Book Review: Still Life by Dani Pettrey

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Blacklisted in the photography business over a controversial shot, Avery Tate answered an ad for a crime scene photographer. She expected to be laughed at, but crime scene analyst Parker Mitchell hired her outright–and changed her life.

But six months ago, when her feelings for Parker became too strong, she left his employ to sort out her heart.

Now, for the first time, Avery is facing the world that rejected her to attend the gallery opening of a photography exhibit and support her best friend, who modeled for the show. But the only image of her friend is a chilling photo of her posing as if dead–and the photographer insists he didn’t take the shot. Worse, her friend can’t be found.

She immediately calls Parker for help. As Avery, Parker, and his friends in law enforcement dig into the mystery, they find themselves face-to-face with a relentless and deadly threat.

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SERIES: Chesapeake Valor #2
GENRE: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017
PAGES: 352

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“… stop beating yourself up for something He’s already taken care of.”

Can we all just pause a moment and appreciate that cover? I have two words for you that will make that hot guy even hotter. Irish. Accent. Yep. My book-boyfriend-collecting heart swooned right into a little puddle when, after Avery has been knocked down by an assailant, Parker wiggles two fingers at her and says:

“Come here, lass. Let me check you out.”

So… let’s just take another moment or ten to absorb the fineness of that cover and know that he speaks with an Irish brogue. (Is brogue the right word to use here? I don’t know… i’m still twitterpated.)

But I’m reviewing the book, not the cover, aren’t I? 😉

Still Life is Dani Pettrey at her best! Part psychological thriller, part romantic suspense, this book is all kinds of captivating. You won’t be able to put it down. There are two races against the clock going on – find Avery’s friend … and find a possible terrorist. And the gang from Cold Shot returns to tackle both searches. (If you haven’t already read book 1, it’s not necessary before you read Still Life but you’ll appreciate the characters and one of the subplots better if you do.)

Pettrey’s latest is also a study in contrasts, which I think fits so poignantly with the photography theme. For one thing, you have the contrast between Avery and Skylar, between a life whose past has been redeemed by Jesus and a life still lived for her own purposes. We see the difference between refugees just looking for safety and those who mean harm. There’s the contrast between life and death, darkness and light, and there’s the exquisitely tender message that the old has gone and that Jesus makes us new.

Bottom Line: Still Life by Dani Pettrey shows the darkest side of humanity as well as the strength of redemption. The suspense and mystery is extremely well-written, and the romance gives plenty of opportunity for swooning.  The subthread related to their friend Luke – who may or may not be dead – gets even more intriguing in this second installment in the series, and I have a feeling that book 3 will be even more so. I can’t wait!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 5 stars / Excellent!

KissingBook Level: 3.5 / Will slither into an Irish-brogue induced puddle

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about the author

Dani Pettrey is a wife, mom, grandma, and the author of Cold Shot, the first book in the Chesapeake Valor series, and the Alaskan Courage romantic suspense series, which includes her bestselling novels Submerged, Shattered, Stranded, Silenced, and Sabotaged. Her books have been honored with the Daphne du Maurier award, two HOLT Medallions, a Christy Award nomination, two National Readers’ Choice Awards, the Gail Wilson Award of Excellence, and Christian Retailing’s Best Award, among others.

She feels blessed to write inspirational romantic suspense because it incorporates so many things she loves—the thrill of adventure, nail-biting suspense, the deepening of her characters’ faith, and plenty of romance. She and her husband reside in Maryland, where they enjoy time with their two daughters, a son-in-law, and two super adorable grandsons.

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What about you? What kind of accent makes you swoon?

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17 responses to “Book Review: Still Life by Dani Pettrey

  1. Kay Garrett

    Can’t help it, I’m a good old southern gal so nothing is better than a good old southern fella. Got on is my wonderful hubby! 😉

  2. Winnie Thomas

    Wow! Another book for my “must read list.” It sounds fascinating! I love Scottish accents (and Irish, too). We have a Scottish friend that has such a deep accent you’d swear he was speaking a different language, and he speaks so fast I’m always a couple of sentences behind trying to translate what he said. He’s absolutely hilarious! Plus. . . he plays the bagpipes!!! <3

  3. This was a great book! While I liked the first book in the series, Cold Shot, I though this one was head and shoulders above it. Dani Pettrey had a lot to juggle here with the series-long arcs and Avery and Parker’s stories (the romance and the crime). And, yes, to the Irish accent!

  4. Paula S.

    Just finished this. I have not read a book ny Dani that I didn’t absolutely love. She always has me yearning for the next installment! This is a must read!!! As I read someone else comment. Her books are undownputtable!LOL

  5. CARRIE, fantastic review! LOVED this novel, and I love your fangirl-ing comments about Parker! There’s just something about an accent, isn’t there?? 🙂

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