Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Really Need to Read (since everyone else already has)

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Yes… it’s true. Despite my superpower, there are indeed (several thousand) books I have not yet read. But the ones I most whimper about are the ones that everyone else but me has already read. Take, for instance, these twelve books or series. (If it’s the first book in a series… then i still need to read the whoooole series. Sigh.)





What about you? What everyone-else-has-read-this books do you still need to read?

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74 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Really Need to Read (since everyone else already has)

  1. Oooh, I really liked Close to You (and the sequel, Can’t Help Falling). LOTR and then Narnia? What’s not to like?

    Drew said to tell you he LOVES being next to And Then There Were None. I must insist you read that one. Greatest mystery plot ever in the history of ever (with Murder on the Orient Express a close second or maybe equal).

    I think you said you just got Cinder, right? PLEASE let me know how that is. I’ve gone back and forth about getting it for a while now. 😀

    • Sylvia M.

      Speaking of Murder on the Orient Express, have you listened to the audio version read by David Suchet? That audio version is what I listen to instead of watching either of the films. The films are very disappointing compared to the novel. The audio version is perfection. David Suchet does a different voice for each character and nails it. There’s supposed to be a new film version featuring Kenneth Branagh as Poirot and Johnny Depp as Ratchett. I am not too sure about the cast lineup for that one. I just hope it matches the novel.

    • Carrie

      i DID just grab Cinder at Half Price Books this past weekend – looking forward to reading it … sometime soonish. LOL. And tell Drew that I placed him there on purpose, knowing that he would appreciate it 🙂

  2. There are so many books I could list…

    Of the ones you’ve shown, there are only three that I’ve read so far (though I could still list the last book in each of the three series – got to get them read!).

  3. Winnie Thomas

    Ummmm, do I dare say that the only one of these I’ve read is Close to You? I guess you have to change that to “everyone else but Winnie has read.” I guess I’m in good company. LOL Does it count if I have some of them on my Kindle, and I look at the cover every once in a while and think, “I need to read that?”

  4. Rachel Dixon

    I have read Kara Isaac, The Selection Series (first three books are amazing!), in the middle of Cress, book three of the lunar chronicles (Cinder and Scarlet are amazing!!! Loving this story), and will be reading Connilyn’s new book soon. The Lady and the Lionheart was on this list for me forever…but that has been remedied. I guess Redeeming Love is one. And Lynette Eason’s new series. But I will be reading that….

  5. Sylvia M.

    If you have to pick and choose I would advise you to read My Stubborn Heart, the Drew Farthering series, and And then There Were None.

    Books I haven’t read, but everyone else has? Well, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (I’ve read half of it, but ran out of library renewals before I was able to finish it.), Beverly Lewis books, the House of Winslow series by Gilbert Morris, and more.

  6. Susanne

    If you have read Colleen Coble’s Sunset Cove series, you will recognize some of the characters in Denise Hunter’s Summer Harbor series. I loved both of these series! 🙂

  7. Get moving, girl 😉 I envy you to have those reading treats still in front of you!

    I’ve never read any of the Left Behind books (not that I want to!)or Harry Potter. But apparently, even worse, I haven’t seen You’ve Got Mail or Titanic, nor do I intend to see them. **Ducks and runs away**

      • Titanic was crazy long and a overrated, in my opinion. So you’ve not missed a whole lot there. 😉 But holy buckets, Carrie! I’ve actually read two whole books you haven’t??? How is that even possible? So that leaves us at like Carrie–five hundred million to Jen–two, yes? 🙂

  8. My Stubborn Heart is amazing!!! And the Denise Hunter series is too.ive read all of Hunter’s newer stuff but want to go back to read her first books!

  9. carylkane

    I have The Storm Siren waiting for me on my Kindle. I’ll begin reading it this afternoon. I have several from your list in my TBR list.

      • Marylin Furumasu

        The Storm Siren series a great series! I read the whole series and Mary does a fantastic job!
        You also REALLY need to read Tamara Leigh’s The Unveiling….VERY SOON….because her newest one is almost finished. It will have a high swoon rating!

        • Carrie

          i knooooooow. I need to find a wealthy patron that will just pay for all my expenses so I can do nothing but read all day long. Wouldn’t that be wonderful???

  10. Rebecca Maney

    I have read four of your “want-to-read-so-bad” and they are awesome. I hear such great things about Tamara Leigh and Julianna Deering’s books . . but once I get started, I won’t want to stop.

    My biggest “want-to” is the “The Lady and the Lionheart” . . . I even have the book, so there is no excuse for not sliding it into my reading time.

  11. Melissa Romine

    I was about to pass out when I saw the first three – loved all of those. My Stubborn Heart is what turned me on to reading everything Becky writes as soon as it comes out and turned me into a fan of hers.
    As for reading I need to finish Susan May Warren’s Christiansen family books (I’ve only read the first two) and Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series (Again, I’ve read the first two). Some day I’d like to read at least one book by Jane Austen.

    • Carrie

      in my opinion, the first two O’Malley books are the best. And uh… YES. you must read a Jane Austen book! Start with P&P but make sure you read Persuasion too.

  12. Sarah Monzon

    Stop what you are doing and read The Unveiling RIGHT NOW and then read Dear Mr. Knightley! Do it!!!

  13. I’ve been wanting to read Close to You for a while. The to-be-read pile is killing me. I think I’m making progress and then there’s this review and that beta read and editing my own stuff and this book my kid just handed me and ARGH!!!!

  14. Kim

    Carrie, My Stubborn Heart was awesome! You must read it soon. The Denise Hunter book was, of course, really good too. Read the first 3 of the Selection series and then STOP! ?? Trust me. ?I think I am the only person to think Storm Siren was just okay. The entire Cinder series is incredible. My daughter loved them too. They are not my normal type reads either.

    As for The Unveiling- move this to the top of your list! Once you start it, you won’t be able to stop! I thought I did not like medieval books or those where the heroine pretends to be a man, but boy did Tamara prove me wrong! The entire series is awesome. And the next book is coming out soon!

  15. Start with Counted with the Stars by Connilyn Cossette, you will not be disappionted!!! then ya gotta read And Then There were None by Agatha Christie – and pay special attention to Dr. Armstrong. Imagine the character as a female doctor instead of a male, then put it on stage and imagine ME as Dr. Anne Armstrong, cause I did that, ya know, WAY back in high school!!! love me some Agatha Christie!!! (ps, now I’mma use that for #FLF this week!! hee hee)

  16. I think you could skip The Selection. It was okay, but I couldn’t make it past the 43rd page of the second book. Anna and the French Kiss was cute, but I couldn’t stand the relationship between the main characters. I loved the rest of that series, though.

    On another note, have you read any of Amy Harmon’s books? I was thinking you might really like Making Faces.

  17. Sadly, although I have read the first book in each series by Julianna Deering, Rachel McMillan, Jennifer Rodewald, Sarah E Ladd, Kristi Anne Hunter and Dawn Crandall I have not read the other books in those series. Also, I’m ashamed to admit I’m way behind on Pepper Basham’s Penned in Time series. Kristy Cambron’s The Ringmaster’s Wife, Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale, Rachel Hauck’s new wedding series among others. I recently finished Counting with the Stars and really enjoyed it. But of all the ones you’ve listed, I would recommend you start with The Unveiling. I’m a big fan of medieval historical fiction and no one writes them better than Tamera Leigh. She is one of my must purchase, must read authors.

  18. This list looks a lot like my TBR! LOL! I definitely need to check out the series by Becky Wade, Julianna Deering, and Tamara Leigh soon. I DID read Denise Hunter’s series — it’s fabulous, as expected!

    My TTT

  19. Patty

    I haven’t read many of these either, but I can definitely recommend My Stubborn Heart!

    Denise Hunter’s series is good one. I actually picked up the first one at a used book store and just had to track the other two down because I enjoyed the first so much.

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