Sunday Book Club: Bookish Resolutions

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Welcome to the first Sunday Book Club of 2017! It is COLD here. Like, single digits cold. Time to snuggle under blankets with a pile of books… if only I had some to read. LOL. Yes. Well. 🙂

Today on the Book Club, let’s talk about our goals/resolutions for the New Year, particularly as they relate to our bookish habits. For myself, I am going to try to cut back a bit on blog tours, etc. so I can catch up on all the books I ran out of time to read last year. There are several titles that are KILLING me not to have read yet – Denise Hunter’s Summer Harbor series (A WHOLE SERIES. ugh.), Kara Isaac’s two fantastic books, the Drew Farthering mysteries. And more. It’s really quite sad.

Don’t get me wrong – I read some FABULOUS books last year but I know there are just as many fabulous books that I didn’t have time to read. And my goal this year is to make my bookish heart happy by finally diving in to the ones I mentioned above and the several others that have been calling to me.

So what about you? What are some bookish resolutions you have for this new year?


47 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Bookish Resolutions

  1. Melony Teague

    Bookish resolutions, I love that that is a thing!

    Mine are to be more structured in my reading and reviewing. What that will look like is still to be determined.

    And I love your bookish resolution. Good for you

  2. Brrr! It’s cold here too. In fact we just had our first snowstorm of the season (which the kids are thrilled about!)

    This year, I’m planning to focus my reading a lot more on audiobooks, since they go so well with household chores and with my commute to and from work. I’m also aiming to be more careful about not biting off more than I can chew in the form of blog tours and such. I want to keep my reviews as timely as possible! And I want to incorporate more nonfiction reading about the craft of writing fiction…along with a steady diet of fiction. 🙂

    Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love your Sunday Book Club feature. Such fun questions!

  3. Mine is to get my Netgalley reading list under control! I’m going to try and read more and request less! Hmmm something tells me, it’s going to be very hard!

    Good luck!

  4. Christie

    Read 30 books (I used to read 80/ year pre-kids, pre-real job). I’m starting with To Kill a Mockingbird bc shockingly I’ve never read it!

    • Carrie

      i read it eons ago in school (not revealing exactly how long ago lol) but not since. I’m due for a re-read now that I’m an adult.

  5. Don’t miss To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s excellent. Much better when you’re grown up.

    I think my book resolution is just to get all the books from my former library (now my dad’s room) put away.

    Somewhere. O.o

    Drew hopes you enjoy his adventures. 😀

  6. Last year I branchd out a lot! Experimented with different genres, authors, settings…but because of that I didn’t get to finish my reading challenge (in numbers yes but not content). So this year I’m gonna try and stick to MY authors who I already know and adore and read as many books as I can that have been on my tbr for far too long.

  7. Marilyn

    I have been reading the “Elsie Dinsmore” series,but stopped to read my Christmas books. Have several more “Elsie Dinsmores” to read. I enjoyed some,but I have found several tedious. I never read the Dinsmore series as a child. I received lots of books and gave many to my sisters, so I will not run out of books. Our friend even gave us books fro Christmas.Not to mention we have a ton in the basement and in our bookcase in the parlor. Carrie,I enjoy your blog and find it entertaining and informative. Thank you for this fun blog.

  8. Catching up on the TBR pile is #1. I am going to say no more often too. We’ll see how successful I am. I have most of January and February open and nothing scheduled after that. Yet. Reading just because. What a concept!

  9. How fun – I’m working on a resolutions post that I plan to have up today.

    At the top of my list is catching up on books I received for review or through giveaways. I can’t seem to decide on a reading order, so I’m setting the goal for “before the end of July” – the same as my weight loss goal, so no pressure 😉

  10. Well, my first goal is to leave a review for every book I read. Even if it’s just a few lines. I REALLY struggle to write short reviews! Overachiever may be my middle name…

    But I, too, am determined to be more disciplined about requesting/accepting book review opportunities. I have a bit of a backlist to work through. But then, looking at the selections this year, that might not be so easy…

    • Carrie

      I know! I try not to accept blog tour reviews unless it’s a book I really want to read but this year that’s not gonna help much bc I WANT TO READ THEM ALL!!

    • Winnie Thomas

      Katie, I try to just write a couple of fairly short paragraphs in my reviews. I’m not a writer, so it stresses me to try to analyze and write everything about the book. Another reason is that I tend to skip over reviews that are really long, unless they are by people I’m familiar with. I know that with a blog it’s a little different, because you probably feel you have to write more on books you review there. I’d rather write a short, concise review and have more time to read! LOL I do read through longer reviews by bloggers that I follow, because I’m interested in their take on the book.

      I almost always read Carrie’s reviews, because she is such a clever, humorous, spot-on reviewer. I find I almost always agree with her review/rating/opinions. I also love yours and Beth’s (and a few others), because you have awesome insight and your reviews and blogs are amusing and fun to read. I give you permission to quit being an overachiever and just be average with me! LOL

      • Carrie

        but that IS why i do a “bottom line” in my reviews – so that if people don’t want to endure all of my ramblings, they can skip ahead to just that part 😀

        • Winnie Thomas

          Carrie, I adore your reviews, and I almost always read the whole thing, because I love your sense of humor, and you usually review books I’m interested in, too, and because you’re my BFFF, and, as you can see, I’m good at writing long, run-on sentences! LOL

          • I have to agree with Winnie! I love reading your reviews. They’re always entertaining and well thought out and so informative. The only negative is financial — the cost of buying all the wonderful books you talk about as well as the eventual extensive foundation work my house will surely require. 😀

            P. S. Just got my very first copy of Drew Five. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

          • Carrie

            LOL Winnie & DeAnna – i love y’all!! 😀 And eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee YAY DeAnna! How exciting!

          • Winnie Thomas

            DeAnna, it’s probably more cost effective to just build on another room solely for books than to repair the foundation of your house. I wonder if you do reading/reviewing/blogging as your job, can you take building the extra room off your taxes? I think writers get a tax break on research trips, don’t they?

  11. I have SO many books I want to read and not the time to read them. I’ve come to the conclusion for me reading is like writing, just trying to take it bird by bird and book by book. 🙂

  12. Andrea Stephens

    Bookish Resolutions…Keep better track of the books I read! I’m also going to read more from different genres.

    That may not sound like much but for me, it’s all I can do. In the middle of last year, I started trying to leave reviews for the books I read. I’m hoping to continue that.

    Oh, one more thing…Do everything I can to get to CFRR 2017!

  13. carylkane

    Bookish Resolutions – Focus on reading more from the “older” books in my TBR tubs. In fact today, I’ve been working on printing author series lists to determine what I own, what I can borrow from the library and the ones I need to purchase.

    I’m looking forward to hanging out at the Gaylord in September.

  14. Melissa

    Learning to say no is one of the most difficult things about reviewing. There are so many great books, it is just impossible to read all of them.
    For me, my resolution is to get some pleasure reading time built back into my schedule. Not that I don’t find pleasure in my review reading, but it is so nice to read books without thinking critically about it.

  15. Winnie Thomas

    I’m going to try to get caught up on some of the books I’ve been wanting to read, too. I’ve read so many amazing, wonderful ones the past year, but I have a huge backlist of ones I want to get to.

  16. I set my Goodreads goal at 100. I’d like to include at least 8 classics among those. And, I want to get all caught up with my NetGalley reads. I have 17 books there to read, and I’m hoping to knock them off in this first quarter. (And, I say start with the Summer Harbor series, which I love!!)

    • Carrie

      i think I remember having 17 books on Netgalley… maybe. I kinda went a little crazy there at first 😛

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