time to give to myself for Christmas BUT that would be my answer to today’s Book Club question anyway.

So now it’s your turn. What’s the one book you most hope to find under your tree this year?


16 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Dear Santa

  1. Liz

    I have several on my wish list, but the one I most want is “What Matters Most” by Kellie Coates Gilbert.

  2. Winnie Thomas

    I’m looking forward to A Moonbow Night, too, Carrie. I think I’ll probably just order an Amazon gift card for myself and stick it under the tree. Then I’ll tell my hubs how generous he was!

  3. Andrea Stephens

    I am hoping for a book that I recently won to arrive before Christmas 😉
    If not then I would like to get the last 3 books in Dawn Crandall’s Everstone Chronicles series.

  4. Oh gosh….ummm….most of the books I want to read I get for reviewing. I would like The Little House book set. My parents own a set (THE set I grew up reading) and I want them for my own. We got Christmas excerpts from Little House from the library and the boys are loving it lol

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