Sunday Book Club: Shipping It

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In honor of my fave candle company Novelly Yours getting her own website, I named today’s Sunday Book Club post after one of her candles – Shipping It.

Because I’m OLD I had to look up what that meant when I first heard the term “shipping”. Because no… it does not mean a) sending parcels to someone or b) going on a cruise. It’s referring to those relationSHIPs that you champion in your favorite books or TV shows, etc.

This shows up especially in books with the dreaded love triangle (no matter how subtle said triangle is).  For instance, I am unequivocally shipping Ky and Eliyana from Sara Ella’s Unblemished. And I always knew exactly who I wanted Summer to end up with in Sarah Monzon’s Finders Keepers but I felt really bad for the other guy.

But sometimes it’s not so clear cut. I’m still undecided – and waffle back and forth frequently – over who i want Serena to end up with in Sandra Orchard’s Serena Jones Mystery series. And I just finished reading Too Deep for Words by Andrea Boeshaar to review for RT Book Reviews – there’s a unique love triangle in that book and I’M SO CONFLICTED!!!


It doesn’t always have to be a love triangle though. Sometimes there’s a couple whose romance is so all-the-feels that you cheer for them even when there’s nobody else to get in the way. Like Pepper Basham’s David and Catherine from The Thorn Keeper. Or Charlie and Ella in Joanne Bischof’s The Lady and the Lionheart.

But that’s enough out of me today.

Now it’s your turn. What couples do you “ship” in your fave fiction?

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27 responses to “Sunday Book Club: Shipping It

  1. Rachel Dixon

    Haha I must be OLD too…because I thought this would be about purchasing books online Hahaha!!! Anyhoo….David and Catherine, Charlie and Ella, Wes and Eisley (Just the Way You Are – Pepper Basham), Newton and Polly – Jody Hedlund(yes, even though you know they have to get married because history says so), Jem and Ray (Herringford & Watts – Rachel McMillan), and so many others…but those are at the top!

  2. I love the “ships” that LaVyrle Spencer built between her characters in all of her books. As you said, they have “all the feels”, and I always found myself so concerned for them, and in many cases, wanting them to end up together. And, I had no idea “shipping” meant this, either. Thanks for today’s education.

  3. I’m a firm believer that Louisa May Alcott got it wrong and I passionately ship Laurie and Jo. I’m convinced that Anne of Green Gables similarities to Jo are intentional and that Lucy Maud Montgomery got it right in Anne and Gilbert’s relationship.

      • SO with you. I could never like Mr. Behr (if that’s even how you spell it, and I refuse to look it up!) because of Laurie. It was just wrong, wrong, wrong.

        Not that I have strong feelings or anything.

        :::whistles innocently:::

        • Carrie

          LOL!! Yep. I agree. Laurie and Jo’s relationship was so unique and the kind of friendship that would have made a great marriage.

  4. No one has me more conflicted than Serena Jones when it comes to ‘shipping it’! I definitely shipped Newton and Polly, and Ayal and Shira from Connilyn Cossette’s ‘Shadow of the Storm’ is a favourite. But then, I could be here all day listing favourites!

  5. Serena Jones was the first to come to mind for me! Though Sandra Orchard has written one of the few triangles I don’t mind, I refuse to decide because I know I’ll change my mind either way.

    I rolled my eyes when I first figured out what “shipping” is, and I don’t to use the terminology or the #team(insert name) thing because I’m OLD! 😉

  6. Now you will understand so many shipping memes! Haha! Step #2 in learning about shipping: ship names. Do you know what those are?

    I’m definitely #TeamKy right there with you, Carrie! And I also ship Wes & Eisley (JTWYA) and Sam Brooks and Willow Rose from Susan May Warren’s latest, Rescue Me.

  7. Rachael

    I hear you on Serena Jones – every time I start thinking I prefer one guy, the other does something to bump him into first place. I’m doomed to be disappointed (and pleased) with whomever she ends up with.

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