Sunday Book Club: Things Change

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Happy Sunday morning to you, my friends!

Today on the Book Club, let’s talk about how our reading habits have changed over the past few years. For myself, I read in many more genres than I used to, and I’m much more willing to try a new-to-me author.  In fact, several of these new-to-me authors have become some of my very faves… and some of my go-to faves from just a few years ago really aren’t anymore. The writing style I prefer has evolved, as I’ve been exposed to many more options, as has the storycrafting and character development I’m looking for.

But what about you? How have your reading habits changed?

Do you still read the same authors you did 5 years ago? Same genres?

Is your taste in writing style or character types different now?

Do you read more books or less books than you did a few years ago?

Let’s discuss!


24 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Things Change

  1. Melony Teague

    Oh yes,my tastes have changed quite a bit. When I look at my past reading lists, there are so many new authors that I enjoy now. There are some that I think, ” I read that? What was I thinking? ”
    I guess it shows a growth and evolution of sorts. As a reader, I am in a different place now. The Genres have not changed as much. I still like be Historical. But I did not read contemporary fiction. Now I do. Also I love YA Dystopian. Not sure how many years ago that became a thing.

  2. Rachel Dixon

    Tasted have changed for sure. In high school (10+ years ago) I would read ALLLLLLLLLL the time. But the only adult Christian fiction authors I really knew about were Tracie Peterson, Gilbert Morris, Linda Lee Chaikin….it was a lot harder for me to find authors then. After traveling the world, working, getting married and starting a family, didn’t read a whole lot till 2014. And I started with Julie Klassen, and was hooked!!!! And Mary Connealy was my first book I read for reviewing purposes. And since then been branching out and have discovered several amazing authors and genres and Jody Hedlund and Pepper Basham and Julie Lessman (and others) have raised the bar pretty high in Christian Fiction for me.

  3. Beth Hixon

    Since I started really keeping track of the book I read in a year, I would have to say yes to having read more books. That first year of 2014 I read 44 books and last year 2016 I read over 70. Now some of those were audiobooks but they still count. I love a good historical romance, but today I will read or listen to other genres and have found to like them as well as I did the historical ones.

  4. Andrea Stephens

    I think historical fiction will always be my favorite genre, it is where my love of reading began. I got my kindle keyboard with 3G shortly after my husband got sick in 2010. I knew there was a long road ahead and I needed books to be a distraction. In the few years between homeschooling and caretaking, I didn’t read as much, maybe 5 books a year. I was busy taking pictures of flowers. I did have a game cartridge for my daughter’s old Nintendo DS that was a library of classics, I read those books at night. My Christian bookstore had closed, B&N didn’t have much. It was my introduction to e-books that brought my voracious appetite for reading back. I found new to me authors and new authors and have many new favorites. I joined Goodreads in May 2015 but didn’t really use it. I did better last year, I set a goal of 40 and officially read 66. I didn’t mark all my books as read with a date so they didn’t get counted hence my goal this year to mark all my books as read. Following a certain book blog has increased my desire for more books, more genres, now I have an ever growing wishlist. My answer to the questions above, yes, yes, and more. Many more.

    • Carrie

      Ha! I do seem to get blamed for everyone’s growing wish lists lol. And it took me a while to get the hang of Goodreads & use it the way I wanted

  5. Jan Hall

    I am more picky about what I read now than when I was much younger. I read mostly Christian books now. I am not reading as much right now as I have been known to read. I lost my husband in July and am just getting back to reading more.

  6. I think it’s natural that our tastes would change because we change. We’re certainly not stagnant. A few years ago I was reading nothing but big historical novels, even though I wrote contemporary. I couldn’t, at that time, find contemporary novels I liked. Now, though, I’ve discovered lots of new contemp. authors because I made a conscience decision to search them out. And I don’t read as much historical as I used to. So what I read did change out of research, I guess, because of what I was writing, but I keep reading those contemp authors now because I enjoy that genre so much more.

  7. Coming into this industry 4 years ago, I quickly learned that the market is tight, and the bar is set really high for new authors breaking into the publishing world. The writing has to be stellar to break into the circle. So, I’ve enjoyed reading new authors. I’ve also learned that the bigger publishers are sticking to what they know worked for their business, so I ventured out to try the highly regarded/reviewed indie books. I found some great stories and writing that was a little different in great ways. So, I still want to read Lynn Austin’s latest, but I want to read lots of newish authors and unique stories.

  8. carylkane

    My go to genre had always been mystery/suspense. Now I’m reading a few other genres. I’ve also discovered new favorite authors.

    Thanks to social media, I’ve met some really awesome fellow readers!

  9. MH

    I’ve only recently discovered Christian fiction and that’s all I read nowadays. I love my tried-and-true authors but am willing to try new authors when recommendations come my way via blogs, emails, etc.

  10. My reading interests have changed, more in the way that I relate to characters. In the last 12 years, I’ve become a parent and also more settled in my career/marriage/etc. My views toward characters and situations have changed.

    • Carrie

      that’s a great point! How has our roles in life change, so do our perspectives and the way we relate to characters!

  11. I find myself getting bored with formulaic stories now, even if well written. I’m looking for something to challenge or surprise me, and the unfortunate side effect of writing – I’m super picky about what I really like these days.

  12. Michelle Connell

    I used to read more romance and historicals or Amish, but now I’m more interested in suspense, mystery and thriller. But I’ve always loved mysteries though.

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