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Welcome author Jackie Castle to the blog today!

Jackie Castle is the author of The White Road Chronicles a fantasy series, The Sentinel Archives for school-age readers, and newly released Madison Creek Bed & Breakfast romance series. She has also published articles and short stories in numerous magazines. She’s enjoyed many crazy adventures from working as a hairstylist, to her bravest quest: teaching children in daycare and elementary schools. Eventually, she settled down to a somewhat safer pursuit of being a Story-weaver.

Now she lives in her comfortable Texas home where she spins marvelous tales and enjoys relaxing in the evenings with her husband Bob, their children and grandchild.

Her favorite pastime, besides reading, is traipsing through her imaginary worlds in search of another story.

She looks for the extraordinary in every ordinary day that she experiences.

Find out more about her shenanigans over at Jackie Castle’s Story World: There you can also sign up for her monthly newsletter.

Her latest release, The White Road Tales, is a complete collection of all four prequel novellas to her fantasy series, The White Road Chronicles.

He might lose his life if their secret is found out.

Together they look for the way out of the evil kingdom of Racah. With each passing day, their love grows. Tarek the hunter is desperate to get the Racan Princess away from the powerful King Darnel, but the dark ruler has other plans.

By some means of a malicious enchantment, Princess begins to lose her memories, including her memories of Tarek!

A raging war battles inside his heart. Is the girl he loved still there? For brief moments, she seems to recognize him again. Then the moment is gone.

And that brief, precious moment is all that’s needed to spur his unrealistic plan of escape.

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Hi Jackie! Thanks for chatting with me today 🙂 I start all of my guests out with a fast four:

apples or oranges

Jackie: Apples. They’re sweet and crunchy

Carrie: Yum!

winter or summer

Jackie: Winter if I’m in Texas. Summer if I’m up north. 

Carrie: Winter no matter where i am 😉

dogs or cats

Jackie: Dogs. Always dogs. Because they’re always happy to see me when I walk in the door.

Carrie: Yes!!

coffee or tea

Jackie: Coffee starts off my morning to wake me up. Tea is nice throughout the day if it’s cold outside. Otherwise it has to be iced sweet tea because that’s how it’s done in Texas.

Carrie: Well, of course. I’m surprised they even allow hot tea 😉

Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Jackie: Coming up with a quick answer, though it’s usually an outlandish answer. Which brings me to my real superpower: Telling stories. 

Carrie: haha! My grandpa could always come up with some outlandish answers too…. though he had a knack for making them just believable enough that you weren’t entirely sure if you trusted the answer or not.

Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

Jackie: I don’t think I can pick just one. I loved Charlotte because she saw something deeper than just an ordinary pigs and as she spun her words for Wilbur, he began living up to them and started to change until he was SOME pig. Isn’t that what we all need? Someone to speak words of encouragement over us so we can stretch ourselves?

And I love Mr. Tumnus who turned Lucy in, then realized his terrible mistake and set out to make amends, rising his own life in the process. Sometimes we make mistakes and suffer consequences that “freeze” us up. The part where Aslan breaths on him and sets him free stills sends chills down my arms.

Oh, and Billy from Where the Red Fern Grows. All he did for those dogs taught me about having a strong character and being dedicated to the things I really love.

And there’s so many more, but you only asked for one. Oops. =) 

Carrie: Hey – I get it. I can talk about this topic all day long too 😀 Mr. Tumnus. He always broke my heart a little but I’ve also always wondered if I wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing. Which may be why he broke my heart.

Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

Jackie: I have a great office, but my favorite place to write is right by my big bay window in our breakfast nook. The family gets a little disgruntled with me when I take over the dining table, so I just go in there for short spurts. 

Carrie: What is eating when there are books to write and read? 😉

Your inspirational fantasy series The White Road Chronicles now has all four prequels available as a complete collection in one volume, The White Road Tales! How do these novella prequels set the stage for what we discover in the series?

Jackie: The White Road Tales is about Tarek’s time in Racah when he first met the Racan Princess. When I first wrote the White Road Chronicles, I didn’t really plan for Tarek and Alyra to get together. But I guess they had other things in mind. I was a little bothered over how mean they were to each other in Illuminated at the very beginning.

So, I sat down and asked what happened? And Tarek’s story, told through his point of view, began to unravel. The last couple of books overlap Illuminated, but remain in Tarek’s viewpoint. 

Carrie: I love it when characters go “off-script” 🙂

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Which actors you would cast as Tarek and Alyra if Hollywood wanted to turn The White Road Tales into a movie?

Jackie: Bradley James who plays Arthur Pendragon in the television program Merlin is on my Pinterest board as a suggestion for Tarek.   Chloë Grace Moretz is who I’d pick for Alyra.

Carrie: I’ll just be here smiling at Tarek if anyone needs me 🙂

What do you most want readers to take away from The White Road Tales?

Jackie: Well, the whole complete series revolves around following your path and finding your true purpose in life. It’s a bit like Pilgrim’s progress, in a sense. The characters find that though the path is difficult to follow and full of strange surprises, they are not left to travel alone. That’s the gist of The White Road Chronicles. The prequel, is more to show where the Princess, who later learns that her real name is Alyra, came from and how she ended up capturing Tarek’s heart to the point that he’d do whatever was necessary to help her escape from the tyrant ruler, Darnel. 

Again thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Jackie: I’m working on the last White Road Chronicle book, the sixth in the series. It’ll wrap up everyone’s story, including what finally happens with Tarek and Alyra who was the Racan Princess. 

Jackie Castle is offering one of my readers a chance to win an ebook of The White Road Tales collection!  Giveaway is open internationally, except where prohibited by law, and is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies (which can be found on the Disclosure and Policies page). Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? In The White Road Chronicles, the characters learn that they are not left to travel alone. What reminds you that you are not alone?

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10 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Jackie Castle

  1. Oh, this sounds very interesting. I love good fantasy, and you can’t have a better foundation than Narnia and Charlotte. And, ahem, Bradley James certainly doesn’t hurt. 😉

    I’d love to read these. 😀

  2. Sounds interesting! Homeschooling five children means sometimes I feel anything BUT alone. Lol! But it is still possible to feel like I’m shouldering a lot of burdens by myself. I find that if I’m feeling alone, it’s usually because I am unconsciously closing myself off. Not praying enough, not taking the time to just sit and chat with hubby about what’s going on in my head or while he’s away at work. Or not putting myself out there and BEING a friend.

    Or maybe I just need to get my head out of my latest book for a while… ?

    I’m not sure that quite answered the question. I guess I tend to remind myself. Or maybe it’s a God nudge ?

  3. marlene

    looks like an interesting series.What reminds you that you aren’t alone? for me it’s the people I go for coffee with.

  4. Becky

    God reminds me as a Christian that I’m not alone. His presence is always with me and I’m very thankful.

  5. Thanks so much for the interview, Carrie. And thanks to all who stop by. I’ll try to stop in again later.

    Isn’t it wonderful that as Christians, no matter what our circumstances, we never have to walk alone? I love how the Lord invites us into such a partnership as we live out our lives and allow him to be part of our every day stuff.


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