Some Goodreads Giveaways & Weekly Blog Update for Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas Eve!!! I hope you are able to spend today and/or tomorrow with someone you love, but if you’re alone this year may I take just a moment to tell you that Jesus loves you so dearly. And He is always with you. Who better to celebrate Christmas with than the One who made it all possible.

Here are the Goodreads giveaways ending this week that I thought might be of interest to y’all… which admittedly is not that many this week! Side note: There are a lot of weird books being given away on Goodreads LOL. Best of luck to each of you nonetheless! ? As always, clicking on the covers will take you to the giveaways and neither myself nor my blog are in any way affiliated with Goodreads or these giveaways.

Giveaways Ending 12/25

Giveaways Ending 12/27

Giveaways Ending 12/30

Giveaways Ending 12/31





Because it’s Christmas Eve, I’m not going to go into all the posts from last week or everything you can expect next week. But I do want to draw your attention to a couple of giveaways and a couple of things to look forward to!

Make sure you’ve entered these great giveaways!

Watch for this blog series all next week! Some tough choices this year!

And come hang out with me at the Seekerville Rockin’ It NYE Party. I’m cohosting with my dear friend Bonnie at 8:00pm Eastern 🙂

That’s it for now!

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